Something in the Rain – K-Drama Notable for Bad Music…

…and having the absolute worst soundtrack in all of K-drama history.

There, I said it!  It sucked so bad.  It’s too bad because this is one of my favorite love stories.  Something in the Rain mastered the slowly evolving deep and touching love story that brings you to K-dramas.  It deserved a better soundtrack.

A top 10 love story – don’t get me wrong

This show, also known as, Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food, or Pretty Sister Who Treats Me to Meals.

Son ye jin
An absolutely flawless beauty

It has my all-time favorite K-drama actress Son Ye-Jin – who is perfectly cast as the beautiful older woman.  She never ages.

son ye jin 5
A glamour shot of Son Ye-Jin

She won for most beautiful woman in the world recently – a well-deserved award.  I have been crushing on here forever.  It also has Jung Hae-In, who has the most adorable smile of any leading K-drama male actor.  He looks like someone you just want to hug, or at least pinch his cheeks.  He’s just so cute.

So, you have really bad music interrupting every poignant or romantic moment.  It blares through the quiet like a rampaging gorilla let loose at the zoo, or trying to enjoy a picnic, but you placed your blanket on a red ant mound and soon you are running for your life rather than enjoying a blissful afternoon.

Jung Hae-In looks into Son Ye-Jin’s eyes and then “BAD MUSIC BLARES.”

something in the rain 5
“What was that?  I couldn’t hear over that loud music in the background.”

WTF people?  My heart is racing in anguish because you can’t even hear the dialogue the music is so loud.

I was watching a sweet moment, and then BOOM- this fucking song.

Instantly I needed to hit the mute button just to enjoy the scene.  It’s not only in the background, but they have pushed this song so hard it is louder than the dialogue.

I wanted to write to Netflix, “Hey, this is a good show.  Just turn down the music volume so it stays in the background.  In fact, call IU to write you a new soundtrack.”

IU singing again
“You seriously should have given me a call y’all.” – IU

This K-drama has ONLY two American songs mainly – not beautiful Korean music which is one of the reasons I watch K-dramas –  but the poor rendition of an already horrible song.  It is probably one of my top 10 worse songs written in history, Stand by Your Man by Tammy Wynette; it makes this show nearly unbearable to watch.  This is sung by Carla Bruni, but that did not improve this song.

This could have been one of the greatest K-drama love stories ever told, but it was drowned out by a wailing banshee (sorry Carla Bruni) singing, “stand by your maaaaaaaaaaan, stand by your maaaaaaaaan,” over and over and over and over and over

Oy, this is just getting painful

– at least 30 times she interrupts dialogue inappropriately in a show that has the secondary storyline revolving around… tada… sexual harassment by clueless older Korean bosses at work.

Why did someone think this was the appropriate song to place here?  Was the person in charge of music just tone deaf or clueless, or maybe just really liked old country songs?

I’m sorry, but country music rarely has a place in life, let alone a good K-drama.  (Of course, this is purely my own musical opinion.  I know there are people out there who actually like country music.  I am sorry… for your lack of taste.)

I have been ecstatic they are placing some K Dramas on Netflix to binge.  They recently added My Mister. 

my mister
My Mister – hits on all cylinders as one of the greatest K-dramas

In contrast, this has possibly the absolute best soundtrack in K-drama history.  It may go down as my all-time favorite K-drama.  It’s a must watch, but I digress.

Something in the Rain was unfortunately lessened in impact as one of my favorites because it has one song on repeat and you can’t get rid of it, or get it out of your head.  You’ll be stuck humming this tripe.  I’ve spent the last two days playing Korean ballads from better soundtracks trying to drown out that stupid song stuck in my head.

It would have been okay if they evenly and sparingly placed it in a few places (but even three times having to listen to this song is too much).  It swallows the entire drama to the point you almost cannot watch the show.

It pulled this show from a solid 10 down to a 7, or 8 if I’m being generous because of the two protagonists.  This saddens me greatly.

son ye jin and hae
We are cute together

If it wasn’t for the love story between Son Ye-Jin (Yoon Jin-A) and Jung Hae-In (Seo Joon-Hee) and their amazing chemistry I would have stopped watching after episode two.  Watch this because it’s good, has a great plot, has awesome acting, and has a slow evolving pace with lots of heart, but be warned – you’ll need to keep your finger close to the mute button.

The Review Half

This leads me to this small review on Something in the Rain.  A love story of a mousy milquetoast, coffee company working woman living with her parents (clueless dad and overbearing mom) who lets everyone step on her, and who finds love from someone who treats her how she should be treated, and shows her what it means to be loved.

