In The Face of Bad, there is REALLY GOOD – Selen, Rin, Doppio, and Fanmade Mixes

You know how there is white noise? I have white view. I look at this white, blank screen and it buzzes in my eyeballs. Is that possible? I don’t know. I know nothing. I used to read books on anthropology, history, religious studies and mythology. But I’m dumb now. I lost my library in the move to the mountains and I don’t like to read Kindle’s or online books. I’m just picky like that. And so now, I’m just a dummy.

Anyway, there are a lot of really talented people in the world. I am amazed when I find a real gem among all the myriad talented people. It was like when I found Starcadian because Vox Akuma, part of Nijisanji EN, sang one of his songs, New Cydonia. Starcadian is amazingly good at making, as he says, “ear movies.” His funky is very funky.

Or, I found some great vocalists, KMNZ, Xia, Emi Evans, and Serafina, thanks to just randomly listening to one song after another, like finding crumbs leading to a really great cake.

Which brings me to three V-Tubers that are known for being chill and are extremely likable because of their chill and chad ways: Rin Penrose, Selen Tatsuki, and Doppio Dropscythe.


Also, I can’t stop listening to this mix, which I will get to the mixer, Creifu, at the end of this post.

Enna is good but this mixer made it sound like a professional cover almost as good as Ado. Her karaoke alone, was already mind blowing but the mixer just really put that finishing touch. Chef’s kiss!

The Little Guy, John V-Tuber

Okay, her real V-Tubing persona is Rin Penrose. Her full title: Her Royal Highness Prince Rin of Kalaido, Duke of Tellada, Knight of the Grand Order of Asmody, Member of Her Majesty’s Honourable Crown Council, Balladeer Royal, Right Noble Bearer of Clarent, is a hit.

Anyway, this young royal has hit 300k in a very short amount of time (she’ll probably be at 400k in two weeks).

Oh look, the little numbers are moving upward…..

She barely debuted at the end of last year. And the reason it’s impressive is she is not in a big company like Nijisanji (the new gen, XSoleil that just debuted doesn’t even have anyone with that many subs) or HoloStars and Tempus (same).

She’s just a little guy.

In comparison to her genmates, she has moved three to four times faster in subscriber count. That happens when you are organically witty, smart, entertaining, and funny. She is unique with her shorts (some reaching over 1M views) and niche of explaining the truth of V-Tubing as a business and career, and her cult of Blahaj (Ikea blue sharks) is very different.

Having a posh British accent is a pretty sweet buff, too. She can speak a mile-a-minute cohesively, with great diction, and throw in zingers of humor.

Her shorts have probably shot up her numbers the most. Either she, or her editor, does really good edits that make it even more enjoyable and funny. I’d just head over and start watching her shorts one after another and get insanely obsessed with the young Prince – not Princess – like now.

By god Blahaj, you sing amazingly well!

Recently, I wrote a blog on Rin Penrose and I stand by that – she is the V-Tuber you really need to be watching. She is going to amaze everyone.

(Look, I called it with Enna after she debuted, so I’m just saying… I have a good read on these types of things.)

I listened to her unarchived karaoke and her voice is even pretty good. Oh wait, it’s her Blahaj singing. I was wrong. Her shark and skrunkly sang very well.

The Gamer that Keeps Winning – Selen Tatsuki, The Laughing Dragon

Selen Tatsuki just passed 700k subscribers and is the most popular female in Nijisanji EN. At the moment, she is ruling the world and hitting on all cylinders. And personally speaking, she is just fun to watch. I mean, she is ALWAYS fun to watch. She games, she jokes, has an iconic laugh, she’s an amazing artist, she does shorts, and she sings Disney princess songs. Truly, the biggest gap moe in V-Tubing.

Teehee, it’s me, Se-leeeeeehnnnnn – roar

Recently, she took part in Vsaikyo – a competitive Apex tournament. (At one time, she was ranked a Predator, and is truly a gamer girl.) Her team did not do as well as she hoped, so she wrote a long tweet addressing the experience and her part. She was much too hard on herself. She was the most entertaining part of the tournament to me.

The thing about Selen is that she brings in those of us who never watch, or barely watch, FPS games and makes it interesting, educational, and fun. It’s all about enjoying what you are viewing. And frankly, enjoying what you are playing. It translates to the viewer. In that way, she does one of the best jobs out there. She should never be so hard on herself.

But Selen is an above average human that will always be hard on herself.

Seleeeeeeen – noooooooooooooooo!

