I’ve felt nostalgic lately.  Not sure, but it’s something like this….

Could it be I’m falling in love?  I don’t know.  (*waves to BP*)

Could it be?

I’m just feeling nostalgic.

So, in the 70’s was a boon of fantastic R&B music.  I spent my Saturday mornings watching Soul Train and wishing I could go there and dance along the dancing line.

You don’t have to watch this entire montage (It’s a whopping hour plus long), but enjoy breezing through this dance line compilation.  Clothes, dance moves and all the fun music made this a show worth watching.  Not to mention, the incredible Don Cornelius.

Anyhoo, onto this….

My all time favorite singer had multiple hits in the 70’s, Roberta Flack.  I can never get enough of her smooth vocals.  She tempered her songs with emotion and control that left you holding your breath.  What a gorgeous voice!


This song could melt any heart.  When Roberta Flack paired with Donny Hathaway you had the first power couple.

You getting chills?  This is perfect for a relaxing Sunday.

What’s funny?  I used to sing Donny Hathaway’s part of the song.  Haha  I have a low alto to high tenor voice.  I could never have that kind of control that the beautiful Ms. Flack had, but I could do the male persona to a beautiful woman.  😉

I hope I put you in a great nostalgic mood.  I’m going to go listen to one of my other all-time favorite songs from the 70’s R&B land, When Will I See You Again by Three Degrees.


Enjoy people of the world.  Get on board, the Sooooooooouuuuuuuuulllllll Train!  Whoo!

This is a just a short visit to some of my favorite songs.  There are so many, I could never place them all here.  I posted my most favorite of favorites and hope you all take the links and continue breezing through and feeling nostalgic too.

So, let’s take a visit to the history and grandeur of Soul Train.

I hope you all enjoyed me showing you this little snippet of most of my childhood in the 70’s.    I was glued to this show on TV as a young teen.

You might not have time to watch all the videos I uploaded.  Please be sure and like and support the folks who shared these videos on YouTube.  Every little bit helps and supports them continue to place great pieces of music and shows on their channel.

In the words of Don Cornelius, “I wish you love, and peace, and soul!”  Mwah! 😀




Work Injury

It’s been around a month since I fell at work.  It was in the evening at around 9:15 on February 26th – over a month ago.  I was walking to the bathroom after break.  The floor was sopping wet.  There was no “wet” sign.  BOOM!  My feet flew out from under me, my left foot stuck, so that as my body flew forward, my left leg bent back.  It was like watching a soccer injury in slow motion.  I heard a snap, crackle, or pop, and then I was on the ground in pain.

The initial feeling was just sort of surprise.  I tried to get up, but fell back down.  There were some janitorial staff – two females – walking along and I called out, “Hey,” until they noticed.  They helped me to my feet and I continued to limp to the bathroom.  (Hey, I had to go very badly, especially after falling.  It shook a lot of stuff loose.)

Anyhoo, end of story, I fell at work.  I immediately reported to my supervisor, they wrote it up, and I was suddenly thrust upon the wonderful world of American healthcare and workman’s comp.

I’d heard about workman’s comp, but never knew much about it.  I’d never really been hurt at work.  I realized enough that if I fell at work, due to the negligence of their cleaning staff not marking a “wet” floor properly, that they had to pay my medical bills.  It seemed so simple.

At first, I wasn’t that sore.  I felt a little sting around the knee.  As the night wore on, the sting grew and grew until I couldn’t walk on my leg at all.

My supervisor let me leave early to go to an emergency room.  As I left the parking lot, walking very gimpy and lopsided, I thought going to an emergency room was extreme.  I was sure I could just walk it off and it would feel fine in a week or so.  I used to be very much the jock, and when I was hurt in the past (my younger days) I’d just walk it off.  But, as I drove up the highway the pain kept growing, and I realized maybe I did need to go to an emergency room.

By the time the doctor could see me after two hours waiting in a busy emergency room, they needed a wheelchair to take me around the various areas for x-rays and such.  My leg was in pain and I could barely walk.

They sent me home after taking three x-rays (no MRI), with a long brace that covered my entire leg and crutches.  The doctor left instructions for me to get an MRI in a day or two.

Guess what?  The doctor he told me to see and get an MRI with would not see me.  “Sorry, this is a workman’s comp case.  We don’t deal with that.  Goodbye.”

