A Few Indie V-Tubers and My Obsession at the End

Oh brother, not this self-degradation again?
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

First off, I don’t like this blog post. I’m just letting you know ahead of time. I’m having a writing slump and this is part of my slump. So, there will be some good videos and music to watch as you read on but the writing is just very sub-par and redundant. Please watch and enjoy, and then go to a better blogger and read something with well-worded content that will help you learn something new.

Yep, she’s at it again. Please… please someone stop her!

Did you like that beginning? I’m going to keep that first paragraph up there because I really have had a hard time being able to post a blog. How do bloggers do it? I’ve been blogging since the internet was born and they were really bad blogs but I just kept at it and now I’m writing about V-Tubers.


Anyway, here’s the actual blog:

I’m a big simp for Nijisanji EN. I really want to write praise about Pomu (congrats on reaching 500K subs), Elira (Happy Birthday!), and Finana (congrats on still being un-seiso); Selen, Rosemi and Petra (Happy one-year anniversary for these guys); or Enna and Millie, Reimu and Nina of Ethyria (they just celebrated their one-year anniversary too).

My son, however, branches out quite a bit with V-Tubers on Twitch and such.

I’ll get to this gorgeous fox girl, DyaRikku, in a sec

It’s also the new anime season and there are some GREAT shows coming out. The second season of Spy x Family, Chainsaw Man (I am gushing so much after the first episode), the new Gundam series, The Witch of Mercury. I actually screamed when I heard there was a new Gundam series. So many good ones and second seasons like, Made in the Abyss. Why is it only on HiDive? I only have Crunchyroll! There is another show I forget because its in Japanese.

My son watches flesh tubers like CDawgVA and Shibuya_Kaho, Rod something or other – I forget. We still both watch OneyPlays, Internet Historian and catch PewdiePie on and off. There is Alpharad, JonTron, J. L. Longbone, Mauler, YMS, Brutalmoose, and so, so many more.

Overall, the anime fall season is looking pretty good.

My son recently showed me a couple of Indie V-Tubers I think are worth mentioning because they are either very entertaining comedian’s or gifted artists.

Funny Filian

If you haven’t seen Filian you are missing out on someone who has mastered VR physical comedy with a sharp and quick wit. She is a stuntwoman/dancer/gymnast all rolled into one. She is extremely intelligent with an understanding of movement and rigging she uses in perfect symmetry. I’ve not laughed so hard watching someone.

I’ll say it, “She’s a top-notch modern day comedienne.”

Fast and rapid in wit.

This is not always the case with a kid that dons the V-Tuber anonymity thinking they’ll make it big. She has pulled it off very well.

AND, she just reached 1M subscribers on her YouTube channel. She deserves it. Go catch some of her quick edits and shorts!

Beautiful Artist, DyaRikku

She is such an interesting person. She also has her YouTube channel.

I think of all designs in Indie V-Tubers that stand out hers is the most beautifully pleasing, and unusually gorgeous purely on aesthetics. Its an amazing design with great physics.

One of her many outfits.

She was the designer and artist behind this and has others within her group. All artists. So much talent in this group. I can understand why an artist like my son would pick her as his Oshi. He’ll watch her drawing and art streams entirely.

She is designing the new Nyanners outfit for Halloween, and all that entails. This is a woman who has her artistic hand in a lot of pots.

It doesn’t hurt that her voice is a husky Italian accent with that slight touch of British. It’s kind ‘a sexy, not gonna lie.

Please go watch and check out how amazingly talented this well-traveled woman is.


This duo has been around for awhile. KMNZ Liz and KMNZ Lita. I always like their stuff. They are somewhat popular but not as well-known as I think they deserve. They are very talented.

Most recent MV:

This is available on Spotify

I’m hooked on this MV and this song. I just want to play it while taking a long drive.

I really want more to fall in love with these two. They just have lots of great songs and covers. So please, check them out if you haven’t already.

Yes, Niji EN AGAIN!

Ethyria celebrated their one-year anniversary and they aren’t Indie V-Tubers but I have to mention they celebrated and with that celebration brought us a bunch of great MV’s and performances.

I still have to catch Millie’s RPG which was extremely creative. I got two calls for business that lasted throughout the entire stream and was so bummed. Here, we’ll watch it together.

And then there were so many great MV’s

The Virtual to Live group MV

I love the art on this MV

Reimu started the day with her Love Letter, featuring all the voices of Ethyria.

A sweet song with great vocals!

And then there was Millie showing off her Setsuna Trip.

Always brings the banger! Millie did the mixing on this song.

And finally you had the beautifully ethereal Ethyria soundtrack done by Enna Alouette, the songbird.

The art and music… omg, so beautiful!

It was mesmerizingly beautiful after the bouncy Setsuna Trip and emotional Love Letter, and artistically breathtaking Virtual to Live.

So yeah, the musical wave of NijiEN just celebrated. Please go enjoy all the fun stuff they did through the day. I was in awe over the content starting with the puppet show on Enna’s channel, and laughed hard during the game show on Nina’s channel, and then extremely creative virtual novel played on Millie’s channel, to the watch-a-longs of their debuts on Reimu’s channel. It was a good anniversary day.

Thanks for the fun memories, Ethyria! Here is to many, many more with one of my favorite V-Tuber groups.

Have a great rest of your day and there is breaking news in the V-Tuber world but I won’t mention it here. If you know… you know. 😉

Adios and enjoy the rest of your week. I hope you find what you seek and search for in this life but mostly, find a love that sustains you through it all in these tough times.

Love you Gracie! 🙂 ❤


One thought on “A Few Indie V-Tubers and My Obsession at the End

  1. Nice update, and thanks for pointing out these indie VTubers — I hadn’t seen them before. I’m very much out of the loop when it comes to Twitch, and I barely follow “fleshtubers” at all as we’re calling them now, though there are a couple I like. Twitch seems to have an entirely different culture, though VTubers do bring their own flavor to it.

    NijiEN continues to be very entertaining, yeah. Hoping for an Umineko concert one day from Enna to add to her accomplishments, though that’s probably way too massive a task to take on considering just how complex some of the themes in that series are.

    I’m also happy to see that wall between the EN branches of Nijisanji and Hololive finally collapse, if only so we could get that Pomu/Kiara collab finally. I’m barely watching Hololive anymore aside from a few JP clips and streams from my two favorites but still nice to see.

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