Another Random Post: Hannah Hart, Dog pee, and Living on the Streets is fun!

Every so often I simply start typing for a random post.  It was merely two months ago my heart was left in another country.  (I’m waiting for it’s visa to be approved and returned to me.)

I’m not crying…yet.

I drew a picture of my recent mood, and so that’s why I’m trying to be upbeat in this post (it will happen after this pic).

the extent of my artistic ability – circles!

(Photo of my head and yes, my head isn’t as round in my thought bubbles.  I also have no hair – what’s with that?)

And please, don’t “Awwwww Vaaaaallllll… why so sad?”  😦  It’s cool – my moods swing a lot like someone who is bi-polar – BUT NOT…?  So weird, right?

And so I am randomly posting a post of randomness.  (And sorry for the serious tone at the beginning of this post, I will now maintain a happier tone throughout this post.)

I had to practice drawing my circles to get them this round! 😀

I mix serious with comedic often.  I think that has to do with me being a child of the 70s and growing up with sardonic humor, classic Saturday Night Live, George Carlin and The Mac Davis Show (it was a comedy/variety hour on NBC).

Don’t judge – Barbara Streisand had this same hair style

(OhEmGee, I just realized I owned this album… squeeeee, I was such a Mac Davis fan!)

Where was I… and what was with that hair in the 70s?  Everyone had this style (possibly I might have had this hair style…hehhehheh………..heh…heh).

Oh yes, back to being random:

I simply let my mind go… random, like releasing my dog at 7:30 in the morning (much too early to be woken by my dog) out the front door of my apartment and slurring so that my words run all together, sounding hung over (which many times I am) and waving, “Go – doyoshit-anI’ll leyuuu back in… inafew…. bubye.”

I’m pretty sure that’s poor apartment etiquette.

Thank goodness no one has complained, but then I don’t answer my door that early any way.

I’ve considered tying his leash to my other dog’s leash, who always returns to the apartment because everything, even crickets, frighten her and she quickly runs back home.  She could be my dog walker and I wouldn’t have to pay her anything but a few extra dog biscuits.

(Oh wow, I am seriously trying that tomorrow morning!)

First, the hair…

Random posts usually mean I must share a pic of good hair days.

This is my angelic pic I took when I pushed some button accidentally on my phone while taking the pic because I tend to do dumb and clumsy things like pushing the wrong button (don’t ever give me a job with nuclear reactors or in missile silos) because my hair is very long now (to me, not my sister who told me it’s not very long, but I dispute that) and I’m considering cutting it into a boy-ish-les style since I love short hair and I want to get this choppier look and bleach underneath.

Seeeeeee?  *whiny voice* it’s sooooooo loooooonnnnnngggggg!

I look like a ghostly apparition

Though… I was having a totally awesome hair day! *big grin*


Funny Women…woman…?

If you haven’t seen “My Drunk Kitchen” with star Hannah Hart, on YouTube, you need your gay license revoked.  (Quick, look it up on YouTube!)   That’s like asking, “Who are Ellen and Portia?”  …just sayin….

(By the way, if only Hannah Hart was 20 years older I’d totally be in love with her; at the moment I am simply in awe of her talent.)

She’s adorable

Abs are a… talent… right?


I totally posted that pic for my best friend.  Happy Birthday! ^__^

This is a good hair length… and goes well with plaid

She is so funny… and a lesbian (or as I like to call us, Sapphians, because I hate that L word – which I will have some commentary on this subject later in this post – something to look forward to *winkwink*).

There is nothing sexier than a funny woman.  I’m just not sure I am funny enough to cross the plateau of sexiness, but I’m working on it – the sexiness not the funniness…okay, I might need a lot of work.

Texas is hot…

Yeah… it really is.

No, I mean it is really fuckin hot…!

Yeahhhhhh… it really is!

I hate this weather so much.

Why?  WHHHHYYYYYYYYY???  Why do I live here and not on a beach somewhere?!  …with a breeze? …and cold drinks (alcoholic drinks)?

The prediction is over 100 degree days for at least the next 10 days.  It’s supposed to hit 106 Fahrenheit (that’s 41 Celsius for everyone who ‘doesn’t’ live in the U.S.) on “SUN”day, giving a whole new meaning to the name.

Dog Peeeeeeeeeed… on my bed

Little piece of $#%%#!!!@###@

(I truly suck at figuring out which upper case cuss symbols to use.)

So, I drew a pic of my (adopted) dog who knew what she did.

