Quickie Update

It looks like I might just have a laptop to write again! Woo!!!

Hey y’all, its been awhile, and now I’m smiling.  🙂

I don’t have a whole lot to discuss.  I’ve been doing a little binge watching on Netflix, some N64 game playing (Worms Armageddon and Mario 64), and a lot of working (around 58 hours a week).   Since, I am now in between jobs, I thought I’d drop in and write something on anything.

Let’s see, the last time I updated was in 2015.  WHAT?!?!?!  Wow, that’s a long time not to write.  O_O

I’ve been reading a little more of the Gnostic Bible and ancient writings.  I bought a Tibetan singing bowl and it sounds really cool.  I’m going to definitely buy a couple more in varying sizes in the future.  Other than that, life is moving slow for me.

Recently, my dad passed away.  It’s strange.  I loved him, but barely knew him.  He was a pretty good guy.  I think I got my mustachio love from my dad – who always had a mustache!  I guess it’s like the saying, “You don’t miss something until its gone.”  That’s how I feel with my dad’s passing.  Rest in peace, dad! 🙂

*Moment of Silence*

Okay, shows and movies I watched recently:

The 100 and Agents of Shield.  Has anyone seen these shows?  Okay, Octavia is my new favorite character of any show!  You have to watch 100 and see for yourself.

I really enjoyed the Wonder Woman movie.  It was pretty good, and I unexpectedly liked Steve Trevor.

I also started watching JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure with my son.  Hah, this is a wild and fun series!  If you like anime, this is a good one to watch.

With the singing bowl I bought myself a couple of CD’s:  Barry Manilow and The Carpenters.  I’m pretty old school with my taste.

I also started teaching myself calligraphy.  It’s a very peaceful hobby.  (I think I’m not too bad.)

I guess I’ll try and figure out what to write in the near future.  I hope to update my stories at “Val’s Stories” site and start writing again this year.

Have a beautiful and blessed day, amigos!  Adios for now! ^_^/



Why I’m Not Blogging….. grrrrrrrrrrrr

Hey, just an update for anyone who visits my blog.  My laptop broke.



And then my daughter gave me her old lapto

I am seriously typing as th(TH NOOOOOOO ISj






keyboard is messed up. on the new laptop she gave me

Seriously, I am just leaving what it does to what I write.  I have an entire paragraph and page disappear because this keyboard is wonky

Nevermind.  Okay, so I’m not posting because I need a new laptop or compu..



I’ll end here before everything disaPPEARS.


The Fable, The Super Mario, and The Fun Had By All…

It’s Sunday and I like to post uplifting posts on Sunday; well, I like to be uplifting any day of the week, but I seem to be making a Sunday habit of posting today and that’s probably because I’m well rested and off work on Sunday; plus, its always quiet in my apartment on this day of the week.  And so…

This is where I’m going:  One of  my best buds in the world had a birthday yesterday and she was a bit down.  She’s had a very rough previous year and things just kept piling up.  Needless to say, her birthday would have been awash in wine and couch time with her puppies, or simply mulling over the past and sadness.  That’s a horrible way to spend a birthday.  So, we hung out and went to an art show in Dallas and she climbed a scaffolding (fortunately, no police were around) and took awesome photos, since she’s a photographer, and we ate food we’d never tried before, Bhan Mi, and then we drank Vietnamese coffees, and then went back to her place and I sliced my thumb horribly cutting tangerines to place in our Blue Moon Pumpkin Ales, which hurt like hell and bled like a Julia Child skit from SNL. But at least we had a good time.

And then Saturday night we went to a Halloween party thrown by a lesbian meet-up group with another good friend and all of us had a very, very good time.  A lot of lesbians attended and the woman I actually liked happened to be straight – ah well, thatsa how it goes.  I also met a cool hip-hop rapper who is extremely talented, and quite a few other women, one even tried to teach me how to dance.  I still suck at it and still dance like Elaine Bettis from Seinfeld.  They were all so sweet and nice and it was simply fun.  I dressed as Mario, the guy you like to play with.  Haha, badum!

Its'a me...Mario!

Its’a me…Mario!

(Don’t pay attention to the fact I took that photo in the bathroom.  It had the best mirror.)



The final product had yellow buttons.  It was a fun costume, and a good time was had by all.

Anyhoo, I wrote a little fable, Stop and Look Up, to cheer up my friend and edited it a bit and thought I’d place it here for your enjoyment.  When I was a kid I loved Aesop’s Fables.  And the thing about fables, they can have a little nugget of wisdom and truth within them, and sometimes you might not even realize it until days or years later, but they are fun to have around.  Please enjoy, and, as always, there is a surprise Youtube video at the end of the post. *winkwink*

Stop and Look Up…the Fable

Once there was a person – male or female, it doesn’t really matter.  We will call this person, Bob Chuck.

Bob Chuck walked up a hill – no, maybe a mountain – and it was a rough climb. All kinds of hardships to simply climb up a fuckin’ mountain – bears and lions, ohmyyy, weather, sprained ankles, broken nails, ripped pants, and not a bath in sight.  Bob Chuck grumbled for the most part of his/her climb.  (I’ll just call Bob Chuck a “her” for semblance.)

And so she finally gets to the top of the mountain.  And she’s all, “Whoa, what a pisser climbing up to the top of this fuckin’ mountain.”  And “blah blah blah” – yes, she said that.

Whilst during the rant of perpetual complaint a voice – no, someone humming a tune –  came from the bushes.  Upon further inspection she saw a cave and noticed a fire.  There were lush orchards around the cave and plenty of good smells, so she wandered over and there was a hermit there with two plates; one for her and one for him.

He picked up her plate, handed it to Bob Chuck and then stood at the edge of the mountain beside her and said, “Hi!  Beautiful view, eh?”  (The mountain hermit was obviously Canadian.)

And so, Bob Chuck finally stopped complaining and stopped and looked out at the view.  The beauty was almost more than she could handle and she nearly dropped her plate.  She could see for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles…and more, oh yeah.

“THIS IS SOOOOOOO AWESOME!” Bob Chuck suddenly – and surprisingly – yelled, so that the echo nearly caused an avalanche.

Her hospitable host chuckled lightly and Bob Chuck stayed and lived with the hermit for many years, enjoying her hospitality. (Yes, I changed the hermit to a “her” because the hermit didn’t care to choose one gender or another.  She didn’t care…nor, did he.)

Bob Chuck soon became restless and decided it was time to leave the mountaintop and the hermit, and so she packed up her stuff and left with a quick, “Adios Padre, I feel the wind and it calls Mariah.”

