About Me

I’m just an ordinary person who enjoys to write and give my opinion on silly topics. I’ve played guitar and various instruments since I was around 12, and love to write music and lyrics. I totally geek out to music and great singers. I also write poetry and am slowly working my way to publishing enough books to say, “I am a prolific author.”

Odd fact: I can pretty much imitate any accent out there. I’ve considered becoming a voice actor, but just haven’t bothered to pursue.

My books are able to be purchased on Amazon dot com. I have both poetry and novels. I write a lot.

I also love art and like to illustrate simple drawings. I’m a big fan of anime, games, and V-tubers, watch K-dramas every so often, and love pop culture. I enjoy comedy and slice-of-life drama the most. I’m pretty gay and love Wonder Woman and Ripley. I used to read more comics and manga, but rarely have time these days.

Please contact me at valrubi@att.net if you’d like me to write something for you. I’m pretty open to most things. Just don’t be weird… unless it makes me laugh.