American Thankfulness – A Poem

There will be commentary on this poem at the end. Thank you for reading. Commentary, i.e. rant American Thankfulness – A Poem Today it seemed thoughts were heavier than yesterday But less than tomorrow’s dream you hoped to have instead Let us greet Thanksgiving with a word of thanks to you Thankfulness is something we’re … Continue reading American Thankfulness – A Poem

So Much TeeTee – Okakoro & FestivaLuna B-Day Songs

[WARNING: IF YOU HAVE DIABETES OR A SUGAR ADDICTION - PLEASE DO NOT GO ANY FURTHER.] Okay, so I have a problem. I really like V-Tubers. It is a treasure trove of lesbian stories that write themselves. (Visit the r/hololive yuri subreddit.) I'll place a list of my top 10 fave couples at the end … Continue reading So Much TeeTee – Okakoro & FestivaLuna B-Day Songs

Hololive, Novels, and Fanfics

This may be a delusion of grandeur, but I truly think of myself as a writer. I really did write some good articles when I was a content writer. I really did publish that little book of bad poetry, and a YA novel that's a whimsical adventure. And, if you look over to the side … Continue reading Hololive, Novels, and Fanfics