“But your name is…”

“Let’s not get stuck on pleasantries, shall we?”

And Bob Chuck left the mountaintop and began her climb back down.  The trip down was even more arduous than the climb up.  It rained much more, and she fell down a few feet through mud and shit, and leaves just don’t cut it.  It was just a really hard trip, and with each passing day she’d forget a little more of the beautiful view and time on the mountaintop.  Until she finally came to the valley below and lived among the other people and began to listen to their words and their lives and became more and more forgetful of the beauty and time of the mountaintop.  Grumbling soon became her favorite past time, along with the townsfolk.

And then one day, as she was washing some underwear and hanging it on a clothesline, the hermit walked by and said, “Hi, beautiful view, eh?”

And she stopped, as he handed her a donut and a cup of coffee and looked up.  She stopped and looked up at the mountain and its beauty for the first time.

“AWESOME!”  Bob Chuck shouted, this time dropping her donut, and cup of coffee, and her voice echoed so that…

(And you decide the ending, my friends.)

  1. The avalanche came crashing down and killed all the people of the valley.   Good riddance grumblers.
  2. The echo reverberated across the land and the people all stopped to look up and enjoyed the beauty of the mountain for the first time.
  3. Bob Chuck and Hermit hooked up and had a merry time of wine and drink while partying with the townsfolk.
  4. You don’t care because you know that if you were Bob Chuck you would have never left the mountaintop.
  5. You realize there are many endings to every story when you are living it, and so, “AWESOME, what a beautiful view!”

The End

Have a Happy Sunday of wine, merriment, and whatever else you enjoy. 🙂  I’m going to take a nap.  I was up all night partying with my friends at a Halloween party and there are still funny little black pieces of material stuck up my nose from that Mario mustache. Doodoodoodoodoodoo…WooHoo!  *wink*

Haha, the guy we love to play with… ^___^ WooHoo!

My Silly (or not so silly) Sunday Sermon: “Look Up, Little Ant…”

Have you ever stopped yourself just before stepping on an ant?  Have you ever looked at a small spider and reconsidered squashing him out of existence?  Have you ever thought Sea Monkeys’ really lived in small kingdoms underwater?

…  (Did anyone get the Supernatural reference?)

Do you look at creatures that are smaller than you and feel a certain empathy toward them because they did something out of the ordinary, unexpected, something that made them stand out?  They made you feel sorry for them and cruel for killing them and you paused and stopped yourself?  You let this one go because you had a moment where you bonded?

I believe everything around us is a lesson of God.  And so…

Lisbeth and the Ant…

My daughter’s bathroom at our apartment has had some ants sneak in.  There have been maybe 20.  They are gone now, but for some reason there was something attracting the ants to her and her boyfriends bathroom.

So, my little Lisbeth was squishing ants in the bathroom.  (Who wants an ant crawling up their pants while trying to potty?)  She had already killed maybe five or six when she was about to squish the last ant in this final group, but stopped herself.  The last ant began to run in circles, fearing for his life.  He suddenly stopped and looked up at Lisbeth.  He just stopped, as if realizing this was it.  His little ant face and feelers twitched and then he looked up at her.  “Fine, I will go gently into that dark night slayer.”

Well, this made Lisbeth feel sorry for the ant.

She had a bonding moment.

Of course, she ended up killing the ant anyway, but there was a moment.

Hah, the anticlimactic ending!

[EDIT:  Okay, I found out a week after I posted this that my daughter did not kill the ant.  She felt sorry for the ant and so I’m sorry if I made it seem she was a cold blooded ant killer.  She is obviously more merciful.

Okay, on with the story…]

God and the Ant…

It got me thinking after Sarah (I’m just going to call her by her real name and no more pseudonyms, despite loving the name, Lisbeth)  relayed this story about us and God.  Yes, its like we’re all these tiny ants crawling around and every so often we get into his private space – his bathroom.

Before you all guffaw at the metaphor, please let me make my case.

Okay, so because this world is so big and this is God we’re talking about, God’s bathroom or den or entire house could be the metaphor of where we are walking around, but you get the gist.

So, we happen to be the one ant who stops and looks up at our creator, or possible destroyer with one stomp of a foot, or our person of power when we have no power in reality?  What if we happen to be the ones who notice God?  The one ant who asked to be shown mercy?  The one who suddenly wakes up to the fact that we are just tiny ants and there is a God that could strike us down if that’s what He/She wanted to do.  But this God is better than Lisbeth (a.k.a. Sarah) the Ant Killer – whom we now know was convicted for a crime she didn’t commit – and would never do such a thing…but, we really don’t know that.  Do we?

I’ve been thinking over why do some people seem to have a “relationship” with God and others don’t?  Why is it that some people couldn’t give a damn of heaven or hell (a place I don’t believe exists, but…that’s your choice), or if God exists or not?   Why do some seem to accept atheism so easily and others will fight tooth and nail throughout their lives trying to prove faith and God?  Why are we all so different when it comes to having a relationship with God?  A creator?  No matter if you believe in the Judea-Christian God, the Allah, the Supreme Higher Power, or Alien super races that have bred us?  This is what I wonder.

Why do some care and some not care if there is a God or not?  Does it matter?  Does “you” recognizing the presence of “God” matter in regard to your life and possible after-life?

I think our decision does matter.  Please, you are free to question what I write, but I hope this makes you think.

Let’s pose this…

I think either we choose to keep running and eventually get stepped on, or we decide to stay on the outside and not enter God’s space – just live and let live – or, we choose to walk forward, look up and start bonding with the one with all the power.  We choose to communicate with this God and therefore it sets us apart from the other ants.

Think about this:  Do you simply spend time talking to your creator?  Do you ever consider that maybe God wants to hear from you?  Maybe God wants to know that you care enough to talk to Him/Her.  Perhaps this is the only difference between you and the ant that got smashed.  You decided to stop and talk to the one who holds life and death in His/Her hand.

Maybe because of God’s kindness, empathy and concern, that’s all God really wants.  What if God made a race of humans with free will because God wanted these humans to seek Him/Her out throughout their lives?

Again, you are free to question anything I write.  I am simply postulating some ideas.

In my belief system, I believe there are tons of dimensions and universes and angels, demons, and all types of creations in the expanse of God.  Now, this is not set in stone because only a fool says they know all and know all the answers.  And so, I pose questions and conclude that I am sure of one thing – there is a God.  That’s all I am sure of, but how we relate to God and how God relates to us I am never ‘quite’ sure.

