I’m Watching Rin Penrose, and Why You Should Also…

That is… if you like funny British people.

A new English speaking group has joined the ranks of V-Tubing company entertainment. I know there are so many popping up. I mean, there must be a new V-Tuber born every second nowadays. Oh look, mum, a new babe.

Juna, Fuyo, Rin, Pochi, and Yuko

We, of course, have the big name companies like Nijisanji, Hololive and VShojo but the smaller groups are starting to make a bit of waves. You have Phase Connect, Prism Project, AkioAir and now a new English branch called idol-EN E-Sekai. There are much more and of course, the Indie V-Tubers that are so talented.

You realize, there is a lot of talent out there. How do you keep up with them all?

Well, you watch what you enjoy and I’m enjoying Rin Penrose, as of late, and this is why you should also give her a chance.

Because she’s Bri’ish!

Yep, that’s it. Only reason.

idol-EN E-Sekai

E-Sekai was a group that I simply started watching after a few clips on my usual Pomu clipper, Pomu’s Sweat. Soon, I was checking out the debuts, uploading their songs, and began watching a few vids.

Mostly, this song. Yuko Yurei, the resident little ghost girl, did the art. It was a cool song.

But then Rin just kept pulling me in. Her obsession with Ikea sharks called, Blahaj. As well as, those sharks, she also collects hundreds of plushies and calls them her skrunklies. It makes me want to buy one. Her “Welcome to the Blahaj Zone: A TEDTalk,” was something to behold. Both informative and mind-boggling in that “what the fuck am I watching?” kind of way.

Her need to go from one subject to the next on a dime without catching a breath. Her random news conferences. Her self-deprecating and snarky humor. The fact she is a female Prince, not a Princess that is a tomboy, I mean, an actual Prince. Yes.

Prince Bin Ben Bose to many fans.

Strange, since she is obviously not a singer. I always gravitate to the more musically talented. And she does sing, mind you, as you can see with her original song that she immediately released during her debut:

…. but she is mostly a funny British girl that is freakin’ HILARIOUS! She is a one woman comedy show. You never really know what to expect on any given stream.

She says the word, “croissant” in a very different way.

Pochi is French and Rin is British

Yes, Quaso. I now want to eat a quaso.

She also has this giggle that sounds like a windshield wiper that needs to be replaced badly… very badly.

If you go to her channel watch any of her edited shorts that run around 4 to 6 mins long. They are all hilarious and well-edited.

This was during her Royal Christmas Address to the citizenry

She is also very educational in that she gave the best advice on wanting to become a V-Tuber, “[Now Hiring!] Watch before you audition! V-Tuber Agency Audition Tips…” It truly was chock-full of actual, good advice for anyone considering the field of V-Tubing as a career. I am serious when I say she gave the most practical advice in a very entertaining and helpful manner. No wonder she is royalty.

Beginning each stream is a rando Rin fact

She loves to do powerpoint and give TED Talks. You will find this out.

As lore goes, she was actually scouted for her position with E-Sekai. I’ve heard she is actual British royalty (but its only a rumor and probably not true). She has the background as a V-Tuber and it shows. She knows her way around the creativity aspect needed to be a V-Tuber. She is always surprising with good content in any stream.

Okay, okay, you must watch this clip that was extremely well edited by gr4ybox and then decide:

Yes, she is insane and I hope you have been sold to catch a glimpse of this wonderful new V-Tuber. Well, not new to the scene of v-tubing but new to this new group. That’s pretty new.

(Also, go check out that clippers channel. He/She does a great job at editing.)

Now, I do love the other four members of E-Sekai: Yuko Yurei, Fuyo Cloverfield, Pochi Wanmaru, and Juna Unagi. I tend to favor Fuyo and Yuko but the others are also very funny and entertaining.

You really can’t go wrong if you want a good time and some funny and entertaining content creators with the new idol-EN E-Sekai group.

Let’s face it though, I’m going to gravitate to the funny British girl. She knows what she’s doing and she is quite a bit refreshing.


Hey kids and kiddos and adults and old people!

Lazulight is having their 3-D premiere starting this Friday night – Friday the 13th! Which means, nothing bad will happen, right?

Starting with our amazing dragon, Elira Pendora on this Friday the 13th, 1/13, at 1700 PST (I think that’s 6 pm around Arizona – you do the math), and then Feesh, Finana Ryugu on Friday, 1/20 at the same time, and finally, our favorite fairy, Pomu Rainpuff on Friday 1/27 at the same time. Its best to look for their waiting rooms and the proper time. (Because I obviously can’t figure out time zones.)

Please catch them doing stupid things in 3-D and I’m sure it will be great fun!

In all seriousness, though, this has been anticipated for a year. And I know, I am quite happy it will finally come true. We can finally see Pomu dancing like a proper idol in 3-D.

We have three talented entertainers and vocalists coming to life. You will feel they can actually come out of your screen and cause you harm. It should be great!


Anyway, thank you for reading. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and Friday the 13th (I’m going to probably re-watch that movie after ELIRA’S 3-D PREMIERE).

I hope you the best in finding what you seek and search for in this life but mostly love. Thank you and adios!

Love you Gracie! 🙂 ❤


2 thoughts on “I’m Watching Rin Penrose, and Why You Should Also…

  1. There are so many agencies with so many great talents, it hurts not to be able to watch them all. I’ve seen some talk of idol-EN around, but I haven’t watched any of their stuff yet. I might drop in on Rin though to at least check her out, thanks.

    Phase Connect and NijiEN have taken up all of my extremely meager VTuber watch time lately. I did catch Elira’s 3D debut, and it was a great time. Happy to see how well it did too — 50K concurrent viewers, really something. I loved her version of “Plastic Love” as well. Looking forward to Pomu’s now.

    1. Hi Ak! Yes, I think you’d like Rin Penrose and also Fuyo Cloverfield; she’s extremely creative and reminds me of Pomu. It’s funny that she is a leprechaun. They have wacky and extremely creative streams.

      Elira’s 3-D was great. I also really loved her Plastic Love. I also watched Finana’s and thought the beach scene was hilarious but her DJ skills were off the charts great. She did a great job during her concert section.

      Pomu is who I’ve been waiting for too. Oh my goodness. I’m so excited to finally see her in 3-D. It’s going to be great!

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