See? Whoville paws!

Oozing of guilt

I share this rare and raw drawing talent with only you folks.

I was so p***d off at her.  She knew what she did as guilt carried her little Whoville paws across the apartment.  She went running to my roommate’s door, scratching and crying to be let in.  I swear in doggy talk she was crying, “Sanctuary… sanctuary… sanccccctuuuuuary….” like in that Disney cartoon based loosely on The Hunchback of Notre Dame.  (I loved the portrayal of Frollo – a truly evil character – in that movie.)


Brrrr…. scary dude!

I didn’t get that evil on the pup and today I later laughed about it.

I had to sleep quite uncomfortably on my bed with a blanket and no sheets, but at least I didn’t get locked out of the house like my poor friend who I think is sleeping in a park with a few hookers, homeless people and turtles, and maybe an alligator – not sure.  (It’s cool, I’m sure she’ll be let back in her house eventually….)

Speaking of living on the streets….  Were we?

Can you believe they actually have a runaway guide?  How does the runaway get internet connection and a computer?  The dude maintains a blog?!  You have to love people’s resourcefulness, right?

They have “How to” guides on living on the street.  Wow, just to list a few things to remember, folks:

1. Pack lightly and don’t forget your sleeping pad (you might need that added padding while on concrete).

2. Be sure and stick around homeless people so that you blend in inconspicuously.  (You have a better chance of not being arrested.)

3. Sleep in the park during the day so you don’t get busted by the cops and draw unnecessary attention.  (Really?  A person sleeping on a bench with a duffle bag and sleeping bag doesn’t draw attention?)

4. If you can’t find homeless people, simply find a well-lit pedestrian walkway (people will walk ‘around’ your limp body that’s snoozing).

5. Rooftops work well for sleeping (just don’t sleep near the edge).

6. This is my fave:  Look for free samples in grocery stores.  (And I found that if you go to liquor stores on the weekend they are dishing out free alcohol! Win-win!)

7. Extra bonus tips:

– wide brim hats for the sun (you wouldn’t want skin cancer later in life)

– lightweight jogging/warm-up suits (they pack well and you can wear them while laundering)

– strap your belongings to your person so nobody walks off with yo shit

– try to smell nice so you can still maintain a healthy personal life (wtf? O.o)

– and last, but not least, try to obtain a gym membership so you can use their showers… and stay fit

Wow, it makes living on the street sound like luxury housing.  As I add up my bills I’m considering living on the street.  The Runaway Blogger tells me that he lives like a king using whatever income he has on nice restaurants and bars.  Nomadic life sounds… intriguing!

Last, but not least, a word about “the L word…”

I’m just sayin, this word bugs the heck out of me.  I don’t know why, but lesbian sounds so… negative…?  It makes me sound like a dyke when I am obviously not a very good dyke.  I’m not trying to cut down dykes – they’re a’ight – but I am gay and not a butch type and so if I call myself a lesbian it sounds so… rough…?

(Wow, and why am I ending all my sentences with a questionable question mark…?)

I prefer a more feminine approach to my sexual orientation like “female homosexual,” “female homo” or “gay woman,” (in contrast to dour woman, of course), or even my new word that I think should be instantly adopted as the word of choice, “Sapphian.”  I like the smoothness of the sound when you say “Sapphian” as opposed to “Lesbian.”

You tell me.  Should we choose to be called, “Sapphian’s” rather than “Lesbians?”

Please vote once I figure out how to post a poll and let me know.  In the meantime, please answer in the comment section (haha, I just typed sexion by mistake) if you prefer Sapphian or Lesbian, or your own choice.  Maybe you prefer the word “human.”  I’m good with that too. 😉

Be blessed, mi friendos, and stay cool… like Corey Hart in the 80s!

You can not beat the sheer corniness of 80s music videos…eh?

…And why are they always randomly running down hallways in those vids?  So random… *wink*


A Good Read with a Good Word…

Woo, comfiest pants ever!

I’m happy because I just ordered three books online:  Beth Moore’s, Get out of That Pit (on a whim because I have always loved Beth Moore’s insight into her very personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and I’m in a pit at the moment) [EDIT:  It wasn’t a very good book and I wouldn’t suggest buying it.]; Brennan Manning’s, Ragamuffin Gospel (I bought this as a birthday present for someone and read it about half way, and realized I needed to finish the book – it’s that good) [EDIT:  FANTASTIC BOOK – a must read]; and Larry Crabb’s, Shattered Dreams (a suggestion from a friend – I hope its not depressing) [EDIT: I still haven’t read this one.].