Let’s say all the creations of God know God for a fact.  They hang out with God.  It’s not an issue.

Let’s say God gets bored one day and decides, “I want to see if there is a creation that will seek Me out, love me, want to be around me, without knowing that I am the Creator of all and the most powerful being for a solid fact.  What if I want a creation that wants me so much they seek me out, rather than knowing I’m here as a given?”

There are other beings and creations that are bothered that God thinks highly of us.  We are the creation that are too dumb not to just plainly see God.  It must makes us seem so dumb to those who know God.  Maybe there are some that like us and some that don’t.  But we are God’s favorite creation.  We are the apple of our God’s eye.  God even sent forth a Son (one of many sons and daughters), Jesus Christ, to relay this message of love that God feels for us and wants us to spread to other humans.

Jesus Christ had to be born at a certain time of earth history where the message would spread.  There are others who have had messages from God like Jesus Christ, but certainly none as popular.  There are even some who received messages from demons (texts written on lies or half-truths), or written from their own bias, from their own imagination, and have been as popular, but Jesus Christ had the true message.  We know this because other messages have been from the standpoint of hate and judgment, and God’s message is from the standpoint of love and mercy.  Mercy is gray, but judgment is black and white.  Mercy understands and judgment is unbending.   Everything about Jesus’ message is based on the fact we are all in this together and judgment places levels and castes and “they” against “them.”

Immediately after Christ’s death on a cross the message was being scrutinized and manipulated for power.  Jesus knew this would happen – its so like humans.

God knew this, and God also knew there would still be those who would seek.  There would be those who would search ancient texts and then talk to Him/Her.  God is Spirit and so God could obviously speak to those who chose to ask and seek.

There are two ways to know another person.

If you are a journalist and about to interview someone for a biography what do you do?

Knowing God: The Biography…

First, you research what is written on the person from all the past information you have available, and find out everything you can on this person; and then second, you interview the person and keep talking to them.

This is how you get to know your subject.

What is the true personality of God?  We find out that God is not a judge, but merciful.  From the very beginning when God decided not to smite, but enlight-en.

Judgment came in the form of humankind seeing others, starting with the other sex and onward. We all live this judgment.  It’s called the cruelty of humankind.  Comparison.  One-upmanship.  Always either judging another according to how we think it should be or how we think it shouldn’t be.

Judgment kills.  Mercy gives life.

We see it in court systems and how municipalities are run.  We see it in life at every turn by those who carry hate and power and greed toward their fellow human and even toward the rest of creation, animals and the environment.

We want people to pay.  We want justice.  We cry out for justice consistently.

We kill the ant.

God chooses not to kill the ant but give it mercy.

But why?  Why?  In the same way you judge another you have already judged yourself.  (That’s based on some Scripture, but I can’t remember where…possibly Romans 2.)

But even more interesting is that there are those who decide they want to know God.  They want to see God.  They want to spend time talking and meditating with God.  And so God builds them a little ant farm and makes sure all their needs are met, and God loves to look over the little ants.  They recognize God when He/She feeds them and does things for them.

These individuals finally wake up to the fact that there is a God and they are in awe of God’s awesomeness, and all the other creations and this earth God formed for us to enjoy.  These people are the seekers and lovers of God.  These are the mystics and dreamers with their heads in clouds and at His feet when His Spirit indwells a faithful prophet and son.  These are the Mary’s of the world.  These are the Gandhi’s and Martin Luther Kings.  These are the ones who know there is more.

These are you and me, if we seek God with fervor.  We are just like Jesus Christ.  We are not him – of course not.  There was only one Jesus Christ.  But we are just like him in that we are sons and daughters who are able to love our God just as wholly and fully.  The same Spirit who indwelt Jesus Christ is the exact same one which indwells us.  So then…?


If you seek you shall find.  Be careful.  You might really find God and then what will you do?  What will you do when you figure out God is real?  What will you do when you see with the eyes of love, and thus see the eyes of hate looking back at you?  What will you do when you see the world is not as beautiful as you’d have hoped?  What will you do when you finally spot all the ugly and hate-mongering frothing from the mouths of power hungry political figures and leaders, or simply the manager at your store, or co-worker?  Any little bit of power over another begins to corrupt even the lowest on the social rung.  Big brothers killing little brothers?  Cain and Abel stories and those like these.

Will you love?

What would Jesus Do?

Haha, well Jesus died on a cross because He did see with the eyes of God, and He spoke the words of God.  That’s what it got Him:  a quick death sentence.  Of course, Jesus Christ rose from the dead.  What is death anyway?  Its simply a passing from one form to another.  Never let death worry you.  We all die.

“You are forgiven.”

Christ became known for being a sacrifice to forgive sin.  Why?  It is because the church wants you all to believe that you need them to be forgiven.  It gives the church power.  If the Christ message is one of forgiveness then you have some guilt and owe something.  If it’s simply a message for one and all about waking up and loving others, than the church loses it’s power.

So, “You are already forgiven.”  That’s a given.  Christ wasn’t a sacrifice, he was a mouthpiece and messenger.  He wasn’t a redeemer.  He was the redemption.  He told people, “yeah, sure, you want forgiveness – here.”

Christ was great at being sarcastic.  Much of that is recorded in all the writings on when Christ was here.  It must have been so frustrating for him to be plopped down with all this knowledge among such a patriarchal backward society.  It’s almost worse than being plopped down in Texas or Louisiana in this day and age.  Oh, how he must have been face palming consistently at how the ‘disciples’ just didn’t “get it?”  I think Mary got it and that’s why he hung out with her and a lot of women.

Christ didn’t forgive anyone.  He knew they were already forgiven since the creation.  He was just telling them again why God created this world and humankind.  Read and find out.  Read it in context and realize what Christ was really trying to say.

I listen to Christians speak now and what they say sounds so silly and misinformed.  They hung Christ on a cross, resurrected Him and then went on to worship Him for all the wrong reasons.  They built powerful religions over his death and resurrection.  They spent billions and billions of finances erecting temples and idols, and TV shows and products to sell.  Christ sells.  The cross sells.

Religion, not just Christian, sells itself by others feeling guilty, or ashamed, or that they haven’t done enough works.  It’s all about doing things to please God.

God was telling us that “I’m here.  I’m alive.  I hear you.  Love.  Love me and love one another.”  That’s all.  Stop sacrificing.  Stop killing.  Stop saying that you heard me thousands of years ago, but that you keep making it up as you go along.  Stop using me to prosper your own agendas.

