In 10,000 Different Directions – Prose

My girlfriend, Grace, sent me a really good bit of prose. She has a subtle way of inspiring and being my muse. I called it, “Wangxiang.” When I looked up the meaning my title is what came up, “In 10,000 different directions.”

Grace told me it is closer to carrying the weight of regret for a life that is past, and cannot change because the past can never be changed.

She plays Mahjong with this elderly woman in her 70’s, and she is a master of Mahjong. She always wins. One of her elderly friends – who is very wise – sent her this writing. I do not know the author. I wish I did. So, I cannot take credit but credit belongs to this author – at the moment, “author unknown.” It was originally written in Mandarin and Grace sent me her translation, and then asked if I could fix the English.

I told her I would try. I’m not exactly a great editor, despite having been a journalism major for a brief part of my university studies back in the early 80s.

When I initially read, it made me cry. In a very quiet and gentle manner. More like, it reminded me of my own Wangxiang.

Absolutely lovely view
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望鄉 – Look Home, by Author Unknown

Those who cannot go back are called, “Wangxiang.”  Places that cannot be reached are called “Dreamland.” And places that can be visited occasionally are “Hometown.”


If hungry and you have a piece of pie, you are happier than me; half will be given to you.  This is called “brother.”  

Two-thirds for you, this is a “couple.” 

All for you, this is your “parents.”

But to hide the bread and say he is hungry too?  This is “society.”


A friend is a “raincoat.” 

Even if you can’t remember to wear it when sunny, it will accompany you in the rainy season.


They are “theatrical costumes.”  Even if you wear them on stage to enter the show, you must take them off backstage.


This is a silk “pajama.” Even if it is gorgeous, it is not often worn out.

Married Couple

They are “coarse cloth clothes.”  Even if they are not beautiful, they can still keep out the wind and cold.


These are “underwear.”  [Haha, this is my comment here.  I did not understand why the author had to describe them as underwear – maybe boxers].  They are comfortable or uncomfortable, you know it in your heart. 

[Children do get under our skin – maybe under our clothes?]


These are “old, padded jackets.”  Although they are not fashionable or even clumsy, they are the most protective and warmest.

What is happiness?

It is a blessing to have nothing in mind, and a blessing to be free from illness.

In one’s life, at the end of the busy life, you will find that true happiness and carefreeness are not about having wealth and power, but about being healthy and healthy.

As the saying goes: “No disease is light.” Anyone who has suffered from a serious illness has experienced it.

“People who are tired of life have things they don’t like in their hearts.  People who are more tired are pretending to be tomorrow’s business today.  A hopeless person pretends to be many things that should not be pretended.”

People often lose happiness in greed.  Lose health on the go.  Lose trust in doubt.  Have lost friendship in the calculation.

People who do not fight are relaxed. For nothing compares; your path is smooth.  Don’t ask for it, and live a peaceful life.

Life is short, it will be over in the blink of an eye, don’t save the good things for the last, and you will get nothing if you save it.

Don’t care about the villain, don’t get angry with your family, don’t get in trouble with yourself, don’t let your mood not be beautiful.

If you live a day, you will be happy.  If you live a day, you will be comfortable. Don’t worry about breaking things, and don’t listen to bad words. 

[My take is that negativity breeds bad health, bad feelings and bad heart.]

Happiness is not difficult; the difficulty lies in the uncertainty of one’s own heart.

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 At that time, I thought, “The year 2000 is very far away.”

 Today – nearly 20 years have passed since 2000.

 I used to think, “Ah, 2022 will be far away.”

 I realize, “it’s already 2023?!”

 I used to think that “getting old” was also a very distant thing.

 Now I feel that youth was so long ago.

 Time is too short.

 Most of my life is now over.

 Don’t say that the future will be long.

 The rest of life is precious!  Really precious!

 Cherish the present.

 Take care of yourself.

 Live happily every day.

This was dedicated to family and old friends!

— Author Unknown

My Brief Commentary

First, a bit of music. This is a song I play maybe 10 to 20 times a day. It’s on my playlist for when I write. A Glimpse of the Abyss, by Patterns, featuring the beautiful vocals of Xia. Please listen and enjoy.

I am also old. This might mean more to an old mom than to a young single. I am not so sure. But if this inspired you in a good way I am glad.

Be beautiful inside, and outside will join.

And please, do not waste time on bad relationships. They are not healthy. If someone makes you feel less, leave. If someone makes you feel uncomfortable, leave. If someone ever needles you for hours to come to their way of thinking, go away and think for yourself over what you, yourself are thinking. This is passive/aggressive behavior and is very common in bad relationships. (I was married to someone like this.) Be wary.

I think being quiet is a good thing. We spend so much time being plugged into something else that many times we forget that we cannot know another unless we know ourselves. Please work on knowing yourself.

Judgement is a very bad illness of youth today. They easily can judge another. They do this before judging within. This is what “casting the first stone,” means. Stare at the rock and realize it is very heavy. Should you be the one hurling this heaviness at another?

I hope you all have a good day. May you find what you seek and search for in this life.

Thank you, Gracie. Love you and have a goodnight! 🙂 ❤


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