Yo, Yo, Spooky Bro

Do you all believe in the spiritual? The paranormal? Other dimensions? Things that might be outside your own perception or reality? Is there anybody out there? Aliens? Parallel universes? Angels and demons?

Yo, Yo, anybody else out there?
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I’ve seen some freaky stuff through my life. I’ve seen dark figures the shape of dogs walk into my brother’s room just before he had what he called a demonic encounter. He had long scratches across his back – a row of three – and stated he was pulled across the wall. Now, I had trouble believing him. But I did see that “shady” dog walking in his room, so who knows? Plus, those claw marks were pretty difficult to fake on your own back. Just sayin’… is there unexplainable stuff going on?

At the time, I had one foot out the door and ready to move out. I was age 17, and wanted to leave for the mission field. I was one heck of a devoted Christian-type, and thought I was being called to a life of service. Plus, I really wanted to get out of my house; saying I was a holy servant of God was a good excuse.

All kinds of creepy feels on this road.
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But during that time, I prayed with that brother after his encounter, and could have sworn I saw something pointy, small, and black crawl off his back. I tend to not talk about this stuff, but I was sure I saw it. My heart raced in fear, as I continued to pray for him. He cried and that black thing slithered off his back. I still wonder what happened that day.

Oddly, I dreamed the night before of that encounter and my brother’s life changing; and, it did change for the better.

Anything like that happen to you? I’m just curious. That was a long time ago.

During that year, I also had a dark creature – in folklore it’s called a Mare or hag – climb on top of my chest before I left for missions. It was strangling me, and so I yelled one word, “Jesus” and it was gone. Seems hokie. But it never happened again. Perhaps I just stopped being an anxiety-ridden youth.

I had a psychic grab me by the arm while I was walking out of a market and told me stuff about me I wondered how she knew. She also told me other stuff, but I won’t share that here. It was about my future. I’ll tell you if it ever comes true – it hasn’t yet. Or, maybe it has, and I just haven’t realized it yet.

Yo, got some intel on ya!
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Many people claim to have seen dark or creepy things from their peripheral when they turn a corner. Or, tall black creatures that stand at the foot of a bed, or press on the chest. It’s quite common, especially with those younger. I believe that’s what I had seen when I was a teen. Most stories that I hear about this happening is among the young.

Has it happened to you?

Night terrors are another common thing with younger people.

My younger sister had a few bouts and the worse one I had to hold her and quietly speak, trying to wake her up gently. I stopped her just as she made it to the top of the stairs. (Us girls, all had upstairs bedrooms; and she was running out of her bedroom when I stopped her.) She was so out of it. I was sure she was about to go down the staircase. I didn’t want to be abrupt, but it was obvious she was terrified. I’d never seen anyone so terrified in my life. It was scary to watch someone you love being tormented and unable to do anything.

Mind you, I had a really creepy household. My brother was a major drug dealer (he’s now a happily married man with three sons in college). One of my four sister’s dated the biggest drug dealer in our city. My dad was an alcoholic. One sister got heavily into demonology and satanic worship (I’ve no idea where she is – she has mental health issues and just disappeared while homeless). I’ve always wondered if that effected her life later down the road. It doesn’t make sense.

So many things in life have no answers. Why? Why are there people who just always have it rough in life? Why are there people who just seem blessed? Why do those who seem undeserving get so much, and those who seem so deserving get so little? But then, who decides the deserved and undeserved?

Are you truly alone in this world?
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I was the only child in a family of five that moved out while in my teens. I just left; and traveled overseas and throughout the United States until I settled down in Texas at age 26. I had stopped communication with my family for a long time. When my dad passed, I began to think over everything in a better perspective. Age always gives us a better perspective if we stop and look it over.

This post wasn’t meant to answer any questions. It wasn’t educational. It was a post to ask you a few questions. It was a post to make you wonder about stuff in the world and outside your world.

I’m also just curious. So please, if you’re okay with answering, let me know in a comment.

Thanks for reading and may your week be filled with seeking, searching, and finding what you love. Find what makes your life worth living.

My son made a good point: “Life isn’t worth living when it’s alone, but when you have a life lived for someone else then you’re living a life of worth.” – Joshua 2021.

All of life is about affecting another. Stop and look and see. Reminds me of a song I wrote, “Stop and Look Up.” That’s life. If we were just one singular creature why would we be here? We might as well just die and call it a day. But we live for another – if not one than plenty.

But who do you live for? Who do you wake up each day to make smile, to feel your touch, to know they are loved? If you don’t have that, stop and look up. Not a great song, but I wrote it one day.

That’s life and I hope when I write silly little posts I can affect just one, who affects another.

Thank you and hope your day is filled with love and a smile. πŸ™‚

Love you Gracie! πŸ™‚ ❀

3 thoughts on “Yo, Yo, Spooky Bro

  1. I haven’t personally had any horrible experiences. Just a few innocent paranormal things. A good friend of mine is sensitive and has been working on strengthening her abilities. She has witnessed some really creepy things. I believe you made it out for a reason. I find all the supernatural stuff absolutely fascinating πŸ™‚

    1. I also find it fascinating. I’m going to write another paranormal type blog this week and feature my favorite paranormal investigative YouTube channel.

      Thanks for the comment. πŸ™‚

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