The Ant farm…

And still the little ants, the simple little ants go about their lives in their little ant farm, but every so often one little ant looks up and notices the one who cares for them.

I was watching our Pomeranian, Fuzzy, listen to us talk.  We’ve owned so many dogs, but sometimes there is just that one dog that seems to really get what you are saying and watches you as if all of their life depends on you.  This is the dog you tend to get attached to and form a closer bond with.  And that is how Fuzzy is with me.  I love this little dog more than I’ve loved my other dogs.  I’m sorry to be so biased, but it’s true.  And I think this is possibly how God is with us.  The ones who give God our time, He/She does listen and begin to care for a little deeper.  I think that is why Jesus Christ was loved more than others.  Jesus truly loved and listened to God.  It makes me admire and love Jesus.

God wants US to talk to Him/Her.  God wants us to love Him/Her.  God likes us.  So start getting to know God, little ant.  Look up and see the one who cares for you.  It will amaze you how your eyes and heart and ears will open.  Seek and you shall find.

Jesus Christ sought and found.  God knew Jesus was coming to be born.  God knew Jesus was the Son who would finally deliver the truth.  All was set on the stage for God’s message to come.  Did we listen?

This is the message:

Love trumps hate

Mercy trumps Justice

Kindness trumps cruelty

A gentle word trumps a rude word

Joy trumps gloom

Hope trumps despair

Truth trumps lies

Goodness trumps ill will

Life trumps death

Peace trumps war and fighting

This is what Christ was trying to tell us.  This is what was supposed to be in the Talmud, and if you look closely you find this message in the Pentateuch.  This is what God wants us to know and there are a lot of false religions and belief systems that deny this truth.  There are also a lot of belief systems that understand this truth.  Followers of Christ are not the only ones who know truth.  But, its about time we start paying attention to why Christ came, because he had a message to give and share that is worth listening to.

Living & Learning to be a Lesbian, or Sapphian, (but I needed a word that starts with “L”)…

This was in my emailbox today.  I still get the newsletter from the immigration lawyer directed to my ex in South Africa.  (The mailing comes to my box and I’ve yet to tell them to stop sending these, but in a way I’m glad since I got to experience this a year too late.)

On July 2, 2013, Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”) posted answers to frequently asked questions relating to the Supreme Court of the United States’ (“Supreme Court”) holding that Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional. DHS made it clear that visa petitions filed based on same-sex marriages would be processed going forward.1 Along the same lines, Social Security Administration also released its own answers to frequently asked questions related to the Supreme Court’s holding.2 If you are in a same-sex marriage, please do not hesitate to call our office with your questions!

Yes, you read that right – don’t hesitate to call their office and process your same-sex marriage partners for entry into this country.  For all those out there who have been patiently waiting for this moment in American history I am so happy for you!  This is great news!  It’s about time America moved into the 21st century.

For me, however….

Either God was protecting me from the biggest mistake of my life, or I was too impatient.  I’m thinking maybe it was a little of both.  I still love her but she’s married to someone else.  That would make this teeter over more to the former than the latter. ^^

Yeahhhhhhh…however this (pointing to the above quote) brings me to this post.  (I love a good segue.)


Throughout my gay life I have had three girlfriends.  One I was engaged to (and unfortunately, still in love with), and one I am still fantastic friends with (because she is very mature and together and continues to give me great advice in life), and the last one is very upset; thus, the friendship part is out of the question methinks.

I broke up with the last two, though the one prior to this last one was really a mutual decision because I couldn’t commit.  It was what was best for us all since I could not fully give them my heart as I did for my first love.  When I’m able to give my heart away again then I will know, and I am sure my girlfriend will know as well.  I will be singing it from the rooftops and my kids will LOVE her and approve of the match.

Break-ups are inevitable.  They are not bad things.  They happen when you are single and dating.  That’s just a given to dating.  We make this so very hard when it doesn’t need to be this hard.  The world will still turn and the sun will rise and the moon will give you reason to howl…. Okay, maybe only I howl at the moon, but all you practicing and wannabee werewolves might understand.

Anyhoo, let me give you a definition for Girlfriend:

1. A favorite female companion or sweetheart.

2. A female friend

3. A female friend with whom a man or boy (REALLY DICTIONARY?  REALLY?  What about the Sapphians?!?!?!) is romantically or sexually involved; sweetheart.

4. A frequent or favorite female companion; sweetheart.

5. A female lover.  (THANK YOU DICTIONARY PERSON!)


You see?  A girlfriend is a fave companion and sometimes for the non-homophobic people writing dictionaries, a female lover for other females.  Mostly they like the word, “sweetheart.”  Weird.  I don’t know why this dictionary I use likes the word “sweetheart.”  I like it too, but I call my kids sweetheart…. which now is totally creepy.

Anyhoo, nowhere in the dictionary is a girlfriend considered a spouse or life partner.  They’re the person you hang with or have sex with and it would seem is a transient relationship.  It is not a life time commitment.  When you are ready to commit your life to your girlfriend then they become your fiancee, and eventually if you two are still madly head over heels in love with one another THEN you get married.  BUT, before that point you two are NOT married, you are dating one another only (unless you have come to terms to an open relationship) and it’s transient and flexible.  You are testing waters for the possibility of marriage, or lifetime partner (if you don’t like marriage) status.

Now, albeit, sometimes you live with your girlfriend and then that is a live-in girlfriend and you two still understand that you are not married.  Of course, that is totally up to the two consenting adults as to how much of family and property the two want to share in this relationship.

Overall, what I’m trying to say is when I go out on a date I can leave the date and never call the person back because maybe it didn’t work out.  I won’t be a douche or impolite, but I will let them know that we didn’t click on my end.  There are levels and understandings as to how far your relationship has gone when you start phase 2 and begin calling said other person your girlfriend.

You are now at a Second Level of COMMITMENT – “Girlfriend-hood.”

As the definition states you are now pretty much only seeing this woman.  She’s your go-to gal.

When you’re ready to break up then you both conclude it’s over, or one of the members realizes their girlfriend is bat-shit crazy and simply runs as fast as she can in the opposite direction of the girlfriend until there is a giant “X” on the spot where that girlfriend used to live.  (It means ex…?)

Should one feel guilty for dumping the girlfriend?  No.  Should the world end for the one who was dumped?  No.

Relationships in life happen and each brings a new lesson and each brings a new hardship, as well as, new joys.  That’s the really cool thing about interacting with other beings on this earth.  You have to see the positive and not the negative.

