Sen. Elizabeth Warren speaks truth @ the Shutdown

She is the (wo)MAN!  Please listen to Sen. Warren tell it like it is.

Thank you, Senator Warren. ^__^  I wish I could shake your hand.



Nightmares… and DOMA Dreams…

I slept in this morning and had a nightmare, but then I dreamed a dream about DOMA….

Yesterday morning I had a weird dream of my greatest fear:  being mauled alive by a big cat, like a tiger, lion, cougar – or some other big cat – and screaming bloody hell in terror.  (That, and that chimpanzees or apes rip me apart and eat my face and hands, but this dream only had big cats, heh.)  I don’t know why I have this fear.  It’s just a creepy and weird fear, but I will have a nightmare at least once a month of this occurring.

Because of these fears I have a phobia of going to zoos or any animal parks.  Even if the windows are closed all the way, I have a fear of being in those large animal parks.  It would make one wonder why I went to the ‘continent capital of the world’ with large, dangerous and predatorial animals like Africa.  Well… good question.

(Ponders momentarily if there is some hidden metaphor – but, I got nothing.)

And then I woke from that nightmare and fell back to sleep and slept in this morning until… well, let’s not say, but it was very late.  I don’t have work today and I guess I was tired, but again I wanted to go work out at the gym or at least get in a good two hour walk.  But, now I have to clean the apartment and move stuff out of a storage unit and go to the dump and do all kinds of things because I’m moving to a new place next weekend and need to take advantage of this free time to move and clean.

However (again, never start a sentence with this word, but I’m blogging and so I take all type of grammatical license), I then fell back to sleep (since I’m tired) and dreamed a wildly wonderful dream of me giving a speech to lawmakers, congress or the Senate, not sure, about why they should abolish the DOMA law.

In the dream there was this feeling of such love for my partner.  She looked like Di, and might have even been Di, but I wasn’t sure who it was because in dream land she wasn’t really revealed, and I couldn’t see her really, but she was beautiful and loved me and it was a wild dream, and this time I woke up quite happy and content.

Now, I’m not claiming prophetic visions here, I think I just wrapped around this timely argument with a beautiful picture, which is that I would want my beautiful wife standing with me if I ever made an impassioned speech against a bigoted law in front of lawmakers in our country.  Wouldn’t you? *big cheesy grin*


Anyhoo, the speech…


It started with me speaking on one male and one female as the only recognized marital union in our country, and thus was born the Defense of Marriage Act, known as DOMA.  But, I told them, this is a lie since we happen to know there are couples in our country that are same gender – male/male and female/female.  And so, already despite this law being on the books, because our American citizens are married as same gender, then we would have to nullify the existence that these American citizens are living lives we as a country recognize.

And so, does this mean that we do not recognize these American citizens?  What does that mean of their existence as a citizen in this country if their partner in life and their familial unit is not recognized?  Are they criminals of the country?  Should they all be locked up… in little closets?  Should they pay taxes?  Are they like illegal immigrants?  Should they be shipped off to some gay country?  (That was a trick question, there are no solely gay countries that I know of… are there?  *winkwink*)  What is their status since they are not recognized as true American citizens according to DOMA?  If a gay person falls in a forest and a straight person is the only one standing nearby who heard them fall… did they really fall?!  (Aha, another trick question.)

(In the dream I was wagging my finger and felt like I was doing a bit part in a Monty Python skit.)

And then I said, well then perhaps we should look at this from a Biblical perspective, since we say our country is founded on Biblical principal and the reason why we have our laws in the first place is because of the Ten Commandments…

See – right here! Right here on the dotted line! By the way… do you read Hebrew?

No, Charlton, these 10 Commandments

…very interesting

These are summed up by Christ in two greatest commandments.

The first:  “Love the Lord our God with all our heart and soul and mind and strength.”  We recognize this on our monetary funds, “In God we Trust” and it’s written in our constitution and it’s written in our pledge of allegiance, and so we have taken that to mean something in our country – putting God first.

And if we look at the second commandment our criminal laws are basically summed up by this: “love one another as you love yourself.”  And thus murder, rape, stealing, suicide, and all crimes on the books of criminal law have to do with harming our fellow citizen or our self.  Correct?  And so, because of these two great commandments we have formed what we consider by many, a Biblical standard and thus are called a Judeo-Christian country.

Can we all agree on that?