I still haven’t had an MRI.  My leg still hurts.  It’s just not the same and when it swells I put ice on it, and when it hurts I put a heating pad.  I wear a smaller brace when the pain is too much, and I need to walk long distances.  I use the crutch also if it’s hurting.  As time goes by, I don’t really need the crutch, but that pain is still there.  I have osteoarthritis, I found out.  I figured that out.  I also know a fall could cause it to act up.  My concern is if something else is damaged.

The reason I haven’t gotten an MRI to find out what might be hurting is that the workman’s comp insurance adjuster tells me they still haven’t approved of it.  Weeks went by, after I signed the paperwork, and he told me that he didn’t have medical records.  So, I went and got the medical records (I had already sent him the signed papers to get on his own 10 days prior) and paid $14 to simply FAX them to him within five minutes.  It wasn’t difficult.

But, he’s dragging his feet at every turn.  He went on a vacation for a few days during the first two weeks of my injury and no one knew what was going on with my case.  He’s very snippet and blase.  “Well…” is how he starts every sentence with his long Texas drawl.  “We just don’t have enough information to go on and….”  Another excuse.

Every osteopathic surgeon or sports injury specialist turns me down when I ask to be seen simply for an MRI, simply for an evaluation to know what’s wrong with my knee.  The information he says is missing. Their answer when I ask?  “Sorry, we don’t handle workman’s comp cases.”  When I finally found someone who would work with workman’s comp they told me the claim’s adjuster said the case had still not been accepted and so they can’t do anything until it’s accepted.

So, what do I do?  I honestly don’t know other than to file a complaint with my Ombudsman and possibly hire a lawyer.  There’s this part of me that thinks others will do the right thing.  But, I’m naive like that.  Insurance companies only want to make money.  Company’s that we work for only want to make money.  Employees really don’t matter.  That’s the cold hard truth.

It’s not that difficult, in my mind, to simply do the right thing.  I’m not looking for a free ride.  I don’t mind working.  I’ve never shirked work.  I’m wanting to make sure the fall caused by a negligent work area has not caused me permanent damage, or ongoing damage.  I’m pretty sure with an MRI and a proper diagnosis I can take care of my leg and that’s the end of the story.  That was my hope.

But I have fallen down the workman’s comp loophole.  It’s a set-up to make sure company’s do not have to pay workers when they get hurt on the job.  They can’t sue the company.  They are stuck in this never-ending loophole of the adjuster needing “more information” to move forward, until a person just gives up.  Us poor saps who need to make a living cannot sit around our apartments waiting for them to pay us for time lost.  We have to work and so we go back to work and just let this slide.  That is why they keep dragging their feet and never responding.  They want people to give up pursuing getting their pay and payment for doctor visits, or proper treatment.  They want us to just go quietly and not bother them.  It’s how they make their money.  They’re still charging the company to pay into their workman’s comp insurance, but they’re not delivering to the employee or the company.

I just hope this gets cleared up.  I have a friend who had a similar situation and she didn’t get it all settled until a year passed.  She had a lawyer too.

I’m hopeful, though, that this will work out.  I still have that small bit of hope.

On a brighter note, my friend is touring China and I am loving all the photos she sends me.  She’s sent me all kinds of wonderful little gifts and is a real sweetheart.  She’s my best fan!  Stay safe Gracie!!!  Mwah!  🙂





I have been writing music again.  (I write lots of notes.)


(My music is in two folders and this one is a mess.)

I was writing some books for awhile.  (I won’t show you those lying on a bed.)  And then, I starting writing songs.  And then… I started writing more chapters and rearranging a novel I wrote (two actually) that I didn’t like and they needed a lot of revision.  But then… I started recording and writing this song.  I really enjoyed playing my guitar and writing music.

What I’m saying is:  I don’t know sometimes if I’m a songwriter or a novelist.  I go back and forth, and because I never stay on one thing for very long it makes for lots of bouncing around.

I am probably bi-polar or something like that.  I know it happens.  I watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and realize I do show certain manic tendencies.

But, enough of that.


Frumpy Face  is bored with my rambling

So, I was writing music again.  And, I found some songs I recorded and never placed on SoundCloud.  I wrote this song that I really liked, and then I wrote another that brings back ‘not so pleasant’ memories because I wrote it for someone.

However –  and that is a big HOWEVER – I played the song and re-recorded it and I felt very free.  It didn’t effect me the way it did when I first wrote it.  It’s merely a pretty good song that I wrote.  I’m glad it was inspired to be written.

