Is It Friday? A Poem and Good Music

This week went by like a gust of wind. I honestly had to look at a calendar to remember what day. Now, that could be my problematic and deteriorating brain. I am about to turn 60.

But I had a few poems I’ve been adding to my Intermission Poetry collection. Grace has been unfortunately, very busy and tired with her new job. It seems like a cool place that is based in England. I understand her work makes her busy. I realize she is tired. I am too. Two tired old ladies. 🙂

This looks like a really uncomfortable way to read.
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This poem is merely a thought and a second of a moment written down because I write poetry. It’s like fictional characters are simply that – “fictional.” Writing is making up various parts of your heart and mind and placing it on paper. I usually don’t like what I write within an instant after placing the words on the page, but I kind of liked the flow of this one.

So, here is the poem:

Uttered Lie

My life is a complete and utter lie

I write this letter to let you know

It’s all been make believe

What you have seen and what you now see

Has never really been me

There’s this creature that creeps along the back

Of every word and memory written

They digest and regurgitate up only what is left

My taste it’s like the crumbs left by your feet

If you were the mourning dove

You’d have enjoyed what I had left

But you’re just a shallow lie

That used to sing me to my sleep

And now it’s this nightmare

Every night, and every dream on repeat

I’ll sing this old lullaby my memory to keep

Sorry I told you I’d always be here

Sorry I told you, you’d never be there

But here we are old friends that try so hard

To communicate this formless three words

They’re like blocks of boggled thoughts

Never matching into the slots

Until we both just walk away

Without another word to say

This song just needed to be played after this poem. It’s so much happier and hopeful.

I’ve really been loving Sharou’s stuff. Please go check out his channel and his Soundcloud.

Oy, why do I write such depressing things? I’m working on a cheerier bit of writing. I hope you all like and have a beautiful and lovely day of seeking and searching for what you love.

I love you Gracie! 🙂 ❤

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