And so then, let’s look at the DOMA law from a Biblical perspective since that is why we even formed it in the first place.  It certainly wasn’t from the standpoint of freedom to all and equality for all, or we would have allowed the homosexually oriented citizens of our country equal rights and not allowed a law that is biased against them.

But I digress, of course, because when do I ever write a post where I don’t digress at least once?  *ba-dum*

You always digress Val…

Thank  you, Kristen Bell (my best buds crush – placed just for her). *cheesy grin*

As I was saying, I have heard time and again, Genesis 2:24, gives us a male and female as the standard of perfect union and that’s how it should always be because of one verse in Scripture.  We have based an entire system on one single verse and only one couple that are supposedly the most perfect couple… I mean, if you don’t place the fact they caused the fall of all mankind, took advice from a snake, and happened to have a son who murdered his brother (gotta wonder about the upbringing and all) and I’m sure they were perfect despite all that.

Scary, isn’t it?

What happens when they pull out a law based on the single verse that states we should stone people, or own slaves, or put women in their place?  I know I should probably start placing wildly ridiculous verses here if we forget context and culture and time period, and just pull them out and let them stand alone they would make no sense.  But I am hoping people who are reading this are smart enough to figure out how ludicrous this is to base an entire law on one verse, or one example.

And so, Adam and Eve as the perfect union of marriage because they happen to be male and female and were first (woo, first in line folks!) make so much sense.  Right?  It’s Biblical, kinda, but not all American citizens in a free country – a country that promotes the freedom to believe – believe in the Bible.  Some believe in other works like the Koran or the book of Mormon, or something or other, and some are atheist.  We allow that in a free country.  It’s their God-given right, actually. *wink*

We are a nation of equality and freedom, above all else.

Can we all agree on that?

Now, man and woman are created in God’s image, from a Biblical viewpoint of course, and that is in Genesis 1:27.  (Equally, by the way, man and woman are equally made in His image.  No gender is more important to God, despite many thinking men are superior to women or vice versa – they are equal.)

Can we all agree to that?

But we have a law, DOMA, based on a perfect marriage example and so that is what we based this law upon in our Judeo-Christian country.  It is called the defense of marriage act because they are defending marriage and all the things that are out there to destroy it – no wait, DOMA believes ONLY all the gay people out there want to destroy families and marriage.

As I was saying, I have even heard ludicrous comments like the human race will no longer exist because everyone will become gay and no more babies will be born.  My thoughts are that as long as there are males and females around there will never be a shortage of babies being born, unless there really is a zombie epidemic that will be unleashed on humanity in the next 20 or so years.  I don’t think zombies have babies, but don’t quote me on this.

Isn’t she adorbs?  The baby, not the author.

I know for a fact you can’t make straight people gay any more than you can make gay people straight.  I mean… it just doesn’t work.  If you are straight you know this and if you are gay you know this.  So maybe the worry is with those who are in hiding and don’t want to admit they are gay or straight?

Awww… this zombie baby is so cute

(Sorry, I just had to add another zombie baby.)

I’m pretty sure the over 50% divorce rate couldn’t possibly be a signal marriage is getting ruined by male and female relationships.  Right?  I’m sure the under 10% of homosexual citizenship, and not even all of that percentage actually want to marry, are to blame for the disintegration of the American family.  What is the “American family” anyway?

Will we blame the disintegration of marriage on homosexuality since it’s easier to blame the minority than realize maybe the fabric of marriage doesn’t need to be protected from gay people as much as it needs to be protected from straight people who are lost, and deadbeat dads, and selfish moms, and lack of parental love, and love in general, and all those things that are ruining familial units that are taking precedence to gay couples that really haven’t been adding to the whole destruction of families for the last 40 or 50-plus years now.

And why are we even looking to the government to encroach on our civil liberties and fix marriage?  Maybe we need to start looking at ourselves?

Maybe we are blaming the wrong people and heterosexual marriage doesn’t really need to be protected from homosexual marriage as much as we think it does, and maybe we are simply looking for a minority group to blame for our majority rule problem.

Can we all agree to that?


However, we seem to want to promote a Biblical point of view on marriage, so then let’s get Biblical…


David, the man after God’s own heart, had a partner named Jonathon (I Samuel 20:41,42) and some will argue they were simply good buddies, but they were quite affectionate for being simply buds (they kissed a lot).  In fact, David loved Jonathon more than any of his offspring producing women that he had to marry (2 Samuel 1:26).  But then, I think David was just a loving guy.  Case in point:  marrying Abigail because she was desperate and had been married to an abusive guy.  David was a really sweet guy and took her in and in Scripture you see it was no great love story, but a story of a guy being nice to a widow (I Samuel 25:39-43).  There was no affection and it was a proposal sent by messenger and by they way, he also grabbed another wife along the way named Ahinoam from Jezreel.  Odd how the only person David seemed intent on hugging and kissing and being affectionate with was Jonathon.