I suppose I am past the past?

Maybe I’m just talking rapidly and going on with how free and over I am of this person because I’m really not over this person and I’m really not free, and I’m just having a manic episode.

(-__-) …


Anyhoo, as I was earlier writing I’m just unsure.  I’m unsure about a lot of things these days.

I realized why.  Why I feel so manic and unsure and on edge.

I’m a creative person living in a very non-creative world.  I am trapped in a 40 hour a week job world.  I’m a free spirit who is trapped in the confines of a world where you have to do the same thing every day.

Creative people feel trapped quite often.  It’s because to live and make a decent living you have to work over time and have two jobs and keep working.  When you have responsibilities that’s what you have to do. People depend on you doing your job.

And so, creative people – us writers, and musicians and artists feel always unsure, on edge, on the precipice of breaking.

It’s difficult being creative and having to make a living via non-creative endeavors.  I still work with content writing, but it pays very little for the time you put into it.  And, you are still writing for the most part about things you have no interest in writing about.

My son told me something very nice the other day.  I felt like I couldn’t write anything from the content writing site.  Like, I just forgot how to write.  And he told me, “It’s not that you are a bad writer, it’s that you just don’t write that sort of stuff.  You are a good writer of what you enjoy writing.”

Someone asked me to write poetry the other day.  I can’t just write.  I can’t just put on my writing cap and write.  I need inspiration.  I need a muse.  I need to “feel” something to write well.  If I remove the feelings then writing becomes the same as that 40-hour-a-week job.  It’s something I do to make a paycheck, but it’s not something of “me.”

Writing is very much a part of my soul.  This is, I think, how us creative types work.  We are inspired and thus create.

I think that’s why I’ve felt so on edge.  I can’t afford to do what I love all the time.

It’s okay.  I know I’m just rambling and complaining and it doesn’t help.

I just wonder if there are others out there who feel this way.  I am sure there are.   You feel just a bit trapped. You feel like some days you’ll just break.  You feel like that little hamster on a wheel just spinning round and round, and you’re going nowhere.

It’s okay.  Some days take a breath, maybe go outside, and then be inspired and do what you love when you do have the time.  That’s what I’m doing today. I’m sitting at my computer and creating a little music and writing a bit on my blog, and possibly re-arranging some more of those chapters.

Enjoy your day.  It’s going to be okay. 😉





Work, Jobs, and Making a Living

This isn’t really about any of the stuff in the title.  The title of this blog post is what is the outcome of my every day to try and pay bills.  That’s what I’ve been trying very hard to do.  I’m not very good at that part of my life because I’m a horrible employee.  I don’t mean I don’t show up for work, or I’m late, or I don’t give the job my all.  I’m just not very committed.  (I had six different jobs in 2016, and five or six in 2017.)

I realize in my life I’m not very committed in just about everything I do.

It’s about to become another year.  I spent last year struggling with so many things.  The year before… amazingly, I did the same thing – struggled.  I’m figuring out that I live my life in the same destructive pattern.

I’ve considered changing.  I really need to change to make life better for me and my kids.  I’m pretty destructive.  I can be very self-destructive in relationships, friendships, and family.

I stared at myself in the mirror.

I mean, I really, really stared.

(Wow, I have a lot of wrinkles.)

I realized I don’t look the same.  I don’t mean the natural occurrence of aging.  I mean, when I look in my eyes I don’t see the same soul.  My soul looks very worn out.  It looks very lost.  I looked very empty.

Everyone I love has noticed that my soul looks very dull.  I used to be a bright light.  I remember when my soul was a bright light.  It actually used to be so bright that I could feel the light shining painfully from behind my smile.  I know that might sound weird.

Of course, sometimes someone who is completely happy on the outside, could be crumbling horribly on the inside.  I think, I might have been crumbling slowly on the inside.

I’ve lost my way somewhere, and I’m not sure I can find it again.  I need to.   It’s detrimental that I find it if I want to live the next half of my life well.

I hope in sharing about losing a soul you all will stop and take a long look in the mirror and figure out if your soul is healthy or not.

We feed our soul every day with every thought and word.  We feed our soul in how we treat others and how we treat ourselves.  We feed our soul in every little thing we put inside and every little bit we give out.

