Nina Kosaka – the Mom of the Internets, and Chainsaw Sounds?

Do Nina and chainsaw’s correlate?


Mmmmm… mom?

No… no they do not… as, far as I know.

I’m just writing a quickie praiseview of Nina Kosaka of Nijisanji EN 3rd wave Ethyria, and while I was at it I thought over how much I love Chainsaw Man.

Watch now or else… you’ll feel like you missed out on the hype

Mostly, this will be what I know of Nina and caught with a few of her streams, mostly zatsudans, Mornings with Fox Mom, and collabs. I also think Chainsaw Man is a must-see anime for this season. Maybe not for the same reasons most love it. But, I’ll get to that in a moment. For now….

Nina Kosaka, the Fox Goddess, the Mom, the Old Hag (according to Pomu)

Nina came along with Ethyria and you instantly felt the difference. She was not a little gremlin like Enna or Millie. Nor, was she a professional singer like her three genmates, Reimu, MIllie and Enna. They had all come from more musical backgrounds, two of them having come from music channels. She was also EXTREMELY extroverted. It made her stand out with these young ladies she joined a wave alongside.

Just a fox girl that wants to have fun

It almost seemed she didn’t quite belong with the other three. Ethyria had a slow start and almost felt like an anomaly. Lazulight and Obsydia were to be opposites – light and dark. They had meaning in that parallel. Ethyria? They were not even a trio. There were four. A singing quartet but one didn’t sing. We are used to troupes being either three or five, or a duo. But four? What was going on? Was Nina a last minute add-on?

Her new outfit reveal brought out some real mommy power

Was the mommy power too strong?

Nina, who’s channel grew faster than any other female member of Nijisanji EN, stood out.

Despite her being older and a different type of V-tuber, she found her own path and continued walking along to all our amazement. She has become a really wonderful addition to one of the most gifted troupes of entertainers, Nijisanji. She can talk about almost any subject.

This is a fun interview if you get a chance to watch

She was instantly invited to Ironmouse’s talk show. She was the first to travel and visit over half of Luxiem. She was collab’ing more often with non-Nijisanji talents. She was everywhere. And, she was minecrafting.

I am judging you heavily right now

(On a side note: I am recently addicted to Minecraft because it was a birthday/Christmas gift and I need help. It must be an old’er lady thing.)

Onto Nina, she seemed to only have a unique voice. It was a “mom” voice. She played the part and has consistently played the mom of Nijisanji EN to the point we now believe she’s mom when she walks in a collab – any collab with any V-Tuber. It’s a role she’s chosen and she is always playing this character. You start to realize, maybe she was always meant to be a mom. Or, an auntie – a really wacky and inappropriate Auntie that is always embarrassing you.

She is older. Wiser. Snarkier. Boomer-esque. She talks of the “Googles” and the “internets.” She’s a person who had been on the internet as a commentator and became a V-Tuber because she just wanted an atmosphere where she wasn’t just talking into the void. She was part of a family. She could have camaraderie with co-workers. I guess it got lonely out in the Canadian tundra (I don’t actually know this, I’m just adding this part).

I am wearing nothing behind this flag… but I’m alone in the wilderness Woo Hoo!
Photo by Andre Furtado on

After watching Lazulight’s debut she instantly felt their friendly banter, sisterly friendships, and just this warmth they shared within the group. The same thing that drew me into Nijisanji EN as a viewer, drew her as a participant in the fun chaos.

When she entered the scene there was a lot of criticism. As they call, “haters.” Haters gonna hate. There was even a group who tried to get her canceled. At least, according to V-Tuber drama channels – heavy on the drama. It was a minority of those who knew her earlier iteration who just didn’t like her. Often, I’d find her name beside the term “bitch,” “inappropriate,” or, “too adult.” Well, I’m not sure most got the memo but V-Tubers are not children, nor are the channels for children. They usually have adult content.

Anime and cartoons are very different, but I won’t talk about that now. Anime, for the most part, isn’t really for children. It’s usually around PG-13 or above. Makes me think of Chainsaw Man (which I’m going to mention at the end of this post because it’s just that good). Let’s listen to a song:

Did it get you in the mood for Chainsaw Man?

I’m being random and absurd because the controversy over Nina was silly and childish. She was even called a racist and various other words but we won’t go into that.

Puh…leeeese your blog was going so well. Lets not bring up your dark past of dislike

I understand if you don’t like a V-Tuber. Just avoid them and unsubscribe like I did to a certain V-Tuber that I mentioned earlier but we won’t go into that again.

