I’ll be posting some of my favorite poems from the book of poetry I hope to publish soon, Intermission Poetry. This is a poem I wrote while thinking of “her.”

Intermission Poetry, coming to a book store near you

Soul Mates

Two halves of a whole

Soul mates

Mates of the soul

Barely making one

And one barely making by

When I first heard her voice

The sound stopped me in place

Not too low

Not too high

Taking me by surprise

When she laughs

I smile

When she cries

I want to know why

Simply hearing a sigh or breath

Makes music fill my thoughts

She sings to my soul

And my soul sings pieces

Written like nothing ever heard

Spread across to lands never seen

Oceans and sky growing past horizons

World opens and never enough

Dreams can’t envision the places she takes me to

As I close my eyes and then

I see

Her standing alone

And I am there

Standing alone

When we face one another

Air parts and gravity disappears

I am floating past earth and past life

My soul how it sings

The song she sings just for me

Oh, my soul

In her soul