He happens to be the younger brother of her best friend, very well played by Jang So-Yeon (Seo Kyung-Sun).

something in the rain sister
Jang So-Yeon plays bff and best big sis

She raised her younger brother alone after their mother died and the dad ran off to have multiple affairs and children with other women.

Jin-A sees Joon-Hee again when he returns from working in the states for three-and-a-half years.  Somehow, he seems different, and he had always had a crush on his big sister’s best friend.  He’s a responsible and charming, talented and kind adult.  What woman would not fall for this guy?  And, in this show multiple co-workers of Jin-A are attracted to him.

Jin-A is in her mid-30’s and Joon-Hee is in his early 20’s.  It starts out playful enough with her buying him dinner and meals for simple conversation.  They are brought to life with how comfortable and open they can be around one another.  The best part of this show is the slow build of a comfortable friendship into true, passionate love.   I like how the show takes its time in developing their relationship.  They spend the first half of the show falling in love with a delicate nuance.

something in the rain 6
They had off the charts chemistry

Son Ye-Jin shines in this role as a woman slowly falling in love with herself, and this young man that breathes life into her.

Within the story you have some great drama, thrilling action and it hits on two topics: overbearing parents who want to control their children’s lives and work place dynamics that can breed harassment.  Secondary to this, you see how someone who thinks so little of themselves can lead to bad relationship decisions.  Her ex-boyfriend becomes obsessed and abusive and it has a fulfilling climax between them in the middle of the show.  The show could have possibly ended here.

I’ll state this one upsetting problem, that really bothered me with the ending of the show.  Many commentaries I’ve read hit on this same point.  Why didn’t they end the show after their love was finalized?  I don’t completely agree with that because I believe the second half gives us a more realistic view of how a relationship between and older woman living with her conservative Korean parents and a younger man plays out, but then they drop the ball.

something in the rain 4
I’d never drop you though, Jin-A

Next will be a spoiler, so please stop reading here if you don’t want to be spoiled.

Joon-Hee leaves for the states.  It makes no sense.  Jin-A was in the middle of a legal battle because she came forward to speak against sexual harassment by her bosses, and he leaves.  That was very out of his character.  This made no sense to me.  He left her when she really needed him.  He had proven over and over again he was a stalwart character, but then this happens.  It just seemed out of character, and almost as if this perfectly good guy needed to be sacrificed for plot development.

We wanted to prove Jin-A grew and became independent, so remove her love interest that helped her become independent?

The fact they had come so far, but then Jin-A lies to him to see his dad – made no sense.  Jin-A always had this problematic personality of undermining her own joy.  I guess that could be why.  Jin-A just started acting weird.

son ye jin sweet
Whoa, what happened to my growth in this story?

That could be my take.  Maybe that song just kept hauntingly affecting her – who knows?  It would play ironically in the background, “stand by your maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan,” and she read it as “please abuse me if you are a man.”

To me, this seemed like a heavy handed plot movement, rather than an organic bit of the relationship.

Another problem: her mom suddenly asking forgiveness for being the biggest and most abusive parent to her.

something in the rain evil parents
The two worst parents in a K-drama.  Physically abusive mom and groveling and weak dad

To me, the apology came out of nowhere. I mean, this woman beat on her son and daughter, and even her husband constantly.  She needed to see a psychiatrist, but they never touched on this issue of her poor mental health.  I was pretty sure she was struggling with some personality disorder because the woman was pretty insane over who her daughter was supposed to marry to the point it looked like she was going to bust a vein in her head.  The actress, Gil Hae-Yon, did a fantastic job of playing the villain and possibly the worst mom in history next to Joan Crawford.  She was just a horrible person.  She had zero redeeming qualities and everyone just tip-toed around her unreasonable tantrums and psychotic episodes, as if this is how normal people act.  Her dad was so co-dependent it was sad to watch.

After Joon-Hee was gone for a couple of years Jin-A was back to her foolish ways and dating a guy who is even more of a douche-bag than her first boyfriend.

Our favorite cat cameo for this WTF moment in the show.

He actually treated her worse than the guy she was dating before Joon-Hee, Lee Gyu-Min (played very well by Oh Ryoong).

What happened to our protagonist that so extremely affected her personality in two years?!  She’s talking about how he’s a guy, “that at least her mom approves of…?”  What?!  Didn’t we get past this stupidity six episodes back?  Weren’t you going to be your own woman and not listen to your mom’s antiquated thoughts on marrying into a good family?