Well, now we’re getting into taboo territory and so what if we scrap David as a man who could love both men and women, and was truly in love with a guy, and was basically and possibly pansexual, bisexual or omnisexual, but then… what happens to that stalwart guy who was super artsy, danced in the streets, and kinda acted like a really effeminate and pretty dude, who’d break into song and dance, and liked to lift his hands randomly and if you think about it, isn’t very much like all those macho dudes who I see at church who don’t like to sing.

But then, David was also one heck of a fighter and warrior.  He was simply a very Renaissance type man before the Renaissance period.  (He was probs super cool to be friends with too.)

Well, maybe this super awesome artsy musician/warrior/tender-hearted man, David with such a caring and wonderful heart actually fell in love with the soul of someone and not the gender.  He just fell in love with Jonathon, and Jonathon was in love with him, and that’s that.  He loved who he loved, much like God.

Is this heresy?  I just think you should read the stories of David and see for yourself.

Well, if you are male is God married to you?  Does He love you as much as any female follower?  Of course He does.  God is God and He loves and loves and loves.  There is no gender favoritism with God.

Okay, so now we have David, a man after God’s own heart and maybe he just loved who he loved.  I would think since this has to do with marriage we should start with the heart, and so…

Let’s contrast David the man after God’s heart, with Adam a man in God’s image and possibly the first man.  Which one is the example of a perfect husband?  Should we use David?

OMGosh…And what of Paul?  (I’m digressing again.)  He was never married.  Does that make being single the perfect way to live?  (Wasn’t Paul paying attention to Adam and  Eve and their perfect union PERFECTION?!?!?!  I thought he was a Bible scholar…sorry, got carried away.  And, I am writing on Paul’s thorn in the flesh next time.  Psst, it wasn’t homosexuality – he had much bigger problems as you will find out later.)

Anyhoo, Paul said being single is preferable to marriage.  Is marriage simply a secondary choice and not the best choice?  Why did God create a man and woman if the two aren’t really all that preferable?  Why aren’t we having a defense of remaining single act?

OR… why don’t we have a defense of marrying as many as you can afford act (David was quite wealthy – being a king and all)?  Why can’t rich people have more wives?  It seems only fair for all those poor women out there joining eHarmony and other sites looking for a man, and for even those men out there – let’s be fair – who need a woman?  There are rich women too.  The rich marriage act?

Pssh… I’m worth Six Million Dollars!

Aren’t we all humans and basically as Adam’s offspring (mankind) made in God’s image?  But then, Adam caused us all to be in sin and David was known as a murderer, and so maybe we should really be following Abraham’s’ example.

Aha, Abraham, of course!  He was only married to one woman, Sarah (a relative, by the way), and God sent His covenant of faith through Abraham.  (And, let’s not worry about all his concubines and children from all those other women he slept with while married to his one wife.  We’ll just sweep that under a rug.)

But no, it’s stated that Jesus was born through the line of David, and so he seems like the best example of manhood, if you ask me.  But then, which patriarchal line matters for Jesus? …for us?

Well, it doesn’t matter, because from a Biblical perspective we have many views of having a partner if we look to Biblical examples honestly.  But… psst, we’re not really supposed to be placing the Bible on our government laws since there is supposed to be separation of church and state.

We are running a country and not a church.  And thank goodness because I would not want our country’s bureaucrats running my church, any more than most would want this church or that church running our country.  Who would pick which denomination would run it?

Sigh, can we all agree to that?

Oh Val… I am trying so hard to be the gay president. Don’t place me with those guys.

Hah, I love when he makes that face.


So, Let’s Get Back to Reality…


We live in a country of many types of citizens.  Our laws are to be for the American people, not only the Judeo-Christian people, but all our citizens as best as possible.

Civil laws protect our basic human rights as free and equal citizens, and criminal laws protect our physical lives so that no undue stress or harm comes to the citizens of our country.

In actuality, we don’t really know why DOMA is on the books because now we have to figure out about what is really right for our American citizens.