Now, if crazy bitch ex-girlfriend starts visiting you at your job, or parking across the street where you live and you notice later a few jars by your car with yellowish fluid, or running their keys across your truck all Carrie Underwood style then… you really know how to pick them.  I’m very sorry you had a relationship with a psycho.

(pauses a moment for the death knoll, or the Psycho theme song written by that wonderful Bernard Hermann)

Brrrrrrrr that song gave me chills, what a scary movie.

BUT, overall most ex-girlfriends are NOT psychos and are simply processing the loss of your wonderful person hood.  Be thankful you are that AWESOME.  You are so awesome a girl might feel a tremendous hole left where you at one time were (badum). 😀


Let’s just listen to an epic hero theme, or Superman – oh yeah!)

Man, I geeked out on this song.  I LOVED this show!

[On a random note: I own Superman socks and they are so cool!  They’re in the drawer by my Wonder Woman socks. :D]


And so, what I’m trying to say in this very long and drawn out blog post is that I’m single again!

And you know what?  That’s okay.

I love my friends and family.  We have fun together.  I love my God.  I enjoy the times I spend just meditating and talking to God.  I’m good with our relationship.

If a woman in the future wants to be my favored female (haha, that definition just sounds funny) companion and understands we’re just dating and this doesn’t mean marriage or engagement, then I’d enjoy that.

I’m at Dating 101 right now in my gay life.

Women out there who want more from me, sorry I’m not committing more until  we both feel the same connection at the EXACT same time.

Already Married Once… to a Man

I have been married.  I was married 22 years to a man and many of those years if I’m being honest were pretty decent, but it just didn’t feel right.  I wish I could make straight women understand that a gay woman married to a man is not a win-win situation for either part of the couple.  Neither is ever fulfilled in the marriage.

The only way I think I can make a straight woman relate to how I felt in marriage is to tell them consider living for 22 years and having to have sex with a woman every day of your life because its what the social norms tell you to do and you better enjoy it.  You will find if you are truly straight it doesn’t feel so great.

I’m glad he’s found a woman who shares his interest and they attend the same church and he looks good and happy now.  Mostly, his new girlfriend is straight and that’s a big plus for the guy.  I’m truly and honestly very happy for him.  I knew he’d be better off not living in a lie.

Shucks, I am so much better off! *big grin*

The God-Lover in Me…

Wow, so this boils down to something I’ve come to realize after this last break-up.  I fell in love with my first girlfriend because of her love for God, primarily Jesus.  I’m a real Jesus Freak and I make no apologies for that.  That was the biggest turn on for me.  I am a God-lover at heart and I find your love for God so attractive.  It draws me in.  The woman I marry (because I still oddly believe in this concept as a gay woman) will love the Lord first and me second.  She will have that brightness that comes from within because you stoke the flames of the Holy Spirit/God in your heart.  You care and love God and others and its real.

Now, that is obviously the main factor, but of course there are other variables: There will be a physical attraction and a personality attraction and she better be almost as damn funny as me, or at least get my dorky humor and know how to laugh.  Overall, I know I will know her when she walks into my life.  It will not take an effort to make myself believe I love her, it will be effortless.

I am not looking any more for a girlfriend.  I love people.  I truly do love others and if I’m friendly and you find me attractive or love to bask in my awesomeness (plays that epic hero theme again) then that’s cool.

Of course, I’m not saying that I won’t ever date or have a future girlfriend, but remember that if we are not engaged it is probably not a long term life decision.  You will, however, have lots of fun with me.  I’m a very fun person to hang with, and what is life if not to enjoy and have fun with others? 😉

South Africa and…I’m Unabashedly Corny because I’m adding a Poem, “Under the Full Moon’s Sky”

I have to comment on an earlier post.  I’ve since edited the post, “Where Do I Begin,” (It was the Feb. 15th post) and hope that it appeases some who I may have upset.  I think you know who you are, but I do apologize and won’t comment any further.

This month, I am coming up on a year anniversary of when I stayed in South Africa, April 29th to May 19th (the day before her birthday) where I met and fell in love with someone so special there are no words to describe her beauty inside and out.

Recently, I’ve had several dreams about the people of that country (always her in the distance) and I’ve awoken feeling… bothered?  I have this morose that has come over me and sadness.  I’m not sure why.  Is it a psychic thing or simply that subconsciously this anniversary is plaguing my thoughts?  Does she now hate me?  Is this God telling me it’s time to move on?  I really don’t know.

The thing is – does it even matter?

I need to move on with my life.  I know this.  Deep down…I know this is how it must be.  Toto songs, not withstanding, I have to get past Africa.

Sorry, I just had to place the song, haha.  It’s catchy and it’s karaoke version! ^^

Anyhoo, my love will not die, but my life will go on as Celine Dion has sang…

Sigh… yes, I have to place this song too.

This is actually a favorite song that was newly introduced to me by a woman I have very deep feelings for in another state.  (She is so damn cute!)  I can’t help myself because I find I fall for women that are near, far and wherever they are – women are simply too awesome to stop loving.

And so, yes, I am a corny romantic.  I was playing my guitar and sharing music with another singer/songwriter (a very lovely and attractive lesbian with big blue eyes, that if I was smart I would fall in love with her, but… time will tell because she is also a fire sign and as you who have ever looked up zodiac signs knows: fire + fire = HOT).

And where was I?

Oh yes, I have been told to move on.  My heart will go on.  South Africa will always hold a piece of my heart and soul.  My love is not lost and my phone number is the same… just sayin…. haha

Thank you to my Twin (she knows who she is) and my good friends that steer me in the right direction, like the one who is the well-balanced Libra that loaned me her Nag Hammadi (which has some really awesome writings like the Gospel of Truth – my fave so far), who remind me when I get overwhelmed by sadness because my heart will always love that one woman in South Africa (but I know it’s not meant to be) that I have a life path that is blessed and worth living…and not with her.

I am truly blessed with beautiful children and very good friends and a life that just keeps getting better and better on this sojourn.  God, if you seek with all your heart and soul, is found.

