Learning Japanese – V-Tuber Style

I don't know Japanese.  My son has a basic ability to understand and read Japanese; in fact, he's been getting really good.  And, he told me why.... He started telling me about V-Tubers and I wasn't sure I'd want to watch anything they produced.  It seemed silly.  Animated people?  What is this, Gorillaz?  (Yes, I … Continue reading Learning Japanese – V-Tuber Style

The End of 30 Days… and the Wise Words of a General

I'm looking over the last eight challenges on the 30-Day Challenge and I honestly don't feel like writing on any of these subjects.  So, I'm going to stop here.  I just don't feel like doing this any more.  It could be my ADHD or something, but I'm just not wanting to write on any of … Continue reading The End of 30 Days… and the Wise Words of a General

We’re Saved! This is Why We Need #Emergency UBI

Woo, let's celebrate the fact there was this awesome HR 6201 Bill passed in Congress.  It is aptly titled, Families First Coronavirus Response Act.  (Oh yeah, still needs to get through the Senate.) I began skimming the bill, and then began to slowly realize... You have to have a family with kids first, and only … Continue reading We’re Saved! This is Why We Need #Emergency UBI

Will I Die from the Corona?

Whoa, why so morbid? It is just a beer.  It's not my favorite, and practically my least favorite beer.  I prefer a tasty German or Austrian beer - even Japanese biru. But Corona...?  Not my favorite.  It tastes watered down and weak - bland. Oh, yeah, I actually meant the coronavirus.  I was looking over … Continue reading Will I Die from the Corona?

The Holiday with Kona Bean

My new granddaughter, Kona Bean, has already stolen mine and her uncle's heart.  She was an unexpected blessing. We almost sent her back.  Mike and Sarah almost sent her back. It was so soon after losing our little girl Fuzzy, and it was difficult because this new little puppy has special needs.  She was kept … Continue reading The Holiday with Kona Bean

Finally Fall & Importing Japanese Urushi

The weather has been so wonky.  Ninety degree days when it's supposed to be fall.  Last week it was still hitting 100. But yesterday?  Ooh yes, it felt like fall.  For the first time.  At around 72 degrees, with a crisp breeze it actually felt fall'ish. Thank you all (the few) that read this blog.  … Continue reading Finally Fall & Importing Japanese Urushi

Dunch and Bill Gates

I just finished watching a three episode docu-series-kinda-thing on Netflix called, Inside Bill's Brain: Decoding Bill Gates. I was told to watch it by Grace and she nudged (nagged) me toward watching this show.  I finally succumbed and watched. Wow, it was really good!  I ended up binging all three episodes and for the last … Continue reading Dunch and Bill Gates

That Was Some Boring Debate But…

Did you all see Biden lose his teeth? That was pretty wild and kind of sad, and you have to feel badly for someone who has to stand for three hours, talking nonsensically about how blacks can't parent, and they need someone to step in and play record players and... speak words (?) until they … Continue reading That Was Some Boring Debate But…