Cringe Lyrics, and Regret – This is for You

We write or say things we instantly regret. That is why hindsight is 20/20. If you are a public speaker you can at any moment say something dumb. Such is life in a public arena.

I’ve never jumped on the cancel culture wagon. I’ve always watched others jump on the wagon, partying and throwing their two cents, and I watch on the sideline. I think it is a very sad state of humanity.

Yeah, let’s all jump off the cliff together!
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I guess I don’t like bandwagons too much. They’re always so crowded. So many people hopping about and wanting to be seen.

I’ve hurt people I love when saying something without truly thinking it through before it came out of my mouth. I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there. So, who am I to cast the first stone?

It’s like spilling water. Once it starts falling, spreading everywhere, allowing gravity to take over there is no stopping the damage. Yeah, you could find a towel quickly but there is still the damage control of missing the initial spread.

I’m so emooooo, oh yeah!
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Words are like that. In this internet age, they spread very fast.

When I was young – around 10-years-old – I started playing guitar and instantly started writing songs. I started with the basic chords of D, G and C. G is especially easy to play, along with A and Em. Your fingers naturally form the chords.

So, I’d write these little ditties and sing for the fun of it with my fellow choir nerds and neighbor pals. I wrote this really dumb set of lyrics that I still remember to this day. It was probably the first or second thing I ever wrote at age 10. They always make me laugh because of the cringe. Are you ready?

“Peanut butter and jam tastes swell

Just like ponies on a carousel.”

Yep – UGH, I am dying here. I am haunted by these words to this day.

I don’t know why I remember those two dumb lines. I mean, I don’t even know what possessed my mind to write them. Out of all the stuff I wrote I remember this?! And, it still makes me laugh.

I love the feel of Autumn
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In my defense, I actually wrote some very decent pieces of music in high school. One I performed with my friend who was an amazing vocalist and we got a standing ovation, and cheers for an encore. It was just ethereal and a beautiful song called, “This Christmassy Feeling.” Okay, yes, that was a dorky song title but the song was quite nice. I tended to play classically with a lot of fingering. I wanted it to make you feel you were floating across fresh fallen leaves.

I felt I’d ascended when the lyrics came to me.

Now that song? I completely forgot. I really wish I remembered it because the poetry of the lyrics were really nice.

Isn’t that life?

Memory always remembers the bad things more than the good things too.

Bad things, missteps and cringe are constantly brought to memory.

BUT the good things are so much more worth it.

So then, why do we do this to ourselves?

I suppose humans will ask this over and over through life.

Here, listen to some Eason Chan. I love this song and his music. Cantonese for my lovely Grace. 🙂

Please listen in the background. It’s a touching piece of music and song.

So, I’ve written quite a few Bible studies and essays through my life. At one time, I thought I would become a minister or something like that. I spent the early years of my life (age 17 – 26) as a missionary. I’m very pacifistic.

I don’t follow any religion because they all fall short of kindness, in my opinion. They either love punishment or you have to follow stringent guidelines and rules on how to live. I also don’t believe one book has every answer of the universe. There are just so many writings with many good answers and then, some very bad concepts.

Also, you’d think a God who is so massive would have more to say than a few words in a book, only given in one area of the world. This entity would probably be more world-traveled, don’t you think? Probably very multi-cultural and open. A “think outside of the box” kind of creative.

I don’t think we were meant to follow rules or be heavily punished for our thoughts or missteps. Religion is a good way to help make one individual have power over another individual.

Thus, it’s a very human concept.

Let me just throw this at you and yell in your face!
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In reality, religion at some point, became the god. Mankind became god because of religion. It was truly one of the most evil concepts to befall humans. With religion you can make excuses for being cruel to another with no recourse. Look at history. It is rife with evil and cruelty done under the guise of “following god.”

Spanish Inquisition. Salem Witch Trials. Genocide of an entire region or people. The Crusades. And many more.

Something to think about.

I mean truly the only unforgivable act is intentionally murdering someone. Other than that, everything else can be forgiven and reformed. Well, probably even murder. That could be why I love Crime and Punishment so much.

It tells us at any time, any one, can make a mess of their life. Anyone can be desperate enough and hungry enough to make a horrible mistake that you can’t undo. And, it helps to have that one person that loves you despite making that mess out of your life.

I think that’s really sweet.

Awww, so cuuuute! Do you feel better?
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Judgement. Hate. Prosecution.

It feels so ugly, and weighs so heavily, on a soul.

Mercy. Kindness. Goodness. Generosity. Forgiveness.

These are actions that bring about a lightness on the soul.

I hope this gives you something to think about in life. This is how you should treat yourself: Kindly.

I’m old. I think I’ve said that before. Even in my aged self I am still learning how to know myself. How to love myself. How to treat others well and love them. How to be attentive. How to listen.

Living is a constantly moving process.

So, I hope you all find what you seek and search for in this life. Mostly find that someone who will walk through life with you and just hold your hand when you need it.

Love you Gracie! ❤ 🙂 (Do you see the bunny?)

The Songbird of Ethyria never fails to impress. Here is her latest cover:

Some people need to be easier on themselves.


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