A Poem – In God’s Merciless Design

I started to write this poem maybe more than a few weeks ago. I wanted to keep the timing even in it’s unevenness? Does that make sense? It was also possibly a rap song. Haha

If you can guess what it’s regarding then major kudos to you. I wrote it with so, so many in mind. So many thoughts and feelings as I watched friends and family.

In God’s Merciless Design

Who am I?

A player in a game

This one that never wins

My days had fallen

Begun by prayers and filled

And now all I see is sin

Mired in my end

The beginning to an end

A justified descent

Who am I?

My life has been a blank

Canvas drawn upon

A program that’s been hacked

A sedentary pawn

The king and queen all laugh

At the jester in the court

Graded by other’s praise

Decided by spent days

Who am I?

The friend you used to know

The plant that never grows

The loser that you found

Discarded by the roadside

Looking through the dumpster

Of that restaurant gone under

All covered in soot and grime

Remarkably un-dined… and Undying

Who am I?

Just a lowly creature below

The god’s play thing through each season

Fighting through the chaos

Of, and for un-reason

A hopeful dreamer that one kind gesture

Will be given and bestowed

Upon this lowly soul

To feel the warmth for once

Who am I?

White clouds float by unused

Mere wisps for us to view

The sky’s better hue

Once contrasted by the blue

And there we stand viewers

Always watching the show

Unsure how it will end

And why we always have to play pretend

Who am I?

But a speck of your cruel design

A droplet of paint at the corner of the matte

Forgotten before the painting was complete

But you completed the work anyway

Who asked, and asked, and again

What answer was received

Did you get one when you asked then

Or, simply left to unbelief

Who am I?

You look deep inside

To see it was merely a glimpse

A speck in the eye

God’s merciless design

Was there ever meaning

At any single time

When you looked in the mirror to see

A broken kind


And that’s the poem. Please feel free to comment and let me know your thoughts.

Please have a better day and better week. Always, may things get better and not worse. I hope you all find what you seek, search and look for in this life.

Love you Gracie! 🙂 ❤

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