Something happened to me while I went for my “prayer walk.”

This is something I have done for years now, “prayer walks.”  I used to have a swimming pool in my old house and would go for “prayer swims.”  I have also gone on “prayer drives.”  You are probably wondering, about now, ‘What are you talking about?’

Well, I shall tell you:

Basically, while you are alone you just talk to God.  You talk to Him as your Abba Father and Lord who loves you.  You talk to Him like you would to any friend, but more like a friend who watches over you and cares for you, and you trust actually listens and never lets you down.  The most reliable friend you will ever have.  He is your loving father and the lover of your soul and you approach Him with complete honesty and trusting that He loves you enough to speak to you.  It’s something I think all believers benefit from, just talking to God.

I actually learned about it early on from Beth Moore.  It was during one of the myriad studies I’ve read from here and I cannot recall which one (since I’ve done around 11+ studies), but I do realize this one stuck with me.  (I wonder if it was the study on the Fruits of the Spirit?  Hmm…. I should just go through the books and get back with you all.  It wouldn’t hurt, right?)

Anyhoo, it is more casual than the usual prayer time that most people have when they sit alone and read a Scripture and then have their allotted “quiet time.”  Mind you, I am not against quiet times, per se, because people are all very different.  You have your “A” type personality and your “B” type personality, and any combination of personality.  We all handle our life situations in the best possible manner and so some people actually have to exist with a set hour and time to have quiet time.  But, it is not the only way.  For those of us who are more night owls, or the type who are more spontaneous (which is not a bad thing) and fly by the seat of our pants we tend to just need to get away and talk to God at a random moment.  THESE times are when you have a prayer walk, or drive, or swim.  You simply know you have to get away and talk to God and it can happen any time and anywhere.

It’s random, I guess, is what I am saying.

It’s like knowing you have the kind of best friend that is merely a phone call away and you can bother any hour of the night and they will not turn you away.  God becomes your closest confidante through a process of life lived with Him becoming your best friend.  You have grown this great of a relationship with your God and this is what every believer should attain eventually.

And so…

God has spoken to me the most through these times.  He’s led me to make better decisions through these times.  I listen to Him more, during these times.  I write better blog posts through these times.  And Scripture is usually brought more clearly to memory at these times. 

It’s a time for clarity.

Let me give you a bit of an example of how you need to speak to Him through these times just to help you all along:

(Insert what you call your Lord when you speak to Him here.)  I call Him, My Heavenly Father, my Lord (and then I usually sigh with the weight of my problem)?

Thank you for this beautiful (insert any word here) day, that You have made.  Please, O’ Spirit, fill me so that I will be a blessing to others today, and that I would hear You.  And that I would be blessed by others.  Mostly, that I not forget You through my day and You are always brought back to my thoughts.

And then I usually just start talking and it goes on…. 

The prayer is all about Him.  It’s thanking Him.  It’s telling Him I know He loves me and I accept His will because He has my best interest in store.

I will many times pray for my closest friends and family, and whatever comes to mind, but mostly this time is for me to talk to God about “me” and to acknowledge Him in my life. I ask for His will, not mine, to be done.  And I even share that I am scared to face His will because it might mean I lose someone that I think is best for me, but He knows might not be the best person for me.  I fear the outcome, but I am even honest with that fear.  I am merely ‘honest’ with Him about it all.

It’s a time when I find out how “I” can make a difference in other’s lives.  How “I” can be a blessing to others.  How “I” can point others to Him and glorify Him in my day and walk, and in any endeavor.

It’s a prayer to build in me the servant and warrior He can use.  How can “I” be useful for the Kingdom of God?

Seek ye first the kingdom of God, actually means something.

Search, and you will find Him… means something.

We are to always be searching and seeking and knowing and trusting that He will guide us through our days.

Really.  We are to always be searching and seeking and learning to know who God is.  Who He is to you, my friends, makes all the difference when life gets hard….

You need to find this out in life, or you will keep muddling through insecure in your God and in your salvation.

You need to know God in your life or what are you falling back on when troubles come up and hardships seemingly overwhelm you that you don’t want to get out of bed, or work another hour at that mundane job, or have to do the same housework or change the same diaper.  You get overwhelmed with sameness, or you get overwhelmed with change.  You just get overwhelmed with every day and you wonder how you will make it to tomorrow.

