You’re Missing Out – if You’re Not Watching Enna Alouette, the Songbird of Nijisanji EN

She is too under-viewed and underrated. This bird is the real deal. A vocalist who had to become a gamer to fit into the realm of V-tubing avatar and content creator.

This wink took years to perfect!

Enna Alouette, a.k.a. Bird of Heaven, a.k.a. the Songbird of Nijisanji En.

She released an original song, Wish of this Songbird. Please listen and enjoy on this Sunday evening:

It’s a crime this isn’t above 1M views like some others. And not to play down the others, but this is a crime she has not been viewed more. She is simply worthy of views because of pure unadulterated talent. The writing, the production, the harmonies, the timing, the lyrics and music and her vocal prowess. This is a 10/10 piece of music.

But she hasn’t received the same hype. And so, I’m hyping right now. If you haven’t got this on your favorite V-tuber list then you are missing out. This is probably one of the best original songs when it comes to production value and vocal. The dark twist around 2 mins into the song is hauntingly gorgeous. She recorded every single background harmony. A singer that is more than capable to pull off background harmonies, as you can see from her A Cappella playlist:

But if you get a chance check out her karaoke. Every song is a must hear. This Enka song in particular captures her range really well:

Gaming? Pfft… This Bird has the Stuff

And if you watch her gaming its a joy. She might not be a gamer girl but it doesn’t matter. You will be laughing your buttocks off with her quick quips and off-handed commentary throughout games that most have played and that she has NEVER played. I’m already in love with her Resident Evil 7 Biohazard. She is, after all, a professional singer not gamer.

I can do it all bro!

But Enna is naturally one of the most hilarious people and when coupled with her BFF Millie, its a must-see collab, like their A Way Out.

If you are not watching her content and hyper-ability at voice acting, you are missing out on one of the most organically entertaining V-tubers out there. I’m just saying, psst, watch all of her Lucius play-through.

MilliEnna is the sweetest new teetee couple

She was hidden on a small channel (that I wish I could share here because every song is great) amazing a few with her vocals and joined NijiEN with her BFF Millie Parfait (her past was more fitting with becoming a V-tuber) and they joined and were accepted. The MilliEnna teetee is off the charts cute too.

Both are top tier entertainers, gifted and have beautiful vocals but Enna? Well, she’s someone that came out of nowhere – like literally. Who knew when she entered the scene you’d have comedienne, voice-actor, singing and bad gaming extraordinaire?

Plus, Life Coach?

She’s had a rough life and handled it in a wiser than her years type of way. She is very relatable and I think back to when I used to watch Matsuri back in the day.

Yes, how can I help you? You say you want your info in British. I speak Bri’ish too!
Enna with her Ethryia genmates: Millie, Reimu and Nina

Enna is open and loves to chat about life, just life. Her chats (zatsudans) are some of my favorites along with Pomu. They have this way of opening up so that everyone can relate. Life is hard and difficult and you see why so many gravitate in this harsh world to V-tubers. Enna can be very candid and relatable. It’s that part of her charm and genuineness that draws you into just “liking” her content, and thinking she is a truly nice person behind the avatar.

Whoever is the talent scout for NijiEN is doing a fantastic job. They are getting only the best. Enna is truly the best. I’d say she is in the top 5, possibly top 3, of V-tuber vocalists that truly have the talent to back it up.

In fact, I’d say some of the best vocalists that actually have professional singing chops are in Nijisanji EN. I am blown away. It is no wonder that when the new group comes on the scene only the best music producers write original songs for the group.

And so, I hope you all go and check out her channel, her content, and mostly her original song and covers. You will be knocked out of your socks with her a cappella playlist, I’m listening to her latest addition but I really love her Halloween version of Diamond City Lights in a cappella.

Be blown away and enjoy the Songbird of Heaven. If you like her please be sure and like her content and don’t forget to subscribe to Enna Alouette and the rest of the talented Nijisanji EN members. Thanks for reading y’all.

Now, I’m going to go watch NijiCrash (yes, the title has been changed by Pomu and Finana to NijiCrash) on the Nijisanji English Official channel.

From left to right: Finana, Elira, Pomu, Petra, Selen, Rosemi, Millie, Nina, Enna, and Reimu

I hope you all enjoy this beautiful Sunday; and I hope you all find what you seek and search for in this life but mostly love.

Hi Gracie! 🙂 ❤

6 thoughts on “You’re Missing Out – if You’re Not Watching Enna Alouette, the Songbird of Nijisanji EN

  1. Yeah, Enna has a great voice. I’ve very much missed out on this third gen of Nijisanji EN, which I have to correct. The problem is I just don’t have any damn time between work and my other pursuits — yet I still find a little time to catch streams.

    And Niji EN has completely pulled me away from Hololive now aside from bits of Pekora and Okayu I can’t stop watching. Something they do just works for me a lot better. Maybe it’s the fact that the Niji EN girls don’t seem to be on nearly as much of a short leash regarding what they can/can’t talk about, which I appreciate more than the sort of “half-family friendly” feeling I get from Hololive EN. Maybe that’s just me, though.

    I’ll subscribe at least, and if there’s a secret way to not sleep more than one hour a night, I might be able to watch a few VODs. Thanks!

    1. Hey AK,

      Speaking of which, I need to catch up on reading some of your reviews. Thank you for the comment.

      Yeah, Niji EN has completely pulled me away. I also think their natural affability and instant camaraderie strikes a cord with a lot of us who just love the organic friendships between all 10.

      Please at least catch Finana and Elira’s drunk Halloween Phasmophobia stream, as Rosemi and Pomu’s Hellish Cafe stream backward trolled, and then the POV’s kept jumping back and forth pulling Millie in, and then Petra and Reimu’s stream was pulled into the mix, with Selen in the chat. It was one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever seen. Drunk Elira is something to behold and you will forever wonder, “is Diamond City Lights twerkable?”

      That’s probably one of the best parts is that the others crash the streams and there isn’t any problem. It’s like just a friendly family member stopping by and then comedy ensues.

      1. I was watching that stream live! Pomu and Rosemi’s specifically, so I witnessed the whole spectacle from that end. It was amazing just how much Elira could talk and even change subjects without so much as a pause, and of course the reactions were great (and the actual twerking was something as well.) I should watch some of that stream on a slow day from Finana and Elira’s perspective.

        That’s exactly the appeal of Niji EN, yeah. It feels very natural. I still have plenty of respect for all the talent in Hololive, but there’s a lot more friendly intimacy of that type in Niji. Not to mention their chats don’t move at ten million miles an hour. Not sure how Gura especially can keep up with all that.

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