“A Small Book of Whimsy” Excerpt

I wrote a book. Its on sale at Amazon, but I want to remove it because its not formatted well, my cover art was done all wrong, and basically I dislike everything I write once I spend a moment to consider how badly it's written. This is the Prologue... that I forgot to place in … Continue reading “A Small Book of Whimsy” Excerpt

Hey – Why So Gay and Fuzzy

I don't know what to blog about, and that's a really weird title for a blog. I'll just write some random streaming poetry.  I think it might be Pride month.  Let's see, what is politically correct and appropriate to say?  Be yourself and don't be too judgy, kay? Everybody walks their own walk and everybody … Continue reading Hey – Why So Gay and Fuzzy

Sunday Poetry – A Worse and Better Time

Below is a poem for you.  You know who you are.  You're the one I love so much. https://youtu.be/TT0jpxmhRck A song to play in the background while you read.  If only life had theme songs to play in the background, but alas our lives are lived with little music and sound that is appropriate for … Continue reading Sunday Poetry – A Worse and Better Time

21 – I’ve Been Putting This One Off

Number 21 on the 30 Day Challenge is a question that strikes me the hardest. 21. What three lessons do you want your children to learn from you? I'm a pretty horrible person.  That's not false humility, but fact.  I'm the antagonist in my life's novel.  I was pretty decent around Chapter 5, but after … Continue reading 21 – I’ve Been Putting This One Off