Relationship Advice and Other Stuff (Rando Post)

I’ve noticed a lot of people giving relationship advice. While watching and listening, I began to think of relationships.

I also began to think I haven’t written a blog post in a long while. Why not a random (rando) post? A post that can both be added to “post-hood” and make no sense. Even that made no sense (however, see if you can find little Easter eggs).

Where have you been, babe?
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My most looked at blog post is my Enna Alouette post, “You’re Missing Out if You’re Not Watching Enna Alouette…” or, something. I forgot what I wrote. I noticed I write long titles.

My most commented post is a K-drama post about the K-drama with the worst soundtrack, “Something in the Rain – Known for it’s Bad Soundtrack…” or, something like that. Again, I write long blog titles.

(It was just a really bad choice of music, and I wrote about this, and it garnered a lot of comments. Most, except one, agreeing with my take.)

I mean, seriously, I watch K-drama partly for the great music. Don’t you? Oh man, just remembering that soundtrack makes me want to rant all over again.

Back to love and relationships.

I’ve had several relationships. I’ve been in love only a few times. It’s more than some.

Why are we here? Just to suffer

Through life if you have a friend that will always be there its better than having a lover. I can tell you right now – friends are what you need to get through life. Not lovers. If all you want is sex, well there are toys for that. Plastic love? Maybe.

I just read an article about buying or renting. It was an interesting article. These days it’s so tough to know what to do. It’s nearly impossible to make enough to buy a home and rents are on a consistent trend of raising monthly payments. Do you really want a place that will keep you an area for around 20 or more years? Will you have the same job in the same area? Will you go through a few relationships in that time?

Let’s do this together, best bud!

There is a new trend, and I had a friend that did this, of getting someone close to buy a home together. It’s not a spouse but a friend. Sometimes its a family member. Maybe you and your bro or sis, or cousin, decide you can buy a place together.

That’s the trend because everything is very unaffordable here in the states.

How did I get on the topic of buying houses from relationship advice?

Anyway, through the years, I’ve gained a bit of experience and knowledge.

What I share is simply a view of love and how to find and how to keep a love life. What should you look for in a future partner?

There is the one main point – be yourself. If you have to be someone else during a relationship then it’s not a good relationship. I spent a long marriage being someone else. Don’t do that.

The one I fall in love with will:

Being with you is all I need.
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“Love me for the me that is, and not the me everyone thinks I am.”

“Never utter the words, if you only were like….”

“They don’t try to fix you; they just want to be with you.”

Basically, they love your soul.

Does that make it a soul mate? Maybe…? I hate to presume anyone has a soul mate.

I’m slowly working on my poetry book. I read some short poetry by someone who writes poetry that is the length of a Twitter post. It packs a good punch for so little words.

Do you think freeform poetry is what poets write when they don’t know how to write poetry? I write lyrics; and I still am not sure I know how to write those either.

Its raining outside. My favorite rainy day song is still, “Laughter in the Rain,” by Neil Sedaka. He was mostly a composer/songwriter in the background but came out and entertained for a bit of time.

I read that the lyrics were written in a few minutes by someone who was stoned and sitting under a tree. That sounds about right for writers.

Neil Sedaka… what a cool name? Do you think he sounds like a girl?

Back to relationships. Wouldn’t you love to walk in the rain with the girl you love? Or, guy? It all seems so romantic.

Too bad we have a bad soundtrack.

I think we all just want a little romance. To walk hand in hand with the one we love. To sit on a couch, cuddling.

I believe if you could only have someone you love be the one you are comfortable to just sit back and drink coffee, go for walks, or lay down cuddling most would pick that over sex.

Kissing is nice, though. Add that perk and “Sold!” You too, can have a relationship.

Anyway, this post has taken so many directions. From friends, lovers and buying houses, to rain and romance.

Take good care of yourself.

“Remember, nobody else can be you, but you.” – Twitter advice 101

I need another song. Honestly, the best take on city pop by one, if not the best voice in V-tubing today, Enna Alouette.

The MV is also top-notch quality that captures the atmosphere so well.

Ethyria (Enna Alouette, Millie Parfait, Reimu Endou, and Nina Kosaka) is coming up on its one-year anniversary. I’m expecting some great music. I suppose I should end on a love song.

I hope you find what you seek and search for in this life, but mostly love.

Love you Gracie! 😉 ❤


2 thoughts on “Relationship Advice and Other Stuff (Rando Post)

  1. Sigh ….. long to rewatch Something In The Rain but I just CANT cope with the hideous repetition of bloody Stand By Your Man ( and it’s a bad cover version)
    OVER and OVER and OVER again !!!!!😩 I guess we could mute but lose other important sounds as well . What were they thinking 🥺

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