Her bro-ship with Pomu is one of the funniest things in the world. All their Minecraft collabs are must-sees. Which reminds me, now that Pomu is back from Japan they are doing a Minecraft Legends stream collaboration. If you missed it while reading this go back and catch the show. You will always be entertained by the top Minecraft duo of Selen and Pomu – called LunarFairy, SelenMu, the HOA, or most recently, they are Genghis Pomu and Selen the Hun, and those who follow them are now Pomugoons, Or Dragodachis.

Anyway, Selen is the chad. The bro. The one who is unstoppable and travels at her own pace.

She was the brainchild behind the Nijisanji Express in the VR chat world, she put together the WrestleSanji 2023, and she recently hosted and was one of the ones behind the NijiPuyo Tetris2 2023 Tournament. Right now, she is organizing a Fall Guys Tourney.

She has this unique ability to bring other talents together. She has a list of Lo-Fi songs from Tachibana of each new gen in Niji EN. They are all great. She incorporates some of the best animators to put together NijiBites. They are all funny, but here is the first (it’s almost at 3M views):

She has her hands in a lot of pots. Is that right? I forgot the idiom. See, how dumb I’ve become.

She is the A student that puts in all the effort. The class President. Selen never fails to recognize every single person that helps in whatever project she is working on.

She is gracious. That is a rare commodity these days.

She is respected and loved by her dragoons. She is that person women love and men want to be. Selen is just too cool. And when she’s not cool she is dorkily chill and rolls with the punches, as if she meant to take that fall in the first place. She is just smart and quick, and she doesn’t take shit from anyone.

She’s that bro you want to know.

So, hey, go check her out – like now. She needs to get up to 1M subs by the end of the year and she’ll probably do something really cool to celebrate.

Who is Doppio “Pio-chan” Dropscythe?

Tis I, Doppio!

He is the man, the mystery, and the Legend: Doppio “Pio” Dropscythe

I’ve been so impressed with him since he co-hosted WrestleSanji 2023 with Vox Akuma. They hit it off right away. He is part of the Chuuni crew with Selen, Rosemi, Fulgar, Maria and Pomu. He is so sweet and nice; he gets along with everyone.

He is also one of the rare few that doesn’t cuss every other word. It’s so strange. He’s just a funny boi that stays in this strange and over-the-top character of Doppio. He doesn’t have to say f*** this and f*** that constantly. It’s a bit refreshing.

Jugemu – jugemu, my brother

Now, I obviously don’t mind cussing. I watch V-Tubers. But I watch a lot of young kids who seem to say one bad word after another for clout. It’s just… rather sad. It makes them think they are cool or more “keepin’ it real, yo.” But it doesn’t. Being real is being yourself, not the act.

His voice is very unique. I watched a collab with him and Maria and they are both so wildly weird and funny, and they broke out in song and it was hilarious. They both seem so savvy and based.

Seriously, the best of Iluna, Maria, and the best of XSoleil, Doppio, are pretty chill siblings. I’d love to watch more collabs with the two of them.

Fanmade Mixing Channels

We all know if you catch Enna (I always go back to her Higurashi concert), Millie (I can’t stop watching her Kikuo concert – go there if you haven’t. The art and production is amazing.), or Elira singing Karaoke you are going to get a great show. You can also say that with Pomu, Maria, or Reimu. They are so good. I haven’t really listened to many of the guys. I just have never really given them much thought.

But recently, wow, the guys in Nijisanji EN have some pretty good singers. I’ve been catching Shu, Sonny and Uki through fanmade mixes and was so impressed. Those mixes led me to check out their karaoke. There are a couple of mixing channels that got me hooked on these three Niji EN dudes: Creifu and chu_mixtape.

I ended up watching Sonny Brisko’s karaoke and it was really good. He is a must-watch karaoke man. He is really, really good. I guess all that great voice acting benefits.

Shu Yamino is another. He struggles at times because he has some trouble with breathing correctly. But his voice is really smooth and with some vocal coaching, he would be awesome. I love this mix from Creifu.

Oh wait, I have to add this because I love the song and Elira and Shu make it fantastic and jazzy on a nice afternoon.

And then this was the mix that brought me to chu_mixtape.

Uki has a soft voice and this other mix of him and Millie singing Kikuo’s, “Urami No Waltz.” This was a mix put together by Chuyame (it’s the only mix I found on their channel):

Wow, every time I listen to the power of Millie’s voice on this song I’m blown away. She is an amazing singer. I can not pump up her Kikuo Fan Concert enough. If you haven’t heard the concert you are truly missing something amazing.