A same gender couple is not going against any criminal law of harming another, nor is a same gender couple hurting the civil liberties of any heterosexual couple.  They just are not hurting our country in any definable or reasonable manner. 

They are not truly going against any Biblical law, or David and any Biblical patriarch for that matter, should be ignored in all future Bible studies and basically that part of the Bible should really be thrown out because these men are living in a criminal act against any one man/one woman marriage that they tout is how all marriage should be recognized because of the Adam and Eve example pointed out in Genesis 2:24.  Since the Bible supposedly holds the ONLY viable answer to how marriage works (yet, it has many marriage and non-marriage examples).  Why are we even allowing our God-fearing American citizens access to reading about these polygamists, pansexuals, bisexuals, omnisexuals, and asexuals?  Whatever are we teaching our children in Sunday School?  …In Bible Study?  Gahh, it could get quite tricky.

Indeed, my Fellow Americans…indeed

And so, maybe the Bible’s supposed example of one man and one woman marriage is really a moot subject when it comes to equal rights of American citizens.

DOMA is a law that states marriage is the union of only one man and one woman.

That is the law of our country.

And so, homosexual Americans are not equal citizens in our country.  They are only attracted to the same sex, so any union they have will NEVER be recognized as legal in this country.  They just are not equal according to our laws.

Hate crime laws should be abolished, because they state harming a person for their sexual orientation is an offense.  In our country since they are lesser citizens without equal rights, that law should be taken off the books.  Any laws of discrimination – removed.

You see, because of DOMA’s reasoning homosexual Americans are no longer equal citizens and don’t deserve any type of rights that states they have been harmed by bias since they do not have the same civil rights of heterosexual Americans.  Their own country is biased against them, and so that makes it all right.

No, of course I am being hyper-ludicrous!  Sigh…

They are a minority who we have seen do suffer from hate crimes and from unfair practices in the work place, and so for us to on one hand protect homosexual citizens in our criminal law, but not address them as equal citizens in the civil law and protect their civil liberties of freedom we are simply being hypocrites and basically being bigots.

An American citizen has every right to live, love, and exist in a free country as they deem fit for their own person.  If they are not harming another or hurting themselves then they have that freedom to exist and live like every other American citizen.

It’s time they enjoy equal rights like every other American citizen and are allowed to marry the only other gender they are attracted to, because they certainly don’t want to marry the opposite sex.

If you are straight, would you want to marry the same sex?

…Of course not.

Let’s simply be sensible and act like Americans who promote freedom for all.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if for the Fourth of July we can finally be a country of freedom for all, and equality for all our citizens, and not have one group of our citizens treated unfairly and unequally?

DOMA is a blight on our civil liberties and needs to go once and for all.  It doesn’t defend anyone; it only unfairly attacks homosexual American citizens.

Gay Americans are simply not going to go away so we’re going to have to figure out how to all get along freely, equally, and with simple respect.  It’s merely the right thing to do.

And then I turned to the love of  my life and in the dream, since it was a dream, she smiled and I knew I was loved by her, despite my digressions and all. *wink*  But then I woke up… and DOMA was still a law and so… it’s certainly something to ponder and think about.  And maybe that’s all dreams do, they wake us up to new or better thoughts for tomorrow.

It’s Only Natural…

Okay, so I placed a WTF type comment on my Facebook page in regard to the continuing fight to uphold the unconstitutional DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act).  I am usually not a political type of person.  Activist?  Who, me?  Not likely.  I tend to watch from the sidelines.  But the issue of how much vehemence and disdain the Republican party has for homosexual Americans simply astounds me.

John Boehner wanting to spend more tax dollars to fight against the constitution and American citizens. Really…? I am positive we don’t have that money to waste as our deficit is in the trillions of dollars.

I thought over what to write.  I am pretty… upset.  I don’t usually get angry.  I usually let things go.  I’m a kind person.  I don’t do ‘bitch’ well.  And so when something like this gets to me it really burns at my gut and I wonder where that comes from.  I am fiscally conservative and really dislike wasteful management of tax money, my tax money.  I especially hate when me and those I love are attacked for no reason and those attacks are unreasonably justified.

Let me just make this clear:  Love means something.  How we treat others means something.  How we spread our love to the world around us means something.  Since when did a gay person go after you and hurt you?  Are they all these knife or gun wielding baddies that are lurking in the shadows and waiting to do you harm?  I have yet to meet these horrible gays and their horrible anti-fellow human being ways.

