Lazulight is BACK! #MillieCake2022! XSoleil — How do you pronounce it? And, Parasocial Dislike

Pomu is back! She came back with a vengeance. She and Selen collab’d. The Lunar Fairy duo came up with a banger hit out soon on Spotify. Woo! Nobody can Stop the Rain.

Animation by Roaming Tuna and music by Tachibana

It’s soon to be released on Pomu and Selen’s channel. Or, it won’t. I don’t know. Writing this original ditty was one of the many crazy things they did while both lacking sleep, going through jetlag, and being chaotic and silly. Their random banter is hilarious. They played Minecraft and all felt well in the world again. SelenMu Minecraft games are always a good time. This time they formed the MC HOA… and, of course, that banger hit.

We are back, baaaaaby!

Elira also shared her trip and the FamElira were ecstatic. Pomu came back and talked over her trip too. The Pomudachi were dancin’ in the streets. Finana also came back but I’m not as familiar with the Ryugards. I am going to watch her “I’m Back” VOD later. I’ve only watched Pomu and part of Elira.

Having Lazulight back and streaming has eased my soul quite a bit.

Mysta came back and I’m watching a bit of him. He’s a breath of fresh air.

I’ve also watched a bit of Nina Kosaka and I’d like to write a post about her next time. She’s an interesting woman. Nina has been around life and listening to her is very refreshing. It’s a mature view. You can tell she’s well-traveled and well-read. She gives a mature outlook that you don’t hear from the 20-something year-old kids that usually don avatars.

I’m growing every day… bigger and bigger… and bigger if you look closely

I’m also watching a lot of Millie. She’s so creative and funny. (I mean, she is possibly one of the most creative in Nijisanji EN.)

It’s (was) her birthday and I’ll be watching as much as I can while working. It will be playing in the background. Be sure and wish her a Happy Birthday at #MillieCake2022.

I’ve really had too much caffeine. Now that I’m drinking a tastier brand of instant coffee and its snowing here with biting winds, I’m drinking like three to four cups of coffee a day while working and writing. That’s quite unhealthy.

I don’t know.

Okay, I”m going to rant here. Please skip now if you don’t want a rant.

Honestly, anyone else just feel this heaviness while watching Nijisanji EN? Like, my soul is feeling a disturbance in the force. It’s so strange. I’m sure its nothing but my own parasocial dislike toward… this one member, Kyo Kaneko. And I never use the word “hate.” That seems so finite. I greatly dislike this V-Tuber. He’s just not my cup of tea. But he’s in my favorite V-Tubing group, Nijisanji EN, and always hanging around one of my favorite V-Tubers.

So, I’m at a dilemma of how do I continue to enjoy this content? Cause… he’s there! Like, always there! I’ve never seen another V-Tuber interrupt for as long as he does on another’s stream. If he just popped in as a friend it would be okay. But he sure overstays the welcome.

How dare you not like what we all like? Think how we think? You’ll be canceled.

But just like parasocial positive feelings, parasocial negative feelings take up too much soul space. They are really not healthy.

So, I’ll only have to take a break from one V-Tuber I used to watch a lot for awhile.

I still have Pomu and Selen! Luxiem! Noctyx! Obsydia! All Lazulight! Millie! Reimu! Nina! And the new XSoleil; of which, I’ll talk about them in a bit.

So, I’ll be taking a break from Nijisanji EN and watching less of my favorites, since he’ll be around in their chat, showing up in their VC, or dropping in without warning. In collabs he is the loudest (I am positive he is turning up his volume) and constantly cuts people off. Either he’s just very immature (the youngest member of NijiEN at just barely turning 20), ill-mannered, or, really loves to hear himself talk. Maybe he never learned social cues. I don’t know what’s going on but it makes Nijisanji EN when he’s around very unenjoyable for me. For me. Don’t read too much into it. Don’t try to talk me into liking what I don’t like.

So, please, if you are in love with this guy parasocially, don’t take this too personally. If you’re one of those weird shippers this isn’t a guy/girl thing. This is a member that irritates me thing.

This is my old lady opinion and how I view manners.

Plus, who knows how I’ll feel in a month. He might grow on me… or not. I never know what I’ll feel or think one day to the next.

I’m sure it’s just my own depression that’s making me think this way.


I don’t talk about this too much. Or, maybe I do. I’m depressed. I mean, really depressed. I have social anxiety where I go to my job after everyone else has left and work at the office or remotely so, I don’t have to see too many people. I was blessed with a job and an understanding boss who just wants me to get my work done. He doesn’t care if I’m anti-social.

Sometimes, you just want to jump

But I am extremely depressed. It’s the holidays and its so busy. My mum’s been sick and so I look over her, and then my adult son is disabled and so, I work a lot to make sure his basic needs are taken care of. I also have a great new job but it takes up the rest of my time. I’m a traffic manager at a radio station; which, is like my dream job. But I work a lot.

