Should I… Be Controversial?

So, I took off a couple of mental health days from work. Mainly because the job is driving me insane. My sanity is tenuous as it is, and now I have to place outside influences to my thin veneer of saneness, and that just wasn't a good outcome. Happy birthday! Sanity is my gift to … Continue reading Should I… Be Controversial?

American Thankfulness – A Poem

There will be commentary on this poem at the end. Thank you for reading. Commentary, i.e. rant American Thankfulness – A Poem Today it seemed thoughts were heavier than yesterday But less than tomorrow’s dream you hoped to have instead Let us greet Thanksgiving with a word of thanks to you Thankfulness is something we’re … Continue reading American Thankfulness – A Poem

Simping and Shrimping Hololive Gura, Korone and All the Rest

So, I recently found out my good friend of many years became both a simp and a shrimp on the same day. Watson Amelia, Ninomae Ina'nis and Gawr Gura, the simpee's [DISCLAIMER: This will be a total simping post of my love for Inugami Korone and Gawr Gura] Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaark Who'd have thought. He became a … Continue reading Simping and Shrimping Hololive Gura, Korone and All the Rest

What Should I Write About Next?

And so the writer laid down her pen, quizzically wondering if it's "lay" or "laid." And what about "lying?" Yes, I do that sometimes. I've sunk to mom jokes. "I said laugh, or I'll cover the other eye" Anyways, guys, how's it going? I've been writing on this blog for a little bit of time … Continue reading What Should I Write About Next?

Down the Hololive Rabbit Hole – OkaKoro and such…

And so, one day a woman watched a video. She laughed. She almost cried. She wondered why. Why am I watching this?!?!?! I've lost my mind. What the hell is wrong with me?!?!?! I actually prefer Okayu's version more than the original by Back Number. She actually sings this song beautifully. These are little … Continue reading Down the Hololive Rabbit Hole – OkaKoro and such…