God is truly my greatest love and because of this fact, I know my heart will go on and on and on.  Without seeking you are lost.  God loves.  God loves you.  My passion and love I realize has always had the end game to God and so…I hope you will all be blessed by such a great love.  I have loved and been loved by wonderful people in my life and I know this is only the beginning.  It’s only the beginning for all of you too. 😉

And Now the Poetry…

Under the Full Moon’s Sky

I want to sit under the full moon on a park bench with you

I’d sit beside you and we wouldn’t speak

My arm would carefully lie across the back of the bench, never touching

Knowing it would stay there, lounging like a giant iguana in the sun

Basking in the light of the full moon’s face

We’d be near, but never close

My personal space would touch the edge of your personal space

My hand would grip the back of the park bench

The heat of your body, always so warm, would emanate and touch my hand

I would grasp the air so tightly, but would never feel its source

We’d watch the moon for hours

Elapsing of time would change because of where it would sit in the sky

Clouds would pass and change the view

At times it would be covered, and other times only nipped at the edges, and then

It would peek out until it would appear gloriously in its fullness and we’d sit

Quietly… quietly and watching it

I’d sing songs in my head to you, “I love you… I love you….”

Songs you’ll never hear

Your skin always smells faintly of berries and smoke, and Dove soap

With just a touch of skin, powdery and fresh

I love your smell even when you tell me you haven’t bathed for days

Everything about you is alluring

As we watch, the moon passes through the night sky

We sit, never touching, only feeling that I’ve seen beauty

But knowing I’ll never hold this beauty and only admire it in the distance

Until it sinks behind the horizon and the sun takes its place

Another day… without you

Adorable? Yes: My Daughter’s Etsy Site

I have never shared this information before but… my daughter is extremely artistic and talented.   I know, I know… she’s my daughter and is so gifted and she amazes me with her stupendous awesomeness that knows no bounds and I’m pretty sure she has evolved past ordinary humans and perhaps is part of a generation of evolved creatures that think a little better, care a little deeper, and love more unbiased, and I think humanity benefits from this age group.   (We may yet have hope people of earth, haha.)

I am blessed that she is my daughter. 🙂

IMG_1064 - Copy

Sarah, a.k.a. Lisbeth, and her knit cap of cuteness

Adorable, right?

She started a new site when she recently turned the glorious age of 21 (this month), WafflesCreations on Etsy to sell her goods.  (The name “Waffles” comes from a term of affection by her big brother, Joshua, a.k.a. Johann.)

She draws, paints, composes, plays piano beautifully, and is a crafty/artsy type who sews and makes all types of cute things.

Anything related to pop culture or niche fandoms and she will probably know what it is and how to make it.  She’ll custom design and make you plushies or pillows, or pillow cases, or draw some design and place it on a T-shirt.  She’s simply an amazingly gifted young lady.

A few of her recent designs since she’s on a dwarf kick (get it, Kili?) after The Hobbit:

dwarves dwarves 5 dwarves 4 dwarves 3 dwarves 2She will pretty much draw anything (has an especially cute chibified Robin and many comic book characters) that you might even think is too obscure.  Please feel free to ask her and I think you’ll be surprised.  She is even a #Bronies gal.

So?  If you all are interested in a special, one-of-a-kind gift for someone you love please consider visiting my daughter’s site and ask her if she is able (which I am sure she is) to make that special little present for self, or for another.

Thank you for reading my advertisement. 🙂

Cheesy Choice Award

This is absolutely too cute not to share.  Hannah Hart named the winner of her Cheesy song contest out of tons of talented competitors.  I think another video might have even won (?), but this one was my favorite.

Enjoy kids! ^__^

(I can not get this song out of my head now – much too adorable.)

Dogs Who Walk Dogs & Hunting/Sporting Store? Double Header Post!

This post will have a bit of absurdity.

Part I:  Dogs Who Walk Dogs

I had mentioned in an earlier random post that I was going to let my smaller, more skirmish dog, walk my other dog to save me the trouble of having to wake up before 8 a.m.  You see, I am a night owl.

Well, I wouldn’t really just throw my dogs out the door of my apartment at 7:30 in the morning and let them walk themselves, that would be cruel and unusually harmful to my baby pups.

BUT, this is too good of a photo opportunity.

I tied their leashes together just before heading up the stairs to my apartment after we went for our evening walk.

This doesn’t seem like a very good idea mom.

As you can see, Comet is not very willing.

He hemmed and hawed until Fuzzy seemed to tell him to just let her lead, and then he looked back…


Fuzzy wanted to go home.  Once she’s done her doggy business, she’s pretty much ready to go back home; unlike Comet who likes to check around and sniff, and then pee and mark his territory.  (Such a male thing in any part of the animal kingdom, eh?)

And then Fuzzy persuaded him after whispering in his ear.  (She really does that – eerie.)

Discussing treats upon their return won Comet over.

Do any of you remember this dog, Sam Sheepdog, from the old Warner Bros. cartoons?

Comet is the embodiment of this character.  He pretty much goes along with whatever the one in charge tells him, and usually with his tail wagging full throttle and happy to serve.  But, he’s no dummy – he just has an insatiable appetite.

I was sure to hold their leashes as they made it up the stairs and then took a photo of them on the landing.

Home safe.

Treats!  Wagging his tail wildly!

Overall, Fuzzy seemed in total control and Comet seemed to eventually  just listen to her.  One would wonder what Fuzzy really thinks about through her day…

Mwahahahahahaha World domination, silly humans.

This is a two-parter post, so here is Part II!

Part II: “Johann and I went to a Sporting Goods/Hunting Store – mostly “Hunting” Store and…”

Since I don’t want a lawsuit, I will refrain from naming ‘said’ store, but it was a very large place marketed to consumer consumption of all things that kill other things.

Wall to wall taxidermy animals were the norm.  I mean, there had to have been a small forest worth of creatures’ heads hanging on the walls in this department store.  They came in all shapes and sizes and this is barely walking in the door.  Believe me, the rest of the store had many, many more animal heads and bodies, as you will see.

Greetings!  What would you like to kill?

And then my son and I looked to our right side upon entering and there was a few random little things for the kids.

Suck on this lollipop kiddos!

Reindeer riding the rainbow stick.  Wow…just…wow.  My son, Johann, and I nearly bought it just for the giggles.  Taste the rainbow little reindeer!  (And that little reindeer is very cute.)

Needless to say, I didn’t buy it.  I did, however, see something that I’d not seen before.

Camo-Bibles! Both spiritual and practical


The hunting store has a kid section and this is what they have.  Rainbow riding reindeer lollipops and camo-Bibles for the kids as they use their special little rifles. (THEY HAVE KID-SIZE GUNS!) (AND THEY COME IN PINK!)  (KID SIZE GUNS!)  Sorry, I’m just not a hunter-type.