I got to record a voice-over for a commercial and that was super fun. It’s local stuff but I have really great co-workers. Camaraderie with fellow employees is what makes any job. It’s why I actually enjoyed working in retail at times simply because I made a lot of great friends. That’s always been the best part of horrible jobs, the people you meet along the way.

Anyway, XSoleil (ex-so-lay)…

They entered with a really good showing. A little too much angst for me. I recall Luxiem and others during their debuts. They made me laugh. Some of my favorite debuts were hilarious:

Shu and the story of the magic poo. Mysta and Luca. Sonny kicking open a door with his excellent voice acting. Millie and Enna eating parfait and then her fantastic opening song about life that got too real.

This song is just too good not to post. She created this on a small budget.

Pomu broke out into a Hamtaro song and I’ve loved her content ever since. So, many were just uplifting and fun.

So, XSoleil came and despite my complaining, once again, they were pretty good. I love their designs. They all have great designs.

Zaion, Doppio, Kotoka, Ver, Hex, and Meloco

They all seem cultured and multi-lingual. They are a talented group. Meloco Kyoran seems like a crack gamer, and possibly good singer. I’m waiting for her song. Kotoka Torahime seems really sweet like Scarle Yonaguni, and I hear she raps. So far, I’ve watched a couple of VODs and was entertained. I love the rigging with Zaion LanZa. Her facial expressions are fantastic and convey her humor. She is extremely cultured.

Kotaka and Meloca seem really nice. Hex Haywire (I know, what is with these names?) seems like a wholesome good guy a lot like Fulgar Ovid. I haven’t caught much of Ver Vermillion or Doppio Dropscythe but I’ll probably catch more of them as time goes by.

Their first song… well, it’s not my favorite. Its not bad. You can listen to “Hold it Down,” here. I won’t place it here because I’d rather place another really good song that I”m trying to promote:

This had all of Millie’s heart and soul placed into it and she was so sick while recording. So please, give it some love. It’s not a pity listen. This is actually really good. Great vocals, mixing and art. It needs much more attention and views. It should reach 1M as a Christmas present to our favorite witch.

And, if you want to comment and are not a raging fan then I might approve your comment. I might even delete this post if I get too much anxiety over it. I do that a lot. Stating an honest opinion is dangerous for mental health.

But this is my blog and this is merely my opinion.

Please enjoy the rest of your day and I hope you the best in finding what you seek and search for in this life. Please feel peace at this busy time of year. If you have parasocial love or hate please take a break too.

Love you Gracie! โค ๐Ÿ™‚

(Yes, I’m working on your present and another song.)


10 thoughts on “Lazulight is BACK! #MillieCake2022! XSoleil — How do you pronounce it? And, Parasocial Dislike

    1. Post title was a bit of a joke. I didn’t mean, I didn’t know how to pronounce it seriously. I forgot to write out the pronunciation on my post. I’ll go back and edit. But thanks anyway.

  1. There’s another NijiEN wave out? Lord, at this rate I might end up in one of them. I haven’t caught XSoleil yet, but I did catch Millie’s song — even better than expected. I almost get an Akiko Shikata feel from it, and I love the work of hers I’ve heard. Happy to see Millie getting through it all, though it sounds like she’s still dealing with some of the effects from her last couple of streams.

    Regarding Kyo, I haven’t seen much of him, but I get what you mean about seeing other VTubers come in a bit too often/aggressively. The dynamic between the VTubers and between the host and their chat can be delicate sometimes, and some etiquette is required from everyone. As you say, a relative kid like Kyo might just not get it yet — hope he can, though. I also understand the parasocial aspect of it. I’ve heard good advice from a few VTubers themselves about “cooling off” on such feelings, especially meaningful when they’ve admitted to having such feelings themselves and have dealt with them. It’s easy to forget that most of them are viewers too, even if the dynamic there is obviously a bit different.

    I hope things aren’t too bad with the depression. I know those feelings all too well. The darkness around the midwinter doesn’t help either from what I hear. The Bustelo helps me out, though I know I shouldn’t drink too much. Looking forward to your Nina post as well — she is an interesting one, really a unique VTuber.

  2. Hey Ak. I blame you for Bustelo. ๐Ÿ˜€ I am hooked on this brand. But I’m also thankful. I’m really liking it and I haven’t really enjoyed drinking instant coffee before. This is just that good of an instant coffee.

    It always comes back to coffee, doesn’t it?

    Yep, there’s another group, XSoleil, and they are all pretty good. They had entertaining previous content and it seems Nijisanji EN is back to having decent hiring practices. I’m especially enjoying the girls in the group but the guys all seem pretty good.

    I’m guessing Iluna was just a hiccup. I feel sorry for Maria, who is extremely talented. She seems to always get the short end of the stick. I’m hopeful she’ll start hanging with Pomu, Rosemi, or others that are more cultured on Japan and idol stuff. I want to see her blossom as a content creator. Scarle is also growing on me because she’s a dork. All of them seem nice enough but a little lacking.