We, as we age, need to feed our soul with an open mind and looking at the bigger picture.  We need to read and keep growing.  We need to let things go and move on.  We need to laugh, and love, and smile.  We need to stand outside and actually take in the air, inhale it through the nostrils, deep and into our lungs.  We need to look at how truly beautiful everything is around us.  We need to watch how birds, squirrels, wildlife lives.  We need to listen to children and how they speak without worrying over decorum.  We need to watch the solitude as it passes.

I realized my soul has been kind of sickly.  I placed things that didn’t matter in my soul.  Our mind is our soul.  What we place in our thoughts effects our soul the most.

And so, I hope as this year changes over I finally change into the person I know I can be.  That healthy soul that is a blessing and brightness to those around, so that they too can be brighter.

That’s my new year resolution, I suppose.  I never have new year resolutions, and so that is one thing I will do different.

I resolve to feed my soul with those things which will make it healthy.

I hope you all the best 2018!  Be blessed and be bright!




Alpha and Beta and C

Do you know that commercial where there are around three or four people saying, “See ME?”  “See me and know that I’m… something or other.”

Alive?  I’m not sure.  And they are trying to sell this medication, for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis (a skin ailment).

That has nothing to do with what I’m about to write.  Really, it doesn’t.

It’s just I think it’s a silly commercial.  I’m not sure why people with psoriasis are singled out as people not seen.  I’m pretty sure that’s a common occurrence with just about everyone on this planet – the ‘not being seen’ part, that is.

I also know a few people with this ailment and they look perfectly normal like everyone else.  So, I don’t really “get” this commercial’s audience.

But, it is a memorable commercial.  I will give it that.



C? ^__^

We’re all jumping around saying, “See me?”  “Do you see what I just did?”  “I’m a good person.”  “Look at me.”  “Notice me.”  “…Love me.”

Do you get that feeling?  I mean, just have kids and you’ll see this about human beings overwhelmingly quickly.

Or, you can stop and just look in a mirror.

I feel like that’s what I’m doing with my writing.  I’m jumping around and trying to get people to notice what I write and read it.  “See me?”  “See me and know I have lots of words to share with you peoples of the world!”

It almost sounds maniacal.  *cue laughter*

But, I really do need people to read my writing.  Writer’s really need that if they want to live as a writer and not just hope they have a time-consuming hobby.


And so, if you’ve read this far this is what I’m getting at:

I’m looking for Beta or Alpha readers for my novels.  It’s so that if I would have done this maybe five years ago when I had hundreds and thousands of people reading my stuff, then I’d have a chance.  But, I waited and I keep feeling impatient.  That long period of no laptop was like I fell in a hole.

So then, I need a reader for these books:

Tesday Will Get You Killed (humor, lesbian undertones, and friendship, and a bit of sci-fi – nearly complete, WIP)

Lamia (lesbian romance, humor and fantasy – WIP)

The Vampire’s Paradigm (darker, dystopian, fantasy – multiple book series – complete, but completely being revised)

That Girl Band (possible TV show script or novel, dramedy, romance, mystery, human interest – complete)

The New Pet in the Basement (erotica, lesbian romance, suspense, thriller, psychological drama – complete)

Please PM me if you’re interested.  Thank you!


Werewolf for Halloween

Hey all, I wrote a short story quite awhile back: maybe 15 years ago.  It was titled Werewolf of Tupelo.  I decided to post it at my fictionpress site for Halloween since there’s a werewolf and all.

I’ll tell you a little something:  When I was a kid growing up I used to love the old black & white movies about Dracula, the Werewolf, Frankenstein, and the Mummy.  Boris Karloff, Lon Chaney, and Lon Chaney Jr.  They would actually scare me back then.  Now… not so much.  But as a kid, I used to be scared.

I was never brave, and would hide in my closet with the light on, fearful of creatures that might attack in the night.  I was terrified a hand would creep up from under my bed and pull me down to hell or something.  I was really freaked out and that probably started my problems with insomnia.

Well, the creatures that did attack, back when I was a kid weren’t very paranormal or mythological beasts.  Mine were much more real.  I think those type of creatures are the scariest in this world.

But I’ll tell you in those old movies, it was just something about the lighting, make-up, music, and the build-up it was so well done it did scare me.

Later, I would be terrified by the more gory George Romero films like the 1968, Night of the Living Dead.  I had so many nightmares.  Those followed me through my teen years and I still have a fear of having a limb chewed off my body.

