Down Time, Oney, and A Music Video

How do you spend your free time?  Down time?  Do you need to chill in your comfiest pj's or sweats, eat something you know you might regret, but enjoy it anyway? You need to have that warm and cozy drink - though right now you might need a cold brew because of the crazy high … Continue reading Down Time, Oney, and A Music Video

30 Day Writing Challenge – and Pandemic Rant

Stop.  Take a breath.  Realize you are okay, okay? I was over at Mama Coffee Chat (Ang's blog) and read that she is doing this 30-day writing challenge.  I thought it might be fun. Living through a pandemic has been an experience - mostly a hunt for basic necessities because people have gone a little … Continue reading 30 Day Writing Challenge – and Pandemic Rant

Target Vs. Walmart

Lately, I do a lot of shopping.  Meaning:  I drive from one store to another hoping to find bread, beans, disinfecting wipes (for basic household clean up), toilet paper, paper towels, multi-surface cleaner, and butter. These are all items that have been disappearing from store shelves, along with pasta. Pasta.  I already have pasta. Everyone … Continue reading Target Vs. Walmart

Fan Base – Part 1 – a Look at General Hospital

Are you a fan? Do you oscillate between fictional characters? Do you love one day, and hate another? Do you think you know more than that other guy?   Do you like this photo?  I do. I've decided to start writing about fandom.  It's something near and dear to my heart because I, like many … Continue reading Fan Base – Part 1 – a Look at General Hospital

Our Worth – Something to Talk About for Christmas

I've been watching news and pundits for awhile now.  I've been listening to politicians and I've even worked for politicians.  But that's not what I want to talk about.  Let's not talk politics...yet.  (Yes, there was a debate and I'll talk about that later.) What I overwhelmingly hear from all politicians and pundits is that … Continue reading Our Worth – Something to Talk About for Christmas

The Holiday with Kona Bean

My new granddaughter, Kona Bean, has already stolen mine and her uncle's heart.  She was an unexpected blessing. We almost sent her back.  Mike and Sarah almost sent her back. It was so soon after losing our little girl Fuzzy, and it was difficult because this new little puppy has special needs.  She was kept … Continue reading The Holiday with Kona Bean

Doodles, Yew, and Me

I once read that blogs were "poorly written streams of random thoughts." Well, yeah, they are.  Look at this post.  Many times I write random streaming thought with zero content. Hah...ha...haha. *nervous laughter* BUT that's not why I'm writing, folks! I have more work doodles and I'm listening to Christmas music (actually, I started listening … Continue reading Doodles, Yew, and Me

This is So Hard

[A poem will follow this short randomness.] Okay, I know the title can have a few meanings... including a title for a porn film. BUT... Writing can be hard... difficult... problematic... arduous... demanding... (I had to google some more synonyms because my brain is not working very well today)... and my favorite, Sisyphean. I just … Continue reading This is So Hard