In fact, the first half storyline of the obsessed ex-boyfriend, played by Oh Ryoong, was pretty good.  The first half of Something in the Rain is the best part of the show with this revolving storyline of the obsessed ex-boyfriend and her developing love story with Joon-Hee.  That struck a 100 on all levels.

But after all that growth she stepped backward and had zero growth as a person.  I didn’t think it made sense from a story perspective.

If it wasn’t for the very ending when she finally leaves the ass she was dating and went to live with her new bestie, Geum Bo-Ra

something in the rain bo ra
I’d be an awesome lesbian

(played really well by Joo Min-Kyung), on Jeju Island to work and think over her life in peace and tranquility, it would have been a bust.  This ending brought me back to the 8/10 rating.

Joon-Hee realizing how much he loves her went to see her in the rain on the island.  Its a beautiful last scene and its what we wanted.  We wanted them to end up together and live happily ever after.  Its too bad all we got was a quick little jaunt on the island with the two of them, and not much else in more story.

something in the rain 3
This umbrella was a great prop

For this, I’d welcome a part two with them happily living on the island with Geum Bo-Ra and her girlfriend (cause its so obvious she’s a lesbian – probably Joon-Hee’s older sister, cause she seemed pretty gay too) and raising their kids.

I would definitely write a story for Something Else in the Rain.  Let me know in the comments if you want me to write this fanfiction (just kidding).

But they definitely need to hire IU to write a better soundtrack.

Okay, I need to place a song.  I need to replace the Something in the Rain soundtrack quick!  The ending theme from My Mister sung by the lovely IU – enjoy.

And so, I hope you all have a Happy Sunday and find what you’re seeking and searching for in life. 🙂

Love you Gracie! 🙂 ❤

22 thoughts on “Something in the Rain – K-Drama Notable for Bad Music…

  1. @valsisms – I agree that the same song was played over and over but please don’t underplay the series. I actually loved it. The office part was apt, there have been situations like that, the situation with your mother sometimes goes that overboard. And the lead pair were absolutely amazing. Yep I am a hopeless romantic who watches anything with heart and not with mind. :).

    1. Always good to be a romantic. 😉

      Actually, I wrote how much I loved the chemistry and how this hit 100 on all other levels. My problem was the song. It was like a crashing gorilla. It truly, in my opinion, brought down the story. There were also missteps at the end, but overall, I hope I conveyed that I liked the story, and the chemistry between Son Ye Jin and Jung Hae Jin. I felt they had better overall chemistry than Son Ye Jin with Hyun Bin in CLOY.

      1. I can’t help but agree with you but I loved Bin-Jin in CLOY. Well that was my entry into K-drama world so it will always have a special place in my heart and so will the couple.

  2. @Valsisms – you’re HARSH – but spot on and made me laugh out loud! Haven’t done that in awhile plus K-dramas are really made to make you weep. The SONG level and on repeat was vomitous but actually appropriate (for their traditional beliefs!!) and duplicious enough that if they did it subtly and with less assault it coulda worked. There is a third song in there however Something in The Rain, Rachel Yamagata – tantalizing quite similarly to “Only Love Can break Your Heart by Gwyneth Herbert” – timed so perfectly in Leap Year. I think that’s what they’re going for; it shoulda been a better mash-up like Uncontrollably Fond’s use of “A Little Braver”

    That aside, the story is beautifully written, the chemistry between the two leads is magnetic and I ate this in 2-sittings. For me, I was shocked they showed them stealing kisses in public and having sex – mind blowing for me – but needed to show how far from their traditions they stepped.

    Sadly, the writers erred in not building a better bridge into how he felt about ruining her relationship with her mother – seemingly off-character but not really – he’s supposedly 20-something for jezus sake! And it’s not too big a leap if as a dutiful, respectful son who honours parents as is there culture and who never grew up with any -makes the hard choice and do as they wish even if it kills you and you know in your heart of hearts that it’s wrong. He needed to go off and become successful to earn her parents respect as well that HE COULD change that cast system and provide the honour for their subsequent children AND be able to support her as a man (in the old traditional way).

    BTW – I adored CLOY and While You were sleeping too but neither compare to the challenges faced in this one so despite the crass use of music – I still rate this at 100 and certainly, sweetly place beside Scarlet Heart (TOP 5) that was equally as frustrating an ending!!

    1. Thank you for the well-thought out comment. I appreciate it. 🙂 Oh yeah, I loved Scarlet Heart too. My faves are still My Mister and While You Were Sleeping. I’ll def listen to those songs. Thanks! 😀

  3. You’re so right about the soundtrack. In fact I found your blog when I paused watching (during the song, of course) to type “Something in the Rain soundtrack sucks,” or something like that into a search engine. I just can hardly stand to hear it again.