Probably my biggest scares were the Italian and European horror flicks with Vincent Price, Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee.  Those were so terrifying.  I still have trouble watching those early B rated horror flicks of the 60s and 70s.  That was the apex of shiver-filled terror for movies.

My kids laugh at my lack of bravery, but really those are just so eerie.  I think the eerie, creepy, skin-crawling factor and music is what gets me.  I also can’t stand the sounds of someone in pain.  Even in a movie, hearing someone being tortured bothers me so much I have to leave the room.

I can’t sit through gore.  It just amazes me people can make those kind of movies.  I mean, it’s pretty awesome they can do it, but that is not something I could do. And the make-up?  My gosh, amazing!  American Horror Story?  No way. Haha

For me, real terror is the inability to escape.  The fear that you can’t leave your present state of being or feeling trapped.  Personally, that… well that and dismemberment and maiming… but yeah, not being able to leave a place I desperately want to leave is probably my greatest fear.

Anyhoo, I hope you all have a safe and happy time getting tricks, treats, or scary things this Halloween.  Take care and be safe!




The New Book


Okay, so I’m taking a leap here and about to publish something that I have considered using a pseudonym for, but the thing is, only about the first 1/6 of the book is erotic, the rest is a personal study and growth, a mystery, and also suspenseful thriller, plus a love story.  It is much like Crime and Punishment.  You have this horrendous crime, but the rest of the book is dealing with the horrendous crime.  Not to say, I am anywhere near the writer Fyodor Dostoevsky (my idol), is, but I’m just saying….  I wrote a wildly long book.

The book  is called, The New Pet in the Basement.

The book is in three parts and around 210,000 words.  Crime and Punishment was around 212,000 words, and seven or eight parts.

I keep making this comparison because I noticed I write a lot.  ^_^;;;;;

Okay, well here is the synopsis:

The New Pet in the Basement

An erotic psychological suspense thriller.  What started as a game became an awakening to a life she never knew she was capable of living.  Tamarind Torres is manipulated to the point of breaking.  Facing the demons of her past, she searches for answers and finds out things about herself she never knew or expected.  What started as an abduction, became a seduction, until the wild and deadly conclusion where love is found in the most unexpected place.

A book that takes you to the point you feel you are living in the protagonist’s shoes.  You, the reader, feel yourself slipping down the slippery slope of manipulation, unsure what is real and what is fantasy.  So caught up in this world of erotic pleasure, that when it suddenly stops you crash hard, and begin to question what was real and what was not.

Tamarind Torres is a 27-year-old philosophy major.  She’s half way through her Master’s Thesis and the bills are piling up.  She only grows more depressed, and since high school has struggled with alcohol addiction, and continues drinking her money away. 

Her dad died when she was 16 and she’d always struggled with the abandonment of the one she depended on and loved.  Her mother became more distant until Tam had no one to talk to and no way to cope.  She found her coping mechanism in the bottle, much to the dismay of her family and friends.

Feeling judged and alone, she leaves town, but is stopped by a phone call by Richard Meyerson, the handsome and rich neighbor, and middle son of the richest family in town.  He wants to have a drink before leaving town, but what ends up as a quick stop at the bar ends up in an unexpected abduction.

And then she meets his wife, Julia Broussard Meyerson, the girl she bullied through two years of high school, and things begin to change. The Meyerson’s make her a monetary deal she would be crazy to refuse.

Julia is a psychiatrist, but hiding a very deep secret about herself.  No one knows what really goes on behind those dark blue eyes of Julia, but Tamarind slowly begins to figure it out. 

By the end, Julia and Tamarind will unexpectedly find out things about themselves they never would have imagined.

The first part begins with the Manipulation, the second delves into the Investigation into what was real, and the third  will unravel a beautiful love story between two women hiding their true selves for years, until the final unhindered and deadly climax.

Sometimes, things are better left hidden in the basement.

What do you all think?  Not something you’d read?  I don’t know.  I enjoyed writing it around eight years ago.  I realized it had something worth revising, and since I lost everything from my laptop almost five years ago, when I finally got a laptop again, and found all my stories, I decided it was time to work on these stories and just start publishing.


Books and Such

I’ve written a few novels (six or more, actually) in my life.  Writing a book is truly a wasteful endeavor.  You are simply spinning your wheels to write something no one should read.  Or, so you think….

