Simping and Shrimping Hololive Gura, Korone and All the Rest

So, I recently found out my good friend of many years became both a simp and a shrimp on the same day. Watson Amelia, Ninomae Ina'nis and Gawr Gura, the simpee's [DISCLAIMER: This will be a total simping post of my love for Inugami Korone and Gawr Gura] Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaark Who'd have thought. He became a … Continue reading Simping and Shrimping Hololive Gura, Korone and All the Rest

Down Time, Oney, and A Music Video

How do you spend your free time?  Down time?  Do you need to chill in your comfiest pj's or sweats, eat something you know you might regret, but enjoy it anyway? You need to have that warm and cozy drink - though right now you might need a cold brew because of the crazy high … Continue reading Down Time, Oney, and A Music Video

Hey – Why So Gay and Fuzzy

I don't know what to blog about, and that's a really weird title for a blog. I'll just write some random streaming poetry.  I think it might be Pride month.  Let's see, what is politically correct and appropriate to say?  Be yourself and don't be too judgy, kay? Everybody walks their own walk and everybody … Continue reading Hey – Why So Gay and Fuzzy

#17 – It’s a Sign!

Does a centaur shooting an arrow fit me?  I think a bit... yeah.  Always aiming for something. 17. Post about your zodiac sign, and whether or not it fits you.   Well, I don't really like horses.  I'm not so sure about centaurs.  Some people are totally into horses and think they are the greatest … Continue reading #17 – It’s a Sign!

Day 13 – Karen is a Thing Now

I'm so excited I am off work for three days.  It was a stressful week of Karen's.  If you don't know about Karen, check this out: If you work in retail, you have met quite a few.  I worked in customer service and as a cashier, and Karen's come through the line quite often.  … Continue reading Day 13 – Karen is a Thing Now

Target Vs. Walmart

Lately, I do a lot of shopping.  Meaning:  I drive from one store to another hoping to find bread, beans, disinfecting wipes (for basic household clean up), toilet paper, paper towels, multi-surface cleaner, and butter. These are all items that have been disappearing from store shelves, along with pasta. Pasta.  I already have pasta. Everyone … Continue reading Target Vs. Walmart

Will I Die from the Corona?

Whoa, why so morbid? It is just a beer.  It's not my favorite, and practically my least favorite beer.  I prefer a tasty German or Austrian beer - even Japanese biru. But Corona...?  Not my favorite.  It tastes watered down and weak - bland. Oh, yeah, I actually meant the coronavirus.  I was looking over … Continue reading Will I Die from the Corona?

This Christmas Isn’t What it Seems

A poem (with many cute pics of dogs and cats).  *clears throat* My Love... This Isn't What it Seems this Christmas... so Please? How do you love me...? I mean really how? Sometimes you'll ask me before answering And then answer before asking And I am standing here with eggnog in hand But egg in … Continue reading This Christmas Isn’t What it Seems

Our Worth – Something to Talk About for Christmas

I've been watching news and pundits for awhile now.  I've been listening to politicians and I've even worked for politicians.  But that's not what I want to talk about.  Let's not talk politics...yet.  (Yes, there was a debate and I'll talk about that later.) What I overwhelmingly hear from all politicians and pundits is that … Continue reading Our Worth – Something to Talk About for Christmas

Doodles, Yew, and Me

I once read that blogs were "poorly written streams of random thoughts." Well, yeah, they are.  Look at this post.  Many times I write random streaming thought with zero content. Hah...ha...haha. *nervous laughter* BUT that's not why I'm writing, folks! I have more work doodles and I'm listening to Christmas music (actually, I started listening … Continue reading Doodles, Yew, and Me