Especially, if you have a broken heart, or a broken family, or a broken life… or just, breaking over heartache that you wonder if it will ever stop?

My reasoning behind all this…

Well…sigh, I ordered those books because I had a bad day yesterday.  I would randomly just start crying because my heart hurts right now.  I wanted to be happy-go-lucky Val again.  I wondered if I would ever be that person again.

See, this is my happy-go-lucky look, as I shared at the beginning of this post.

Woo, still the comfiest pants ever!

So, I went for a walk.  I packed up the little doggie who is staying at my place, told her we’re heading out (to which she went a bit bonkers cause she loves… w-a-l-k-s) and left for a walk.  During said walk I began to talk. (Rhyme score! Yes!) And, He spoke to me.

He told me, “its okay.  I’m here for you.  I love you.”

I can actually feel His loving arms wrap around my heart.  Am I just assuming this?  Am I forcing a feeling?

I will tell you this:  I know for a fact He holds me in His loving arms because He told me He does in His Word and I have read enough to know He does not lie.

Right now, I am going through a healing process – process being the operative word.  I know I have to go through it.  Time has to take place.  It’s part of the cost because sin entered the world.

Do you all realize that?  Time actually is a human function after sin.  There was no time when eternity was all that existed before sin entered.

Think about it.

(There was once no need for a  Time Lord like Dr. Who.  Just saying….  And I know I am a nerd.  A nerd who loves Dr. Who.  Heh)

Even all of language speaks the truth of God in the fact all language has the “to be” verb that starts every learning of a new language.  You learn, “I am; You are,” and so on as you learn your “to be” verbs in language.

Do you realize how very logical and ordered God is with everything?

When Jesus Christ spoke as they were ready to take Him away to be hung on a cross all He said was His name, “I. AM.” The ground shook and the soldiers fell backward and could not stand – not one.  It is because He is the ultimate “being” the ultimate beginning of all language, the ultimate “to be” verb.  He is actively, “I Am.”  There is no other beginning to anything without Him.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  He was in the beginning with God. All things came into being by Him, and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being.”  John 1:1-3

(Okay, that whole “to be” section was for a future post, but I’m leaving it because I like that verse so much.  And where were we?  Time?)

So now… we have ‘time’ to always contend with.  It affects these aging bodies and it affects these memories of pain and hurt.  Time is both our enemy and our friend.  It’s part of this mortal life.

I know for a fact I will live through this and go on and be better through this and because of this, but it doesn’t mean it will abruptly just stop hurting.

I will feel the full weight of hurt and pain.

Christ, when He hung on the cross, felt the full weight of hurt and pain and much more than this.  He did all this for me and for you, so it never lessens His understanding that you are hurting.  He knows when we are in pain.  I remind myself often of what Christ went through so that I can stop feeling sorry for myself.

By the way, that is so easy to do.  It’s so easy to get stuck in the mire of self pity.  It starts to feel good because it means you don’t have to think any more.  It means you can sit in the same spot and not feel and possibly just die inside.

But that isn’t how you can be a blessing to others and it certainly isn’t how you can be blessed, or have any future service in life.  We are meant to be lights in this dark world.  We are made to be a difference.

Yes, you can take little outings to the mire of self-pity (it’s a nice little spot just outside the Florida Everglades, heh) – that is very understandable and necessary – but, you just can’t stay there.  You have to move on and that is when time is your friend.  It helps you heal through the process of the passing of time.

Which reminds me about my prayer walk, I stopped at the middle of the road, the doggie I was walking yanking on the leash telling me, “That’s all well and good, master mom, but I seriously have small legs and don’t want to walk any more.”

I told her, “I’m talking here.  Relax, pup, we’re on our way home.”

She looked up at me with her little brown puppy eyes and then as if she knew I was talking to God, she actually just calmed down.

Smart pup.

[Side note:  Do you ever wonder if dogs and animals talk to God all the time?  I mean if even the rocks sing His praises you’d think an animal would be able to converse with God randomly.  Just wondering….]

“hoc est dolor canis”

I’m actually very attached to the little pup.  She’s grown on me, and so I take her for walks with me.  She belongs to my daughter’s boyfriend, and I’m thinking of just keeping her.

Anyhoo, I had some other stuff I was going to share, like the fact my hair was having a good day.

Retro swish – Hellooo 80s!

And the fact, my ego never ceases to amaze me.


And, the fact I am slightly sad the ex-love-of-my-life might not be reading my blog any more because when it comes down to it, I need readers and followers of my blog because it kinda strokes my overinflated ego at any given moment.