    I’m going to check out My Mister. Thanks for the recommendation.

  4. This was a hilarious and extremely relatable blog! “Stand by your maaaaaaaaaan” is a complete mood-killer in that series (and personally speaking, I think it is a problematic song in general!). Anyways, thank you for this blog! After learning that I share this pain of having to hear that horrible song with a few others, I am now less sad 🙂 (In fact, now I start laughing out loud whenever I come across that song since it reminds me of this blog XD)

    Keep posting! Fighting!

  5. Nailed it. The sound track along with the mom and everyone being so codependent made this drama so hard to watch. If the music was better I would have been easier to binge.

  6. Thanks for the review. I have been frustrated about each one of your points, so it’s a catharsis.

    I finished watching Crash Landing On You last week. It was my first K-drama. It wrecked me. I wanted to leave the genre to level myself out but couldn’t detach because CLOY had such an impact. So I looked for something with Son Ye-Jin and found this one. Oh, man. I don’t know if I can manage this much emotional tension. It’s wonderful and painful. Are they all like this?

    The soundtrack: I had thought maybe they played the same few American songs for a U.S. version to save a few bucks and that an original version had the real music. But it was the original soundtrack? It was so funny that it was as if they had put the songs on shuffle so that they often didn’t match the scene. “It’s hard to be a woman” could have been playing while Joon-Hee’s father was packing up his hotel room.

  7. K-Dramas are known for the extreme emotional upheavals and feelings. It’s why we love them. I was very deep into watching K-dramas and lately have taken a break. But I need to catch up once again.

    Thank you so much for the comment. I’m glad it was cathartic.

  8. I totally agree with you. The actors were great and the plot was engaging until roughly the middle of the series when it seemed to lack interest and direction. Fortunately it picked up at the end. My biggest complaint is about the music, which was quite revolting and spoilt the series.

  9. Spot on review 😂 loved the drama and I would I have given a solid 10 too but the music almost killed me 🤯😳 🤣

  10. Great review, this is an amazing drama – but Stand By Your Man is an appalling song choice and doesn’t even seem to fit the plot, as she’s not standing by her man – if anything, he’s there for her, except when he does the weird runner to the US – agree that seems oddly out of character, but maybe could have been better dealt with in the script – so that running away was a better option for them both. Also Hard to be a woman is kind of a crass choice too.

    This has to be one of my favourite K dramas – the characterisations are so good and it deals really well with certain taboos and features of Korean society

    I watched the last episode again today and it beautifully depicts the pain both of these lovers felt about the breakdown of their relationship. I especially liked Son Yejin’s line – we were the best we could be. And then he turned up – wow! Great ending.

    BTW I really like the two Rachel Yamagata songs on the soundtrack, I thought the words to Something in the rain really expressed the feelings of both – never been so exposed. There was a great rawness in their love, I thought.

  11. I have to agree the music SUCKS!!! It took a lot of will power to get through two episodes. After finally giving it a 3rd episode try still trying to get over the music… I hope I can finish the whole series since the story line is getting better.

  12. Yes I did not like this song. It just didn’t fit and of course it was country. During episode 16 there was some amazing music though. I am wondering what the music was and who the artists were this last episode.

  13. “Something In The Rain”…the OST… holy $#!&.
    Of all the Country/Western songs why ‘Stand By Your Man’? All respect to Tammy Wynette, but…there really must be a limit.
    Not a complete fan of C/W… there’re other songs of this genre that U.S., Korean, etc. audiences could relate to w/o the torture.
    Money paid to use the song [cover as well as Ms. Wynette’s version] Netflix could’ve hired a starving composer for original music to do justice to this [gem of a] show.
    Subway’s commercial jingles would have been better.
    Many Thanx.

  14. I have watched at least 30 K-Dramas and loved all but two of them. I started with Extraordinary Attorney Woo (probably still my favorite) and am currently starting Episode 9 of Something in the Rain. I’m totally addicted to K-Dramas and binge-watch them.

    With that said, I love the two American songs in Something in the Rain, especially Stand by Your Man, and the fact that they are repeated multiple times at just the right moments. “Stand By Your Man” begins with the line, “Sometimes it’s hard to be a women.” That line fits every K-Drama I’ve watched so far. And I like this wistful, sad rendition better than Tammy Wynette’s version. I bought the series soundtrack combo CD-DVD.

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