Another Bit of Sunday Poetry – Moona?

I’m constantly adding another poem and once I’ve added enough I’m going to try and publish, Intermission Poetry: Thoughts While Taking a Break. What do you all think of the title? I had given myself a goal for the end of January, but then… life just kept happening.

My original song is at the end of this post? Really?! I’m verklempt

Is it life, though? Really? Is that what you call it when an ADHD person finds something else to preoccupy, and pull away from their responsibilities? Goals? Deadlines? …Just one more video?

Ah well, here goes (and yes, Moona’s new original song at the end):

Have you lost everything… yet?

Have you lost everything yet?

I was just calling to see

If your life that you blew up

Had ended gracefully

Ring, ring

Don’t mind me

I was just calling again

To see if the answer you sought

Had been answered sufficiently.

“Yo, ho, me again.”

Did that wayward

Stumbling gait that carried you to my door

End just like before?

Oh, I see you’re here again

Didn’t hear the ring

Too busy checking tweets, texts, and fuzzy lingering

Of thoughts of what if, and when did, and who


You still there?

Don’t mind me

I’ll just head out and forget

Tomorrow will soon be today

And yesterday was once today

And then I’ll be confused

I’m sorry, what did you say?

And that’s the most recent in the list of poems.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is adorable-animal-cat-2194261.jpg
Whatcha’ lookin’ at? HUH???

How’s it going everyone? I wanted to make a mention about something odd that happened. Visitors to my blog doubled and tripled in the last week. They’ve been visiting my Hololive content (many from Indonesia?). I think that’s nice and all, but it made me get all nervous. I don’t know why. I started to get anxious and worried. It was different and that always gets me worried. Why are they visiting? Am I on a watch list? Is it the FBI? The CIA? I don’t know… I’m getting anxious. Why are you looking at my stuff?!?!?!

I wrote this song for you… you cwazy wabbit

Enough of my paranoid ranting.

Anyway, I mean, please visit if you like. (I’m blushing.) Of course, if you were here for Hololive content, I did want to mention that I like this new song by Moona Hoshinova. I think she wrote the lyrics (possibly with a certain bunny in mind). And like always, go to her channel and like and subscribe. Hololive Indonesia doesn’t get as much love, but they have talented streamers too; Moona is my fave.


This song reminds me of a K-drama, and so it’s very sweet and catchy. I love the piano as the main instrument. I hope you liked. I’m sure she is singing to Pekora (in my mind).

Please have a wonderful last bit of your weekend, and may you be blessed in all you seek and search for compadres!

Love you Gracie, more than you’ll ever know. 🙂 ❤

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