A Long Poem – The Solitary Knock on the Door

This is a long form poem (735 words). I was trying to make it in an Edgar Allan Poe’esque type style. This came to me because recently I’ve been getting the smell of smoke in my apartment while I’m alone writing. There have also been odd knocks, winds howling through our apartment corridor, squeaks and cries outside. It’s a bit eerie. What could it be?

A chance for me to write a bit of poetry. *wink*

Photo by Samuel Wu00f6lfl on Pexels.com

(Because of Edgar Allan Poe)

The Solitary Knock on the Door

Wind relays my soul in my mind

It’s hollowed wisp of constant cries

Through the hallway and corridor

An empty thump I’d not heard before

A knock on the door, then a thud

I rush to ask, “Who’s there?” with no reply

I ask again, the same refrain

But no answer and more the same

So, I go back to my desk to write something of no meaning

I lean on my chair, and hope the pay will not be too lean

I’ve watched over and over this common scene

Every morning with my coffee, with no sugar and little cream

The winds continue on a solitary sound

My own theme playing in the background

I write on a subject of no interest, for the buyer of no concern

I’ll finish up this project, and then another once I’ve earned

Photo by Maria Orlova on Pexels.com

But that knock comes once more; a more forceful lambast

It startles at my heart, through my neck, and through my back

I lift and once again, sauntering slowly toward the portal

“Who is there?” more loudly than my usual chortle

Is this visitor merely mocking me?

I laugh quietly to myself

But in reality, I am stirred to childhood fears

Because I’d heard this sound before but it had been so, so many years

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Pexels.com

It was when a black crow sat on the lawn

It looked up at me and then the call came

For my father had passed and I seemed to already know

Before being told of this news from the one on the other end

I hung up the phone, all set and already prepared

For the great ox did not survive this time

A life filled of too much women, smoke and wine

I hung up, slowly listening to the reckoning’s chime

And then just a gentle tap

No answer once again

I wait to hear, much too patiently

For fear has now begun to grip

My mere mortal constancy

Walking back to my desk

Something cold crept up behind

I turn in an instant to nothing I could find

Slowly, I sit back in my chair

Trying not to feel those rising hairs

On my arms and the nape of my neck

There’s a lingering scent of smoke that slowly fills the room

My father’s memory coming errant

Across my entire being a sense of unknown

The glowing lights from just outside my window pane

Have gone from bright, to dull, until darkness fills the frame

Photo by Josh Hild on Pexels.com

I know this scene and I’ll not write of it again

For death had knocked over and over to get my attention

I dared not listen, hoping I could write this before the end

But alas, I now see the warning of the banshee’s

And the others all saying, “it’s time.”

For your end will be quiet and will soon be, and nigh

I close my eyes to hear one last cry

The toll it rang once, then twice, then no more

Arising from this harried pace

Death is much warmer than life

So much stronger than strife, tis grace

That is what you understand

When the time is finally realized

When your sleep will be more soundly

Materials, and monies, and more, and just more

Simply to eat one good meal, or sleep one more comforted night

But then you slowly start to realize

Without life there are no hands to hold, no warmth of another

No hopeful endeavors, no speaking with each other

A void is cold in truer retrospect

You fight through the frozen introspect

Burst through your chest, this heart will not fail

You are pushed across the portals, and thick-curtained veils

Arisen on your solitary chair

You look to the screen and what’s written there

You smile to yourself and wish you had heard

As the smoke fills the room

With a gentle hand on your shoulder

Please don’t miss this chance

Before you know it

It’s soon over

Photo by Alex Azabache on Pexels.com

And a tear slowly falls to my cheek

A thankful cry as his words doth repeat

In my mind and in my heart

My soul is stirred to continue this life’s arc

For it was all merely a dream, a visitor’s scheme

I’ll see you soon enough, still whispers in my ear

Eat well, sleep well, and always recall,

I love you so much… so, so very much


A cool song to listen to:

Looks like Larping 😉 Visit their site Atelier Skald

I hope you all liked that. My favorite song is this one because I like the lyre he uses in this one:

Please let me know your thoughts on the poem. It probably needs a bit more work.

Thank you and have a great weekend of song, seeking and searching, and finding that great love.

Love you Gracie! 🙂 ❤

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