Do kids really need to have the word of God on hand while they’re out hunting down a few of God’s creatures?  It’s good the parents are watching out for their spiritual life, while teaching them the glory of killing things.  I tell you, Texas raises a special breed of Christian.  Gun in one hand and Bible in the other – it’s true!  I thought it was just a liberal propaganda campaign, but this store was full of families with small children!

Who knew?

[Small Disclaimer:  This is all in jest because I believe people have the freedom to hunt and call it sport and all of this stuff is part of America, and I’m cool with that, but I do have an opinion.

I just know I don’t like guns used for killing animals under the guise of calling it a sport.  If you have to hunt to live, I understand, but for sport?  It boggles my mind.  I guess I was taken back in this store because as you will see, it gets absurdly better…?]

And then my son and I walked toward the fishing area because they had some cool shorts I was checking out (lots of pockets and I love pockets), and then I look up and see this bear staring down at me.


Hey! Hey lady! I’m stuck in the middle of this store!

Oh, it’s okay, he’s just a dead stuffed bear like all the other creatures here.  Schwoo!

We quickly departed the fishing section, which honestly, how many types of fishing poles are needed?  It took up half the store.  The other half was taken up by guns.  (As you will later read about, since I was possibly too disgusted to take pics of row upon row of guns.)

We walked past this display, nicely done cliffs with mountain goats or something-or-other hanging around.  I’m pretty sure these ones weren’t real, but I couldn’t really be sure since I’m no taxidermy expert.


More fishing poles too!

They had a tunnel under the mountain goat/ram/antelope display which was kind’a cool – like we were playing putt-putt golf.  Along the inside wall they had a large aquarium with these guys.

Meow fish

And two REALLY BIG catfish

I can’t breathe…under you…Carl Catfish

See the mouth of the other catfish?  That one big guy was sitting on the other fish’s head.  Here’s his mouth.


We finally emerged from the tunnel and what to my wondrous eyes should appear, but rows of arrows and bows.  (But no pics.)  Again, I was a little in awe of all the different weapons.  And yeah, bows and crossbows and hunting knives I actually find kind of cool.  And, they are necessary during a zombie invasion.


And so we made our way to the other half of the store and something weird came into view.  This had to be a practical joke.

Oh yeahhhhhh, like that baby

This is a store for hunters, right?


There are really no words.  My son and I couldn’t stop laughing at the display.

I know this is supposed to show the glory of the hunt, but it seemed subliminally erotic.  Is that what using your gun is all about? o.O

Anyhoo, we made it to the gun half of the store and there were so many guns I stood there for a moment feeling a little sick to my stomach.  (Yes, this is too soon after what happened in Colorado and also in the Sikh temple recently, and I write this post to tell you all, this can’t possibly be right, right?)

[Again, I’m not against owning guns in a free country, but why so many and why so many semi-automatics and large magazine capacity guns?  Animals are usually running the other direction when you go after them and not attacking on average.]

So many couples with small kids and babies and strollers walking among the guns.  It seemed creepy to me.  Just another day out with the family on the weekend, buying semi-automatic rifles and sniper rifles and pistols with your son.

No joke, a dad had his son who might have been no more than eight, and he’s talking over how beautiful this gun was and they could have a lot of fun.  I guess…?

And then I realized what this is all about.  Of course!


They had so many of these bullets.  They had a ton of them and they were zombie-killing caliber bullets.  For the zombie invasion!

No wonder all those people brought their kids.  They were preparing them for the zombie apocalypse, of course!

I really need to pay more attention to the news.  There was this entire world preparing for zombies, training up their kids in the way they should go with a Bible in one hand and a gun in the other.

By the time we made it to the end of the store I was ready to sit back, maybe have a cup of coffee, rest my mind, and they had a little restaurant that served elk and boar meat, but it was closed, so I looked over some comfy looking blankets and found a real pelt of a wolf and again it made me want to cry.  The wolf’s fur was beautiful and I am sure that wolf loved wearing it when he or she was alive.

My son held it and I saw his eyes water.  He’s very empathic.  And I realized… my gosh, this was once a beautiful wolf.


The fur was very similar to this guy’s fur.

I have always believed in freedom to bear arms, but this almost seemed ironic at this time and it really did sicken me down deep in my gut.  I don’t know why.  I’m not even sure it would have made me feel nauseous two years ago.  But recent events make me feel a bit sicker when I see so many guns and so many people buying them up.  It’s almost… surreal.

Yeah, killing animals for sport is not my idea of a sport, nor killing fellow humans.  Perhaps we should be teaching our children to appreciate life and respect others a bit more, take them on a nature hike or go out for an ice cream cone.

That would be nice, as long as it’s not at a Chick-fil-A (hahaha).

Now THIS is more my type of sporting event.

Umph – take that ball!

Yeahhhhhh, now this is a sport: all parties are equally involved and participating.  And no beautiful creatures were harmed here, at least not fatally.

Another Random Post: Hannah Hart, Dog pee, and Living on the Streets is fun!

Every so often I simply start typing for a random post.  It was merely two months ago my heart was left in another country.  (I’m waiting for it’s visa to be approved and returned to me.)

I’m not crying…yet.

I drew a picture of my recent mood, and so that’s why I’m trying to be upbeat in this post (it will happen after this pic).

the extent of my artistic ability – circles!

(Photo of my head and yes, my head isn’t as round in my thought bubbles.  I also have no hair – what’s with that?)

And please, don’t “Awwwww Vaaaaallllll… why so sad?”  😦  It’s cool – my moods swing a lot like someone who is bi-polar – BUT NOT…?  So weird, right?

And so I am randomly posting a post of randomness.  (And sorry for the serious tone at the beginning of this post, I will now maintain a happier tone throughout this post.)

I had to practice drawing my circles to get them this round! 😀

I mix serious with comedic often.  I think that has to do with me being a child of the 70s and growing up with sardonic humor, classic Saturday Night Live, George Carlin and The Mac Davis Show (it was a comedy/variety hour on NBC).

Don’t judge – Barbara Streisand had this same hair style

(OhEmGee, I just realized I owned this album… squeeeee, I was such a Mac Davis fan!)

Where was I… and what was with that hair in the 70s?  Everyone had this style (possibly I might have had this hair style…hehhehheh………..heh…heh).

Oh yes, back to being random:

I simply let my mind go… random, like releasing my dog at 7:30 in the morning (much too early to be woken by my dog) out the front door of my apartment and slurring so that my words run all together, sounding hung over (which many times I am) and waving, “Go – doyoshit-anI’ll leyuuu back in… inafew…. bubye.”

I’m pretty sure that’s poor apartment etiquette.

