Hololive’s Gawr Gura Fills Up a Football Stadium with Karoake Stream

Okay, I have a first love: Music. When I was a young'un back in the day if a girl had a good voice, since I was a weird guitarist/songwriter, I'd ask her to sing my music. Many did. I fell in love with one of them. I mean, as "in love" as I could be … Continue reading Hololive’s Gawr Gura Fills Up a Football Stadium with Karoake Stream

Hololive-Happy Dance Fever for Sunday

Some of my favorite V-Tubers dancing to one of my favorite songs by Earth, Wind and Fire. Do you remember this day in September? https://youtu.be/JaaYCyiCmXk What a way to close out the month. This video is thanks to Gocchin. They have lots of great uploads there. Just three more months to go and let's hope … Continue reading Hololive-Happy Dance Fever for Sunday

Hey – Why So Gay and Fuzzy

I don't know what to blog about, and that's a really weird title for a blog. I'll just write some random streaming poetry.  I think it might be Pride month.  Let's see, what is politically correct and appropriate to say?  Be yourself and don't be too judgy, kay? Everybody walks their own walk and everybody … Continue reading Hey – Why So Gay and Fuzzy

Target Vs. Walmart

Lately, I do a lot of shopping.  Meaning:  I drive from one store to another hoping to find bread, beans, disinfecting wipes (for basic household clean up), toilet paper, paper towels, multi-surface cleaner, and butter. These are all items that have been disappearing from store shelves, along with pasta. Pasta.  I already have pasta. Everyone … Continue reading Target Vs. Walmart

Will I Die from the Corona?

Whoa, why so morbid? It is just a beer.  It's not my favorite, and practically my least favorite beer.  I prefer a tasty German or Austrian beer - even Japanese biru. But Corona...?  Not my favorite.  It tastes watered down and weak - bland. Oh, yeah, I actually meant the coronavirus.  I was looking over … Continue reading Will I Die from the Corona?

I Am Verklempt because…

...of this.  Please go here for only the speech, but if you want Paget's commentary please watch below. https://youtu.be/hoGm5HJ8_KY #Yang2020 #YangGang Yes, more Yang info.  This was amazing.  I love how Paget Kagy continues to post these videos, but honestly he is the only candidate - ONLY - speaking of what is reality.  I am … Continue reading I Am Verklempt because…

Dem Debates Were… but Wait #LetYangSpeak

(Quietly ponders my existence.) DISCLAIMER: This is only my opinion. Boy... oh boi. First off, I want to chat a little about my common sense candidate, Andrew Yang... Andrew "#yanggang" Yang, what happened to you?!  You looked like a little kid with no tie and standing there like you walked in after a flight and … Continue reading Dem Debates Were… but Wait #LetYangSpeak

Debating Posting This… Night One

My fellow Americans.  Wow... just wow.  Shaking my head.  I sat down and watched two nights of Democratic debates and I have to say... "Wow." DISCLAIMER:  This is only my opinion. I've read it was a shit show (forgive my Spanish, hehe), clown car, boring, and technically flawed.  My favorite, Andrew Yang (#LetYangSpeak #yanggang #Yang2020), … Continue reading Debating Posting This… Night One