You write and write for months and years a book.  It’s finished and you look over the story and realize… this book sucks.  What was I thinking?  It’s got too much of this, and not enough of that, and what the hell did I just waste my time writing?  What the hell did I just spend 8,640 hours on?  This could actually take another 17,280 or more hours stuck in research and development – my laptop.

All that research and effort, and time I don’t have, and the constant mind-altering state of envisioning the scene and realizing it doesn’t make sense.  It makes it so that you are never truly present with the people in your life, because your mind is on that stupid scene. That scene that just became a giant plot hole.  You’ve just written a really dumb book!

The character is uneven.  I just think this character makes some really lousy decisions for her life.  Are they even realistic?  Are they likable?  All these peripherals like cell phones, and clothing choices, and remembering names, hair, eye color, height, and remembering if what was mentioned in chapter two was mentioned later in chapter 20, or vice versa.

Time gaps!  Oh my goodness!  The month, the season, the time of day, and do they all coordinate to keep the reader in the story, or have you just lost them because in one chapter it was spring and the next it’s winter, or in one its morning and suddenly it’s dusk.

What the hell were you thinking?

I have all this fear.


Fear is my greatest enabler for never stepping out and trying to be published.

And so, I wrote these dumb books.

It’s so silly.  I actually enjoyed writing them.  I really did.  I fell in love with some of my characters – who were really a part of me tucked away in there.  All my darkest parts and all my brightest.  Some characters, well they were people I’ve met and observed, or thought over after watching a show or the news.  Some are like distant relatives you meet and think, “they have the traits of a great character in a book.”

We all have so many layers inside.  We have layers we will never discover.  It takes years and years of constant searching.  Madeline L’Engle once wrote one of my favorite quotes:

“The great thing about getting older is that you don’t lose all the other ages you’ve been.”

I enjoy writing the more recent books, because the more I read and wrote in my life, the easier it became.  The more enjoyable it became.  I had more life to share and write about.

And so, if you write.  If you write books, or stories, or poetry, or anything really.  If you love to read books.  If the written word is your passion, step out.

Don’t let fear hold you back.

I let it rule over me, much too much.

And honestly, over half are worth throwing in a dumpster, but the other few are quite nice.

Please visit my stories.  I’ve decided to update weekly.  I write everything from humor to drama, fantasy to horror and suspense, and even a little crime, erotica, and romance. Mostly, I love a good soapy romance.

I hope at the end of the book I told a good story.  I hope if you read that you will leave a comment or message me and let me know how I can improve.  I appreciate good critiques.

Thank you for reading and I hope you the best possible day!



Quickie Update

It looks like I might just have a laptop to write again! Woo!!!

Hey y’all, its been awhile, and now I’m smiling.  🙂

I don’t have a whole lot to discuss.  I’ve been doing a little binge watching on Netflix, some N64 game playing (Worms Armageddon and Mario 64), and a lot of working (around 58 hours a week).   Since, I am now in between jobs, I thought I’d drop in and write something on anything.

Let’s see, the last time I updated was in 2015.  WHAT?!?!?!  Wow, that’s a long time not to write.  O_O

I’ve been reading a little more of the Gnostic Bible and ancient writings.  I bought a Tibetan singing bowl and it sounds really cool.  I’m going to definitely buy a couple more in varying sizes in the future.  Other than that, life is moving slow for me.

Recently, my dad passed away.  It’s strange.  I loved him, but barely knew him.  He was a pretty good guy.  I think I got my mustachio love from my dad – who always had a mustache!  I guess it’s like the saying, “You don’t miss something until its gone.”  That’s how I feel with my dad’s passing.  Rest in peace, dad! 🙂

*Moment of Silence*

Okay, shows and movies I watched recently:

The 100 and Agents of Shield.  Has anyone seen these shows?  Okay, Octavia is my new favorite character of any show!  You have to watch 100 and see for yourself.

I really enjoyed the Wonder Woman movie.  It was pretty good, and I unexpectedly liked Steve Trevor.

I also started watching JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure with my son.  Hah, this is a wild and fun series!  If you like anime, this is a good one to watch.

With the singing bowl I bought myself a couple of CD’s:  Barry Manilow and The Carpenters.  I’m pretty old school with my taste.

I also started teaching myself calligraphy.  It’s a very peaceful hobby.  (I think I’m not too bad.)

I guess I’ll try and figure out what to write in the near future.  I hope to update my stories at “Val’s Stories” site and start writing again this year.

Have a beautiful and blessed day, amigos!  Adios for now! ^_^/