The End of 30 Days… and the Wise Words of a General

I'm looking over the last eight challenges on the 30-Day Challenge and I honestly don't feel like writing on any of these subjects.  So, I'm going to stop here.  I just don't feel like doing this any more.  It could be my ADHD or something, but I'm just not wanting to write on any of … Continue reading The End of 30 Days… and the Wise Words of a General

We’re Saved! This is Why We Need #Emergency UBI

Woo, let's celebrate the fact there was this awesome HR 6201 Bill passed in Congress.  It is aptly titled, Families First Coronavirus Response Act.  (Oh yeah, still needs to get through the Senate.) I began skimming the bill, and then began to slowly realize... You have to have a family with kids first, and only … Continue reading We’re Saved! This is Why We Need #Emergency UBI

Three Old Guys and a Babe

The Presidential race has dwindled down to a race against the 78-year-old man, and the 77-year-old man, and the 73-year-old man, and a lone woman of 38-years-old that nobody seems to notice is still running for President. [DISCLAIMER: YES, THIS POST WILL BE A LITTLE RANTY ON THIS INTERNATIONAL WOMAN'S DAY, AND I DON'T EVEN … Continue reading Three Old Guys and a Babe

Danger Zone – The Brawlin’ Debate!

So, we had a debate.  It was hosted by MSNBC (Minions Sold No-Questions-Asked to Billionaires Corporation).  It is common knowledge that the DNC changed the rules to accommodate Bloomberg being on that stage.     Where was Tulsi?  She deserved to be there, but they had Klob and Bloomberg instead. Where was Tom Steyer?  Never … Continue reading Danger Zone – The Brawlin’ Debate!

Sigh… Andrew Yang is Out… or?

And so, if you've read the news lately you have noticed someone else dropped out the 2020 Presidential race - what they like to call "suspending" a campaign. Why do they even call it that?  He quit.  There was no suspension. At first, I was angry.  I called Andrew Yang a fuckin wuss!  He just... … Continue reading Sigh… Andrew Yang is Out… or?

Finally, a Debate with Andrew Yang

Yang said the most substantive things during the debate, and again had the least amount of speaking time.  I understand.  He was also not well during that debate and it was obvious he wasn't feeling well. The others said nothing new.  I won't even mention them except in passing because I'm so tired of listening … Continue reading Finally, a Debate with Andrew Yang

Something Sunny on Sunday

If you watch this entire video until the end it will make you begin to feel something, think something, and pause.  Have a sunny and super Sunday! I hope you enjoyed this video on this gorgeous Sunday. I'm hopeful we will vote in the next person to unite the country and unite the world.  … Continue reading Something Sunny on Sunday

Over 50! Why Did I Watch this Debate?

Followers!  Yay!  I have over 50 followers! But also, yes, I'm over 50. Also, if you watched the debate toward the end you'd find out the age of the three top candidates.  Yes, they are all over 50... like by a lot!  Meaning?  They can all be my mom or dad, who had me when … Continue reading Over 50! Why Did I Watch this Debate?