So then I ask why?  Why are there people in this country so against them having equal rights?  It boggles my mind.

I know that in Scripture it states we should defend those who cannot defend themselves and we should also stand up against evil and mean-spiritedness and cruelty. God really hates, hate.  If there is one thing I have learned reading the Bible, is God hates hatefulness.  Who are we to spew hate against another?  Who are we to judge?  We have absolutely no right in this matter.  We can have laws, but if a law is oppressive, then we should do everything in our power to rid our country of such laws that oppress a person for no reason other than personal bias.

Let’s face it, homosexuality is not common place.  We could always say, “Well a homosexual is a fringe group, or not average American, or is not the majority and a minority.”  Well then, are you saying because gays are a minority in our country they deserve less rights?

Let’s think about that a moment.

On average you are a heterosexual person.  The odds are against you being gay.  My siblings are all straight.  My kids are straight.  I am this odd woman out and I didn’t choose this to be cool, or with the ‘in’ crowd, or because one day I woke up and thought, “You know what would be nice, if I became homosexual… yes, that would complete my world.”

No, I had to wake up every morning, until I admitted to myself and before my God, that I am gay, talking myself into being a straight person and physically loving a man when it was so hard to take.  It was the hardest thing I’d done.  I put in my 40-some years pretending and I simply couldn’t do it any more.  I came to the conclusion that I could not exist that way any more.  It was tiring and it was killing me, the person I am inside.  It made me sad and lost and always a knot of confusion as to why I was not right inside.

In church, I worshiped with all that I am, and then there was always something missing….

For the first time, I worship wholeheartedly, from down deep, secure in the person I am.  I love singing at church.  I love worshiping at church.  I feel so WHOLE for once.  And I am happy.  I am happy from deep down inside.  I wish everyone could be this happy inside.

And I am in love.  For the first time in my life I am in love with a woman who is precious to God and who loves Him wholeheartedly the way I love Him.  We share everything of our life and love.

Never in a million years could I believe there was another kindred to me on this earth, but there is and I am truly happy now.

I realized… I am born this way.  Naturally, I was born a gay person.  That’s all there is to it.

And so, let me go on with this post.  I titled it, “It’s Only Natural,” because I am naturally a gay woman.

I say this in response to the one verse in Scripture in Romans 1:26,27.  That is the only verse that speaks on gay women.  I find that interesting.  It’s only mentioned once and yet we have an entire system of people against gay women.  You’d think there should be an uprising to own slaves since there are more positive things said in Scripture about having slaves.  Really…?  But don’t get me started or I will never finish this particular point on my “natural” being different than “your natural. ”

I think the interesting part of that verse isn’t so much that one is natural and one is unnatural sexually, it’s that they “committed indecent acts.”  At the time Paul was writing to a very openly, sexually perverse Roman world.  Older males were taking young boys to do what they wanted with, and women were using virgins to take part in bacchanalia’s and such.  It was very bad and very licentious.  It was a very perverse and indecent time.

But that is the only time Paul mentions this.  He goes on and spends most of his time in chapter one speaking against how they have been cruel and malicious and hurting others.

You see, there is an ongoing theme in Scripture once you study and read it for decades that you figure out about God.  He hates those who are hateful.  He really does dislike that greatly.  There is no right you and I have to be cruel to another human being and inhospitable, or angry or rude.  We are to show kindness and respect.  Now, there are ramifications to justice and when it is due, but that is only because one is harming another.  That is what law is for – civility.

Now, in a monogamous and loving relationship between two Christians I do not understand how that is indecent.  Naturally, I am a gay Christian woman who loves the Lord.  I am allowed to be gay naturally because there is one thing that God loves more than how I am made:  my heart.

The more you read the Bible the more you realize He just wants all of YOU.  He wants all of ME.  All of my gay self.  He wants me openly and honestly before Him. He didn’t tell me to be celibate and wholly His because He made me gay, just as He didn’t tell my heterosexual friend over there.  Now, He might have told another gay person this, but He did not tell me this, and so I will serve Him with another in my life.

Again, it is what I am naturally geared toward.

I don’t know why I’m made this way, but I won’t taint it with indecency, just as I don’t think any heterosexual person should.

Naturally they are straight and naturally I am gay.

