“A Small Book of Whimsy” Excerpt

I wrote a book. Its on sale at Amazon, but I want to remove it because its not formatted well, my cover art was done all wrong, and basically I dislike everything I write once I spend a moment to consider how badly it's written. This is the Prologue... that I forgot to place in … Continue reading “A Small Book of Whimsy” Excerpt

Musical Love from #HoloEN Debuts and AMAZEMENT

I had to watch all five V-tuber debuts in the last couple of days. I think I owed it to English speakers everywhere. No, haha, I was just curious, and soon I was enthralled by two performances in particular: the rap piece by Mori Calliope, and the smooth city pop of Gawr Gura. I don't … Continue reading Musical Love from #HoloEN Debuts and AMAZEMENT

Down the Hololive Rabbit Hole – OkaKoro and such…

And so, one day a woman watched a video. She laughed. She almost cried. She wondered why. Why am I watching this?!?!?! I've lost my mind. What the hell is wrong with me?!?!?! https://youtu.be/xDDGuUOhE0Q I actually prefer Okayu's version more than the original by Back Number. She actually sings this song beautifully. These are little … Continue reading Down the Hololive Rabbit Hole – OkaKoro and such…

Learning Japanese – V-Tuber Style

I don't know Japanese.  My son has a basic ability to understand and read Japanese; in fact, he's been getting really good.  And, he told me why.... He started telling me about V-Tubers and I wasn't sure I'd want to watch anything they produced.  It seemed silly.  Animated people?  What is this, Gorillaz?  (Yes, I … Continue reading Learning Japanese – V-Tuber Style

Down Time, Oney, and A Music Video

How do you spend your free time?  Down time?  Do you need to chill in your comfiest pj's or sweats, eat something you know you might regret, but enjoy it anyway? You need to have that warm and cozy drink - though right now you might need a cold brew because of the crazy high … Continue reading Down Time, Oney, and A Music Video

Sunday Poetry – A Worse and Better Time

Below is a poem for you.  You know who you are.  You're the one I love so much. https://youtu.be/TT0jpxmhRck A song to play in the background while you read.  If only life had theme songs to play in the background, but alas our lives are lived with little music and sound that is appropriate for … Continue reading Sunday Poetry – A Worse and Better Time

Shuffling Through the Tunes – #22

Another 30-Day Challenge post.  I hope you all aren't too bored.  These actually are fun for me and I hope you do enjoy some of what I share about me and what I love in this crazy world.   [On a side note: My heart goes out so much to George Floyd's family right now.  … Continue reading Shuffling Through the Tunes – #22