Anyway, I call it a woman who knows who she is and isn’t afraid to state her opinion. She never joined the ranks of internet drama and woke culture. She would simply speak out on various topics and knew her stuff. She is vocal. She has dark humor. If it’s not your cup of tea then its best to stay away from her channel. She will grow on you, however, like that mom you have. She will irritate the hell out of you but then you realize, “damn, I miss my mom.”

Seriously? You going there?

One thing about Nina is she is an old-time gamer. She’s obviously been around anime, manga, pop culture and the weeb scene for many years. She is definitely not my age but she’s an older woman. Or, maybe just a mature woman. I know she isn’t that old. In real life, she’s pretty cute. I mean, she is seriously a good looking woman. If she were available I mean… hehehe. I mean… if I were available.

Let’s just skip that inappropriate comment and pretend it wasn’t written in that paragraph up there.

I guess I also have mom humor.

Anyway, she is an adult who has traveled quite a bit, knows Russian, French and English fluently, and it’s obvious has lived a very full and experienced life.

Through time, I think Nina has proven the haters wrong. She is a personality that lives up to the endearing nomenclature of “mom.”

Amalee, Ironmouse, Vienna, Girl_DM, Bao, most of VShojo and Indie V-tubers call her “mom.” She has truly become a mom of the internets. Of course, in her previous iteration she interacted with many personalities online. I’m sure she developed friendships that benefit her now in this iteration. She is just open to chatting or talking about anything.

Um…. hold up there Val – a WHAAAT arc?!

And the biggest plus – she doesn’t take herself seriously. That’s so important in maturity. She is forgiving and gracious – always acknowledging fellow contributors. Another great quality in a human being.

I also love that she has a friends-to-lover arc going on with my Kami-Oshi Pomu. You can see they play off each other well and like Pomu, Nina doesn’t care if she rubs you the wrong way. She is going to be Nina, just as Pomu is going to be Pomu.

In fact, Pomu made Nina’s closing animation that she still uses and has helped her in the past with creative content. I think they have a mutual respect for one another and both are unabashedly hooked on Minecraft… but they can stop anytime. Right? Like me… right? Right?

It’s over – LEAVE!!! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out

I must say, if you ever want to listen in the background to the chillest mom on the internets, and every so often get tidbits of good advice, then please go over, subscribe to Ninaur, hit that like button, and watch a pretty cool Auntie-slash-mom-bad mom joke extraordinaire.

Nina Kosaka is just a pleasant time of viewing for any age.

The Intricate Sounds of Chainsaw Man

I love this show! And, I admire it for the music and sound. Whoever is in charge of the music and for this show’s sound and effects has amazing ears. Sometimes, I sit in awe just listening to scenes over and over to catch how well they placed effects.

The subtle scenes and sounds are what make this a top-notch show. Action? Yes, it has action. But the characterization and story is what keeps you coming back for more; which, is enhanced by the sound.


In Aki’s apartment when the three roomies, Aki, Power and Denji, are eating and chatting, you hear every little sound as if experiencing the meal yourself.

Beforehand, this scene takes place. Aki’s morning routine. This captured my attention.

Every bit of him brewing coffee really blew me away. His entire routine in Episode 4 – watch and listen

When Denji, allowed to cop a feel from Power in the bathroom, was sitting there on the toilet you could hear every little intricate sound of being uncomfortable. The echo and the slightest movement was caught, bringing you into the scene. It brought it more to life.

Denji is a simple man with simple needs. I think that makes him a remarkable protagonist. Most have such high and lofty goals – like saving the world or something.

For goodness sake, he just wants to feel a breast. At least… that’s what he thinks. You realize, like most humans – he really wants to know love. What it is to feel loved.

I loved her character so much 😦

In Himeno’s apartment the two episodes where Denji was passed out after a night of drinking, she was moving about her apartment. Both viewpoints of the night before replayed. You instantly hear the subtle relationship in each location. From the bar, to the bedroom, to the patio and alone in her kitchen or apartment. Himeno’s emotion was felt in the sound. Denji’s inexperience. All conveyed so well in the sounds.

Denji, felt he had a best friend for the first time. She was a person who’d seen so much loss she had to stop and consider it all in this naïve young man. It was all foreshadowing.

Loss. The loss is felt in the sounds and the lack of sound.

You just leave me out in the cold, show…
Photo by Tanika on

Her death hit me the hardest. Well, next to losing Pochi. I really want a Pochi plushie. He’s sooooo cute.

But as my son informs me (he’s read the manga) it will get even more emotional. Noooooooooooo! Why? Why show, do you do this to me?!