What is going on now under the guise of “protecting marriage” and “protecting pro-creation.”  (Haha, sorry I have to laugh.  I didn’t realize there was such a horrible problem with babies being born in the world today.  I could have sworn we have had an influx in teen pregnancies alone in Texas – yeah, I’m sure all those homosexuals were wrecking our chances to produce more American citizens, with all their promoting being gay and forcing heterosexuals to become homosexuals, because you know they all secretly want to do that.)  Yeahhhhhh, dumb.  It boggles my mind how quickly we can throw common sense out the window.

So, it is simply cruel to go after another person because they are not like you.  Stop and think.  It just is.  Whether you “approve” of someone being homosexual or not, why would you pick on someone who is homosexual?  Why?  What reasoning do you have?  And that is really what John Boehner and all of those fighting against gay Americans has to answer:  Why try and take away their American rights, the same American rights that  you being a citizen of this country have?

When he can answer that with a good answer other than he just doesn’t believe it’s right, then I will understand.

But there is no answer.  There is no good answer to that question.

Why they are not allowed the same rights as you, Mr. Senator, or Mr. Congressman, or Mr. President, or your honor, or any myriad that have the ability to steal that right from you.

But wait, they don’t have that right to take away an American’s rights as a citizen in this country unless they are trying to harm the country.  Are homosexuals really bent on destroying our country?  Let’s think about that.

Some might say, “Gays are different, aren’t they?  I am sure they are all predatorial creatures that were born at a different level than those who are ‘normal’ and ‘naturally straight.’”  They are mutations, aren’t they?  Like X-men and we all know they have super powers bent on doing evil….

What is natural for you and what is natural for me?  What is normal for you and what is normal for me?  Does that affect the world around us in a negative or positive way?  What if you like to eat only meat and I only like to eat fruit and vegetables and non-animal stuff?  What if you are into shooting defenseless animals and I do not like to kill anything?  What if you want to kill babies and I don’t like to kill… anything?  What if you have long hair and I have short hair?  What if you were born black and I was born white?  What if you have a mental disability and I do not? What if…?  And the list can go on and on.

Amazing how a group of, on average, not always, but mostly, in government (many there much too long) and are all over the age of 50, can decide what is right and wrong as an American citizen.  You cannot love who you want.  Oh wait, isn’t that against the first amendment, or 14th amendment, or some amendmant?  Does it matter?

I am only sure our government cannot encroach on our freedom to live as we choose and worship the way we want and have privacy and all those things that entail being free to be the human being that you are in America as long as you don’t harm your fellow citizens or the country you live in?

Oh wait, but maybe homosexuals are harming America?  That’s where the DOMA fight is headed.  They say they are protecting America.  But, what America are they protecting?

They think homosexuals are destroying the very fiber of what makes us great?  Like hot dogs and baseball and NFL.  I’m sure gays are planning the destruction of that at this moment.  I happen to know lesbians have a thing against hot dogs… but I digress. (My cheesy comment of the day – you knew it was coming.)

If they are a danger, then homosexual Americans really shouldn’t be allowed to vote.  Perhaps they should wear little yellow stars on their shirts to mark them as only partial citizens. I’m surprised homosexuals are allowed to vote, since they aren’t exactly a 100% American citizen, because they are strange mutations of humanity and thus, I can’t believe they let them have rights like voting and buying Lotto tickets.  I’m pretty sure we should be on the lookout for any gay people trying to shop for Dickies and Fruit of the Loom.  You knew there were secret messages promoting the overthrow of heterosexual America sewn in the inseam, didn’t you?

Do you get my point?  It’s become ludicrous.

I certainly hope we learned our lesson during the civil rights movement and Jim Crow laws and have been enlightened to the point it won’t take years and years and years to overthrow this anti-American citizen document called, DOMA.

Please, it’s time to use common sense and treat all American citizens with equal rights.  It is so difficult living in a country that wants me to pay equal taxes and put in equal community service and function as a citizen but when it comes down to it, I am merely a second-class citizen simply because I happened to be born gay.

Why?  I would ask the lawmakers, why?  Do you still want my vote?  Do you still want my money?  Do you still want my contribution as a citizen?  Then why?  When will I be allowed equal American rights?

Every American should be asking this question with no bias.  Simply put, what does it entail to function in our society with no encroachment on our personal rights as a citizen?  Marriage is simply a freedom as a people in a free country to choose the one they marry.  It hurts no one and does not usurp the country that I have lived in for 50 years and love.

Then why do we have DOMA?  If I can get the answer to that question in a sensible, legal (meaning not infringing on a basic human right), equitable manner then I will stop asking it.