Plus, to know you are simply a forgettable person, unlike being unforgettable, but forgettable…it hurts too?

Hurts…a lot. (And, I love Nat King Cole!  Don’t you?)

(Please listen as you read the next part – it heightens the emotion… and it makes it funnier.  I need a laugh.  Plus, I placed the karaoke version for later. *winkwink*  Interactive!)

But yeah, who wants to be forgotten?  …A blip on the radar of another’s life?  I think that hurts the most, especially for egoistic types like me who are hair obsessive and longs for stroking of said ego:  to know I will simply be forgotten.

Like, I didn’t mean that much to another person, despite me not being able to go through my day having something and everything remind me of her.  I still wear the engagement bracelet she gave me – mostly cause it’s colorful and from South Africa and so it’s so cool and I get compliments on it like from the Starbucks guy who said, “Awesome bracelet, man.”  Yeah, heh, it was given to me by…

I love my bracelet, and I have a very nice looking hand. 🙂

… and I start choking and almost crying… but I wear it cause I still like it.  Does that make me an awful person?  Someone who can’t move on?  Oh my gosh, I am pathetic!!! *cries*

*…cries some more*

Okay, I need to stop.

…And this is her wrist and hand…and…its nice too.

*cries some more*

(Right now I’d love to insert a dancing cat wearing a hat (Rhyme!) or some other silly gif)

*sniffs it up*

(Okay, just typing that out made me stop crying.  Totes killed the self-pity mood.)

I have to stop because I felt my foot slip a little and I was going to that mire again, but I don’t want to fall in that mud and crud.  (Rhyme win!  High five!)

I want to climb out and… it’s just going to be awhile.  This will take time.

Please be patient with me.  I have a broken heart.  I hope if I can help another of you out there with a broken heart, head, anything broken – arm? – maybe I can be a blessing to you as I share my heartache, then I will be happy.  Eventually, I will be happy-go-lucky-Val again because I have something of value:  Jesus Christ is truly the lover of my soul and He will never let me go as I prayer walk through this life.

I do truly trust in that fact, despite my ‘at times’ sounding a little depressing… or pathetic and listening to beautiful standards of the early 60s, alone in my room, with the lights turned down and trying hard to type since I have weak and aged eyes.

Bear with me, kay? ^^;;;

I hope you all have a good day.  I plan on it because it started out on a good note – talking to the One who has me wrapped in His loving arms of grace and love. ^__^

I will be all right… eventually.

And is that song still playing?  Oh wow, you all really need to sing along.   Karaoke Friday!

Oh My Gosh… my Hair… products!

I have obviously not written enough on my hair and it’s awesomeness.  But I have good hair.  If you see any of my pics you’d see I take good care of my hair.  A third of my income is invested in hair products that make my hair soft and shiny.

Here.  Feel my hair.

Sex hair has nothing on my hair.  It’s simply… my hair!  And so I have a new category on this blog:  OMGosh my Hair!

And totally unrelated, I was shaving and thought I looked like Super Mario.  Here:

It’s ‘a me… Mariooooo.  (I know – dork.)

(The curse of being Hispanic – lots of facial hair and arm hair, but we’ll talk about that another time.)

Oh yes, so back to my hair, I have a tip for all you readers out there.  If you want the kind of hair that makes people want to rub their faces in your locks and dream about diving into your lustrous mane, then this is the product that you need to use:  Everything “It’s a 10.”

Just a few sprays and your hair will sing something operatic


Yes, really.  It makes even the driest, flattest, most unmanageable hair soft and rich and shiny.

You need to shampoo and condition with these guys.

That mask is superb and the shampoo lasts  forever.  So worth the price.  Both products, you only need such a small amount and the shampoo lathers up for a short head of hair after only a few squirts into the palm of your hand (maybe four or five squirts for long hair).  Amazing stuff.

I read that these two stylists took their experience of 20 years working in hair salons to come up with the ingredients and I have found my hair nirvana in the “It’s a 10” product.

(I seriously should be paid for this advertisement.  Seriously… should be paid.)

But want to know what makes your hair smell so good someone will follow you around and then take a bite out of a tasty lock at the end (and no split ends!)?

Yes, true story, someone actually wanted to eat my hair from the smell.  It is that tantalizing.  (I’m pretty sure they did take a bite out of my hair while I was sleeping, but I have no footage.)