Onto the sound of Chainsaw Man.

In the most recent episode, Aki was moving from indoors to the small patio through the glass sliding door. He had just lost his best friend and mentor. There were outdoor sounds of a plane and the traffic and when he walked out. It all felt you could actually be there walking onto the patio alongside him.

I had to replay the episode scene a couple of times. It’s so good. This is why its a good show. Subtlety. Sounds. Music.

Oh my goodness, each ending song for Chainsaw Man is different, a banger, and correlates to the episode. There is a playlist of all the ending songs, thus far, that I listen to when I work. All are so good. They are performed by great artists from Vaundy to Aimer. And then of course, the opening song by Kenshi Yonezu that I already placed.

Chainsaw Man is definitely worth checking out. Yes, you’ll be like everyone else but sometimes maybe the hype isn’t just hype.

I hope you all have a fantastic 2023!

Well whaddya know? Everything’s still the same.
Photo by RODNAE Productions on

Can you believe we are over two decades into the new millennium? I would have never thought I’d be here when I was a teen in the 1970’s and chilling to Jim Croce and Carly Simon.

Can you believe we don’t fly everywhere like the Jetson’s and wear stretchy polyester outfits color coordinated? We pretty much all have to deal with the same stuff: Terrorism. Do-nothing politicians. Overpriced food and gas. Wow, its like 50 years never passed.

I may write about this later. Please check out all the other cool bloggers. Check out Nina. Watch Chainsaw Man. And just have a good day.

I hope you all find what you seek and search for in this life. Mostly love.

Love you Gracie! 🙂 ❤

P.S. I have a question: What word described 2022 the most for you? Depressing? Cringe? Sadge? Please let me know in the comments. Thank you for reading.


2 thoughts on “Nina Kosaka – the Mom of the Internets, and Chainsaw Sounds?

  1. Nina is a good time to watch. I don’t catch much of what she’s doing, but I saw some bits of her Outer Wilds stream — a great game to watch VTubers play to get their reactions if they’re new to it (but of course with massive spoilers if you haven’t played it.) Can’t imagine why people would hate her except that every VTuber, even the small ones in terms of views and viewers, seem to have those “antis”. Never got that; if I don’t like someone I’ll just leave them alone, but some people are just like that. (And that new outfit… yeah, agreed. I don’t know her real life looks but I’m a fan.)

    As for kids’ vs adult entertainment, you’re right that a lot of the VTuber stuff is not for kids and was never meant to be. Part of the appeal of Nijisanji and some of the smaller agencies and indies is that freedom to talk about all sorts of subjects. Sadly, YouTube management doesn’t seem to agree that this is a good thing and wants to safety-proof and infantilize the entire platform.

    2022 for me was working and being tired a lot, also anxiety about my future. I don’t expect much else from this year or any of the years to come. I’m thinking about how I can escape all this, even if it’s just a 0.01% chance. Even if I can’t, I’ll go on as well as I can. I hope you have a great new year!

    1. I’m sorry you’re having a rough time of it with anxiety about your future and such. I know its so hard for younger people and those starting out in life. My son and his best friend sound the same as you, AK.

      His friend said he wanted to start a podcast. He’s an historian. I think it would be interesting. It would definitely be funny.

      I’d love to start one. I’d talk about something that would get me canceled right off the bat. Haha

      But the future is pretty bleak for most younger ones in this world we’ve created. I went to buy eggs and they are around $7 to $10. What a change in price. They used to be fairly inexpensive for you to eat when you’re poor. I guess its back to ramen.

      But its more than the fact we’ve created an economy that makes it difficult for anyone to live or retire. We’ve become a society in a strange bubble of non-reality. Our fights are on platforms. Our disgust are in petty issues. The world is run by elderly whose knowledge of technology is from 1980.

      Our spiritual state is the worst. But I won’t go into the spiritual.

      The world is upside down in that, rich pay less and poor pay more for taxes, interest, and all manner of living. It’s so strange.

      Escape seems to be a common theme in our lives. It’s so hard in the real world. I guess that’s part of the reason for V-Tubers like Nina – comfy and chill, and telling us it will be okay. But it doesn’t change the day-to-day problems or anxiety. They are simply a nice little bandage we place on our wounds until they heal and then we get another scrape.

      I hope you have a much better 2023 with less hard work. I hope you have more time to yourself and find something that makes you smile widely and wake up hopeful.

      I guess we will simply trudge along and hope for the best.

      Thank you for the comment, AK. 🙂

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