I have a lot of playlists because I tend to listen to music while writing and catching up with work in the evening.

If you need some good chill music please listen to those mixes. Creifu has a really good playlist on his channel, and if you’re like me and listen to music in the background while working, I suggest you go check it out.

Now, I want to say a little something about the really bad. It’s the end of the post and I’m going to say my two cents on something that recently happened in Nijisanji EN. It’s given a lot of hate toward the V-Tubers of this company.

The thing is there are a lot of good souls in this company. Like in most of life, there is more good than bad. We tend to gravitate toward the bad because that is our nature.

The REALLY BAD Last but certainly not least, because there will be more good music at the end

Zaion Lanza was fired, but that is just old news. I really hope her the best. Whoever fired her really, really hated her because that was a ridiculously long list. But, water under the bridge. It was for the best because it happened.

I’ve also been long enough in this world to know to not believe everything I read on a PR spin. There is so much between lines.

Since, Luxiem’s popularity, and the entrance of a lot of younger people joining EN, management has also grown. New fans have come. Younger fans have come. That means, you will, naturally, get new management that feeds the online extreme cancel culture and hyper westernized sensitivities toward non-issues. It is what makes Twitter go round.

I’m a stoic and not only am I very boring but I’m also someone who realizes life is just what it is – nothing more or less.

She didn’t deserve the extreme online hate by kids on the internet, one of those kids being someone from Nijisanji EN, who used his previous account to like posts that doxxed Zaion. But then, he’s known for doxxing, not only himself, but others – so, nothing new.

Again, some things are just what they are.

The firing of Zaion Lanza made me have respect for Doppio Dropscythe and Ren Zotto of Niji EN. Ren commented on others going after Zaion, when she was already fired. He graciously told them to back off, already. Stop kicking the horse – it’s dead.

And then Doppio was the only XSoliel member that didn’t make a 20-minute video explaining why they wash their hands of Zaion.

Not to judge too harshly, but it was brought to my attention that it might be a cultural thing to make these types of videos, so I should give them leeway. I guess that is understandable. Kotoka, Meloco, Ver, and Hex all made this explanatory video of how they tried to save her soul, or something or other, and how they felt. I thought it strange and unnecessary. If only one of them made a video for the group, it would have probably sufficed.


Throwing the negative mic down. Life will go on. There will be more drama to feed the drama channels soon enough.

And, here is the beautiful song. Another great mix by Creifu. He commented that he cried while editing. I’ll be honest, it makes me get choked up every time I hear her sing this song. The beautiful ghost, Reimu Endou:

The fact he captured an already perfect singer, and knew just how to tweak ever so gently to bring out the beauty that is already present, makes me appreciate his mixing.

I hope you all the best in whatever pursuits you strive toward. May you find what you seek and search for in this life.

Thank you for reading.

Love you Gracie! 🙂 ❤


3 thoughts on “In The Face of Bad, there is REALLY GOOD – Selen, Rin, Doppio, and Fanmade Mixes

  1. I dropped in on Rin recently, and I can see the appeal. It’s rare for someone from one of the smaller agencies to explode in growth like she has, too, without that Holo/Niji boost. Love Selen as well — she’s always entertaining no matter what she’s doing. Speaking of, I saw her return to Peppa Pig, a truly inspiring stream.

    The consensus seems to be that Nijisanji EN’s management handled Zaion’s termination in a lousy way, citing minor issues or even totally inconsequential ones (“falsely claiming a stream was sponsored” over an obvious joke about Raid: Shadow Legends, that’s a good one) alongside the serious stuff. Bringing out genmates and other VTubers at the agency and having them dump on her, though, also felt excessive. Sure didn’t inspire any confidence among fans from what I saw.

    1. Hello Ak! 🙂

      I love Selen’s Peppa Pig streams. What do you think of her new SelenBear outfit? I think it’s cute.

      I really enjoyed watching Rin babysit Fuyo and Yuko during their golfing stream. It was pretty funny.

      I totally agree with your take on Zaion. Everyone has done the Raid: Shadow Legends joke. It made no sense as an issue. I think the whole thing was a sad blight on the good members of Nijisanji EN that are left.

      Anyway, thanks for the comment and reading my blog. I have to go check on what you’re writing on right now.

      1. SelenBear was very cute. Very fitting for Selen, too. The gap moe is massive as you say.

        Thanks, and I hope you’re doing well!

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