Thank goodness no one has complained, but then I don’t answer my door that early any way.

I’ve considered tying his leash to my other dog’s leash, who always returns to the apartment because everything, even crickets, frighten her and she quickly runs back home.  She could be my dog walker and I wouldn’t have to pay her anything but a few extra dog biscuits.

(Oh wow, I am seriously trying that tomorrow morning!)

First, the hair…

Random posts usually mean I must share a pic of good hair days.

This is my angelic pic I took when I pushed some button accidentally on my phone while taking the pic because I tend to do dumb and clumsy things like pushing the wrong button (don’t ever give me a job with nuclear reactors or in missile silos) because my hair is very long now (to me, not my sister who told me it’s not very long, but I dispute that) and I’m considering cutting it into a boy-ish-les style since I love short hair and I want to get this choppier look and bleach underneath.

Seeeeeee?  *whiny voice* it’s sooooooo loooooonnnnnngggggg!

I look like a ghostly apparition

Though… I was having a totally awesome hair day! *big grin*


Funny Women…woman…?

If you haven’t seen “My Drunk Kitchen” with star Hannah Hart, on YouTube, you need your gay license revoked.  (Quick, look it up on YouTube!)   That’s like asking, “Who are Ellen and Portia?”  …just sayin….

(By the way, if only Hannah Hart was 20 years older I’d totally be in love with her; at the moment I am simply in awe of her talent.)

She’s adorable

Abs are a… talent… right?


I totally posted that pic for my best friend.  Happy Birthday! ^__^

This is a good hair length… and goes well with plaid

She is so funny… and a lesbian (or as I like to call us, Sapphians, because I hate that L word – which I will have some commentary on this subject later in this post – something to look forward to *winkwink*).

There is nothing sexier than a funny woman.  I’m just not sure I am funny enough to cross the plateau of sexiness, but I’m working on it – the sexiness not the funniness…okay, I might need a lot of work.

Texas is hot…

Yeah… it really is.

No, I mean it is really fuckin hot…!

Yeahhhhhh… it really is!

I hate this weather so much.

Why?  WHHHHYYYYYYYYY???  Why do I live here and not on a beach somewhere?!  …with a breeze? …and cold drinks (alcoholic drinks)?

The prediction is over 100 degree days for at least the next 10 days.  It’s supposed to hit 106 Fahrenheit (that’s 41 Celsius for everyone who ‘doesn’t’ live in the U.S.) on “SUN”day, giving a whole new meaning to the name.

Dog Peeeeeeeeeed… on my bed

Little piece of $#%%#!!!@###@

(I truly suck at figuring out which upper case cuss symbols to use.)

So, I drew a pic of my (adopted) dog who knew what she did.

See? Whoville paws!

Oozing of guilt

I share this rare and raw drawing talent with only you folks.

I was so p***d off at her.  She knew what she did as guilt carried her little Whoville paws across the apartment.  She went running to my roommate’s door, scratching and crying to be let in.  I swear in doggy talk she was crying, “Sanctuary… sanctuary… sanccccctuuuuuary….” like in that Disney cartoon based loosely on The Hunchback of Notre Dame.  (I loved the portrayal of Frollo – a truly evil character – in that movie.)


Brrrr…. scary dude!

I didn’t get that evil on the pup and today I later laughed about it.

I had to sleep quite uncomfortably on my bed with a blanket and no sheets, but at least I didn’t get locked out of the house like my poor friend who I think is sleeping in a park with a few hookers, homeless people and turtles, and maybe an alligator – not sure.  (It’s cool, I’m sure she’ll be let back in her house eventually….)

Speaking of living on the streets….  Were we?

Can you believe they actually have a runaway guide?  How does the runaway get internet connection and a computer?  The dude maintains a blog?!  You have to love people’s resourcefulness, right?

They have “How to” guides on living on the street.  Wow, just to list a few things to remember, folks:

1. Pack lightly and don’t forget your sleeping pad (you might need that added padding while on concrete).

2. Be sure and stick around homeless people so that you blend in inconspicuously.  (You have a better chance of not being arrested.)

3. Sleep in the park during the day so you don’t get busted by the cops and draw unnecessary attention.  (Really?  A person sleeping on a bench with a duffle bag and sleeping bag doesn’t draw attention?)

4. If you can’t find homeless people, simply find a well-lit pedestrian walkway (people will walk ‘around’ your limp body that’s snoozing).

5. Rooftops work well for sleeping (just don’t sleep near the edge).

6. This is my fave:  Look for free samples in grocery stores.  (And I found that if you go to liquor stores on the weekend they are dishing out free alcohol! Win-win!)

7. Extra bonus tips:

– wide brim hats for the sun (you wouldn’t want skin cancer later in life)

– lightweight jogging/warm-up suits (they pack well and you can wear them while laundering)

– strap your belongings to your person so nobody walks off with yo shit

– try to smell nice so you can still maintain a healthy personal life (wtf? O.o)

– and last, but not least, try to obtain a gym membership so you can use their showers… and stay fit

Wow, it makes living on the street sound like luxury housing.  As I add up my bills I’m considering living on the street.  The Runaway Blogger tells me that he lives like a king using whatever income he has on nice restaurants and bars.  Nomadic life sounds… intriguing!

Last, but not least, a word about “the L word…”

I’m just sayin, this word bugs the heck out of me.  I don’t know why, but lesbian sounds so… negative…?  It makes me sound like a dyke when I am obviously not a very good dyke.  I’m not trying to cut down dykes – they’re a’ight – but I am gay and not a butch type and so if I call myself a lesbian it sounds so… rough…?

(Wow, and why am I ending all my sentences with a questionable question mark…?)

I prefer a more feminine approach to my sexual orientation like “female homosexual,” “female homo” or “gay woman,” (in contrast to dour woman, of course), or even my new word that I think should be instantly adopted as the word of choice, “Sapphian.”  I like the smoothness of the sound when you say “Sapphian” as opposed to “Lesbian.”

You tell me.  Should we choose to be called, “Sapphian’s” rather than “Lesbians?”

Please vote once I figure out how to post a poll and let me know.  In the meantime, please answer in the comment section (haha, I just typed sexion by mistake) if you prefer Sapphian or Lesbian, or your own choice.  Maybe you prefer the word “human.”  I’m good with that too. 😉

Be blessed, mi friendos, and stay cool… like Corey Hart in the 80s!

You can not beat the sheer corniness of 80s music videos…eh?

…And why are they always randomly running down hallways in those vids?  So random… *wink*