This little shine spray gem made with noni oil.  I don’t know what the hell noni oil is, but dayum if it don’t smell totally edible!  I might need to spray this on my salad.

Disclaimer:  Not for human consumption. 

Yes, do not eat this stuff.  I think…?  Maybe I should research further… hmm….

So this is the noni fruit here.  The noni fruit produces the oil that is in the shine spray up there, I’m guessing…?:

Looks like an unattractive alien spore…

Let’s see what this site (the first one I found a link to) has to say about noni fruit:

“This foul smelling, pungent fruit (huh?  I put this in my hair?!) has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties… is said to assist in the healing of wounds, insect bites, sunburn, psoriasis, boils and other infected skin conditions when applied topically… (schwoo, okay – so far safe)”

“It is said that noni fruit juice is effective in lowering blood pressure and preventing blood clots, lessening the risk of stroke and heart disease…”

“Free radical-fighting antioxidants contained in noni fruit also guard against premature aging, while protecting your cells from damage…”

“may be useful in combating cancer…”

Oh my gosh, noni fruit is like a superhero fruit!  Its too bad it has that pungent smell and isn’t FDA approved, also according to this site:

“The Food and Drug Administration, or FDA (really?  Haha), has questioned the healing potential of noni fruit, and to date, little scientific evidence exists to support its effectiveness, although online personal testimonials written by noni fruit users attest to its extraordinary healing properties.”

(Okay, never believe these online personal testimonies.  These people might not know what they’re talking about, unlike me a trustworthy  online personal testimony.)

…”Always consult with a health care practitioner before adding any herbal remedies to your health regimen.”

(Yes, always good advice.)

I think I’ll stick to spraying this on my hair and call and make sure that person who ate a piece of my hair is still alive.  I’m pretty sure you’re  not supposed to eat it.

Anyhoo, that’s my hair in a nutshell.  Product is so important.  I don’t want to name names, but all those other popular hair products have nothing on this stuff.  And believe me when I tell you I have just about tried them all.  Because you know… I am obsessed with my hair… OBSESSED.

I simply give you all information after my extensive research because of my hair obsession.

And there you have it.

Hair’s to you having a really effin good hair day! ^__^

More on my Hair Obsession… and I finally read, The Help. :D

If you have ever met me, you know I am neurotically attached to my hair and my days rise and fall by good and bad hair days.

Well, I actually got a decent haircut.   I LOVE it when I get a good haircut.  …Because I am OBSESSED… EFFIN’OBSESSED… with my hair. Hehe  Not only that, they finally got the color right.  I am in love with my colorist and hairdresser now and have considered stalking them… maybe… okay, not really.  BUT, I LOVE this new cut.  It makes me want to jump and scream like a crazed little pony.

I love these little ponies – possibly obsessed with them now.

What do you think?  Does it scream “New Woman ready to face the world?”  Or, do you just quietly want to step away from the blog because I’m talking about my hair again…and little ponies?

(I do have nice hair, though, right?)  *wink wink*

I was tossed as to which pic I should post.  My friend, Al, helped me out.  She said, “Glasses.”  I’m not so sure.  I’m making kind of a dorky face in that pic and that pair of reading glasses are a lot bigger than my head. See me at the sideline there? ———–>>>>>>

Oh wait, never mind.  I decided not to post pics.

[I’ve decided to delete all these pics of me I had earlier posted.  It just seems kind of… obsessive. ^^I guess I got in a hair-frenzied delirium.  I’ll post another My Little Pony vid instead.]

This is pretty artsy considering it’s a story about ponies with nice hair

Speaking of which, I just finished reading, The Help.  I was told by so many people to read this book I finally bought it and read it.  I stayed up until five in the morning finishing the book.  After I reached the halfway point, there was no going back.  I couldn’t put it down. Now, I’m going through the “I-just-finished-an-awesome-novel-and-now-what-do-I-read” blues.  I hate those periods in between good books.

Anyhoo, I’m telling  y’all, “Read this book!”  It really is that good. 😉  Can you believe this is Kathryn Stockett’s first novel?  I’m so happy for her.  I love reading a first-time novel.  I’m even looking forward to watching the movie when it comes out.

I also twisted my knee at work and so I’m kind of hobbling.  But yeah, that was just random because right now it hurts like h-e-double toothpicks as I’m sitting her typing so I am going to go and buy a heating pad or something.  I’d rather not amputate. …kidding, hehe.

Thanks for reading.  Y’all have a blessed day!