    Anyway, there are many reasons I dislike Kyo. Mostly, it started when he tried to get Enna canceled and made her falsely believe she was a racist after lecturing her for three hours in a call after she made a joke about his voice (which does sound like an old rapper that’s smoked too much), and a stereotype only an American audience would by hyper-focused upon. Only a few caught on that he overreacted and it was his overreaction that caused the problem but the internet is a canceling machine because of half-truths and making non-issues into issues. Instead of apologizing he made a video praising himself for “setting Enna straight.” If he would have apologized I think I would have given his content a chance.

    My perception of him just kept going downhill from there.

    Anyway, I realized it is best to step back and take a breather from that part of Nijisanji EN. There is such a wealth of talent in this group that it’s fine trying to keep out of his orbit. Plus, I’m spending more time watching VShojo and now this new group that I wish would have been Iluna with Maria added: IdolEN: E-Sekai. Have you heard of them? They are all really cute and funny. I might add a short review on them along with my Nina praiseview. I still haven’t watched much Phase Connect per your suggestion but I know they have some good talents.

    And thank you for hoping me the best with my depression. It was my birthday today and it was a nice chill day. I hung out with my son and mum. I finally got some sleep.

    I do appreciate your comment. Thank you so much. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Coffee makes life possible, really. I couldn’t get by without it. If Bustelo ever stops producing I’m not sure what I’ll do, because the alternatives are pretty lousy (though there is a product in a nearly identical jar called Cafe Pilon — probably the same maker.)

      Okay, I didn’t know that about Kyo, and now I completely understand how you feel. It would be hard to cool off of those feelings especially considering we know how genuine and sweet Enna is.

      Phase has dominated what little viewing I can manage lately — they seem to have plenty of both creativity and momentum. Though I haven’t heard about IdolEN/E-Sekai — I’ll check it out, thanks! There are a lot of great talents outside Holo, Niji, and the other extremely visible streamers in VShojo who don’t get the attention they deserve, and I’m always happy to find new ones to enjoy even if just for a little while.

      Finally — happy birthday. Good to be with family.

      1. Ah yes, what would we do without Bustelo? ๐Ÿ˜€ Thank you so much for the “Happy Birthday!” It was nice and chill. I was even able to do a bit of writing. You know, I don’t feel any older.

        Sheesh, I could probably write a list of all the reasons to dislike this content creator, not the least of him inviting himself to Enna’s home under the guise of “content.” It was kind of creepy, maybe just rude, since he did this while she was still recovering from her surgery. He told her he was coming over while live and she was under heavy meds. He called with an audience, so she’d be persuaded to say “yes.”

        What snippets I caught she seemed very uncomfortable but trying to be polite? But he got the clout, hanging with her, as she actually said. It’s all about clout.

        Anyway, I was watching more Nina (laughing out loud). I needed to watch an adult. I think she might have been drinking. I always tend to want some wine when I watch her. (Probably not good for me to do that on a late night when I need to work in the morning.)

        Also, watched some Pomu’s Oregon Trail. Boy, that game brings back memories. I think Pomu and Selen are my favorite buddy duo. You should catch their Chuuni session with Rosemi. It was hilarious. They re-wrote their lore for a new debut. Selen says she is going to actually re-debut with her new lore. This is why I first fell in love with Nijisanji EN. This random silliness.

        Yeah, that new group, Idol EN E-Sekai brings me back to the beginnings of Niji EN when it was just the first few groups. They have great chemistry and Rin, Yuko and Fuyu are my favorites. My son turned me onto this new group.

        Anyway, I started to rant again. I will probably work on the new post by the New Year.

        Do you have plans for Christmas? Do you celebrate? My goal is to cook a rib roast with hasselback potatoes.

      2. Saw the alert for Pomu’s Oregon Trail stream but work, you know. I’ll definitely be watching that VOD. Such memories with that game too, even though it has been updated. Same with the chuuni stream, really sounds good. I’ll be sure to catch Selen’s “redebut” live if I can.

        If this is a manipulative type of guy, I can understand the problem — such people can really be difficult to deal with, especially for those who give others the benefit of the doubt. I’m no expert, but I’ve dealt with it in relationships especially and it gets rough.

        As for Nina, her streams the times I’ve been able to drop in have felt very comfortable. It’s interesting to see how popular that sort of VTuber and streamer in general has become. People really just want a break and some comfort sometimes.

        No Christmas plans, but my family doesn’t really do Christmas anyway, so it’s all right. I always had Christmas as a kid, though, and if I ever have my own family I’ll be doing that again. Sounds like a great Christmas dinner too!

  3. I’m glad despite not really celebrating you can still enjoy the season. Holidays are always a nice time to reminisce and feel a bit of joy.

    I love to cook. I probably enjoy eating my own food too much.

    Yes, looking at his previous iteration – which is easy since he loves to self-dox – he was a Jake Paul wannabee type of streamer.

    Anyway, have a Happy Holiday! I’m going to try and write something by Christmas. I don’t know how you’re able to write so many blogs. You’re fast. I’m a slow writer. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks AK!

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