When are you too old to…

My mom calls this an “ugly cartoon.”

Enjoy anime, manga, comics, Smiling Friends, OneyPlays, Internet Historian, V-Tubers, J-pop, K-pop, C-pop, modern instrumentals, bangers and bops, Archer, documentaries on interesting facts, YouTube content, Twitch, gaming, comedy over murder, and shows that most people in their young adult years watch?

How’d you see me past this bread slice?!?!?!
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I’ve realized older people in my age group prefer: crime, murder, drama, country music, Fox news, and churchy stuff.

I don’t even like the news. I don’t mind a moderate podcast like Breaking Points but even that is rare.

I’m realizing more and more I’m not like an older person. I’m not even like a boomer. I was thinking this over after a V-Tuber I watch commented on something I wrote in their chat. It was so random. She spoke over learning styles and how sounds bothered her in school. I wrote, “my daughter has the same problem.” My daughter had to wear headphones in school to keep out the dissonant noise.


I have anxiety as it is, and didn’t expect such a random comment to be noticed. Nobody notices what people write in the chat and I try not to write anything because of said anxiety but I just did because it was so relatable and reminded me of my Sarah.

They’re getting married!

[OH, on a side note: my little girl is getting married next month. I’m sooooo excited and happy for her. She’s such an amazing and beautiful person. I know she has lived with her beau for over 12 years and so, it was expected.

I’m just so happy for her and gushed when she told me about how he proposed. It’s really sweet.

She’s marrying her best friend and that’s the best I can hope for either of my kids.

See her over there in the photo? She’s so lovely and bright.]

Anyway, back to this:

I listened to the V-Tuber go on a bit more and then left the stream.

I felt… I didn’t belong there.

Where do I belong? I’m not trying to be pathetic (despite me being just that) but wondering and questioning the void here.

Question 1: When are you too old to enjoy content created in the more modern formats? Anime? V-tubers? Modern music? Gaming? The new variety and late night talk show hosts of our era?

Welcome to my show!

I mean, I guess older people do like K-Drama too. Or, it wouldn’t be so popular on Netflix – where binging grew up.

I read that right now Netflix is really grabbing up foreign, International and Korean dramas to help out their numbers. Everyone is onto the bad, generic writing of American television and movies. My mom watches those shows and I’m pretty sure I keep watching the same story with slightly changed variations of character and plot. Overall, its all the same.

How would you like your murder tonight?
Photo by Valeria Boltneva on Pexels.com

This is only my opinion.

After I left the chat I realized I should have written, “V-tubers are the only quality live content on these days; of course, I’m gonna be here! πŸ˜€ “

But I didn’t.

TV shows are dead. They have all become so generic and similar. There is also so much gratuitous violence.

I’m not against violence or murder, or any bit of criminal act if it pertains to the story. I just don’t get why they seem to really take their time on slowly showing the violence? So, so graphically depicting every bit of sound, and blood, and gory detail. And then they complain about sex. One is natural and one is not natural. But that’s a whole ‘nother blog.


Whoa, maybe I am old? Maybe this is part of me being old and not the other way around. Maybe young people love gratuitous violence?

I’ve fallen into a conundrum.

Question 2: Do you like gratuitous violence and gore if you are a young person reading this?

Just breathe
Photo by jonas mohamadi on Pexels.com

When I’m with people in my age group at my mom’s lady’s lunches, I have no common interests. They talk about their houses, medical issues, pains and complaints, what they hate, and about life that many call “normie” life.

I realize, and I’ve realized this a long time, “I’m far from normal.”

When I work in the dining area at my mom’s place on my comp – since I work many hours remotely – in the background my mother is watching another crime drama or mystery show and I have my headphones on listening to the most recent zatsudan, or J-pop, or J-rock, or just music in general.

(Right now, I’m listening to Millie Parfait’s Drunk Unarchived Karaoke. Let me know if you caught it in the comments – it was great!)

Miss Millie Parfait! CONGRATS ON 400K!!!

I listen to C-pop and K-pop too. I’ll listen to other International types of music or instrumentals. Mostly, I am always listening to music.

At night, I watch YouTube or Twitch with my son and we chat. We talk over philosophy, life, current events, and what’s new in the world and gaming. We talk about the latest happenings in anime and what is coming out in the new anime season. We talk over what new music this person put out or that person who are usually Japanese or V-Tubers.

We are not “normies.” Are we: Weebs? Otakus? Dorks? Nerds?

Hey, I feel my ears are just too overpowering.
Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com


I’m pretty much a person with the taste of a 30-something year-old. I almost wrote “mind of a 30-something-year-old” but I’m losing my mind and I’m not very quick on the uptake. So, my mind is not young but I am young at heart and in watching V-Tubers.

Because they are the only good content out there right now.

Thank you for reading and you do you. No worries if you’re a normie. Life is made up of normies and non-normies and whatever that guy over there is…. but we don’t talk about him.

I hope you all have a wonderful life of searching and seeking, and finding what you love.

Love you Gracie! πŸ™‚ ❀

Oh wait, some good music from the V-Tubing world. This is a Patterns song covered by MewHorizon and featuring Kazari Tayu:

This is such a good MV. I think this is my favorite MV for this song. Mew is quickly becoming a voice I truly appreciate.

4 thoughts on “When are you too old to…

  1. As someone a little over what I imagine is the average age of VTuber watchers (late teens/early 20s? I think it depends on the individual streamer, though) I completely understand your feeling here. A little surprised the VTuber would react like that, since I think it’s usually assumed by pretty much everyone that the actual range of viewers is pretty wide, but sounds like she didn’t mean anything by it, yeah. VTubing is definitely far fresher than whatever stale stuff we’re getting from late night TV these days. I remember watching Conan when I was younger, and even though the medium is very different, I think that spirit of real at least sort of unfiltered comedy has moved over to VTubing.

    In general, I’m in the same boat as you and others in their 30s and up with “unusual” interests that I can’t talk about with my work colleagues or even some of my friends offline. The assumption that “adults are supposed to like x/y/z fill in the blank things” — certain pro or college sports especially as a man — is kind of childish in itself. A part of real maturity is being secure in who you are. But in that case, society itself is immature.

    I was in that Millie stream for a bit. Unfortunately had to go, and I know it was unarchived, but I hope some noble viewer saved it like they often do so I can see at least some of the rest. She’s one of the most purely entertaining on there.

  2. I know she didn’t mean anything at all. It was just a reflexive funny reaction on her part. It’s why I enjoy her very unfiltered content. It didn’t bother me. I have anxiety, and my anxiety reacted.

    Other than that, yeah my family, mom and everyone consider I have strange tastes. If I watch a V-Tuber my mom will say, “Are you watching your cartoons again?”

    Anime? “Are you watching your cartoons again? Why don’t they speak English?”

    I listen to J-pop. “There is something wrong with their voices. Why would you listen to that?!”

    It’s a very elderly or American thing. I’m not sure. I like what you said here:

    “VTubing is definitely far fresher than whatever stale stuff we’re getting from late night TV these days.”

    Agree 100%! πŸ˜€

    I don’t exactly understand the normie tastes also, so, I guess I’m not one to judge.

    I missed the last part of Millie’s stream. I heard it got more wild. She asked people not to clip and so, I don’t think there will be clips. But one never knows… right? πŸ˜‰

  3. Normal, shmormal lol
    I appreciate those who are uniquely themselves. I often wonder what that would be like, to just be me without consequence.
    Although I don’t personally watch any VTubers, I know people who do and I always enjoy hearing their thoughts and who they’re watching now.
    I also really enjoy that you share the videos of some of your favorite VTubers here. I like to see what all the cool kids are watching πŸ˜‰
    What I’m saying is, thanks for being all that you are Val. Age is just a number. In real life I feel more like I fit in with those who are in their 20’s and I’m in my 40’s!

    1. Exactly, Ang. I can tell you are very young at heart too. So glad you like the V-tubing content I place.

      Thanks for adding a comment. Let’s be abnormal together. πŸ˜€ haha

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