Obsydi-YEAH and the V-Tuber World

I’m a day late and a dollar short, on V-Tuber happenings. I’m finally writing a blog. I’m sure there were a few waiting… a very, very few. So, let’s start with the best news.


They finally got new outfits. It’s been a bit over a year. Many of us wondered when it would happen. But yeeeeahhhh, it happened.

They celebrated their one-year anniversary, and shortly after got new outfits!!!

All the reveals were awesome so please go to their respective channels and catch the new outfit reveals if you missed. I’ll just link them here: Selen Tatsuki, Rosemi Lovelock and Petra Gurin.

Starting with Petra Gurin the Fifth… the bread was delivered.


What? Bakery news?

We all lost our lunch and spit out our drinks when the new evolution of Petra Gurin came into view. It was her second evolution. At least, that is what she told everyone. She suddenly became a Pokemon. And what a cute Pokemon she is?

Petra Gurin – the Cooler Petra

Petra’s second evolution on the right.

She grew taller and has hands. Wow. Oh yeah, and she got some… bread delivered.

I love the design. It’s so cute!

I think this transformation was probably the most surprising of outfit reveals that I’ve seen recently.

You go, Petra Gurin V! By the way, here she is again:

I just like this song and the MV.

Rosemi-sama/Satan/Rosemi Lovelock/Rosemi Loveglock/Brosemi/Prosemi/Buffsemi… and all the other names….

Rosemi had a full blown animation of her lore and back story. She started with a virtual novel and went into the animation as she became a superhero, fighting the bad guy. It was a fun reveal with the creativity we’ve come to expect with Rosemi-sama.

We all learned why she is Satan. Even Satanas, a.k.a. Ironmouse, visited her chat during the reveal. Now, we have to find out who is more powerful. I just think they are both so cute and have great content.

I love that fantasy/sci-fi style. She also has the most addictive opening theme and now has a new outro theme just as addicting.

This is too catchy.

And her new Ending Theme is so sweet.

Aw, I could listen to this at the end of my day and fall asleep with a smile.

She really does try and keep it very family friendly. One of the cutest of V-Tubers.

Commander Selen Tatsuki and Captain Ember

And then Commander Selen Tatsuki came out with a full animated background, new office, animations, and you felt you’d just got the best gatcha. She always puts out the biggest show. This is the engineer of Niji EN, the leader, the one who runs circles around others in first-person shooters.

I love her design. Ember looking dapper. She’s got glasses. She’s got a lot of assets… A LOT!

I’m honestly not sure which design I love more. Let me know in the comments which design you liked the most.

I can see an anime with the three traveling on Commander Tatsuki’s ship where her first Captain Rosemi-Sama does all the fighting and is bloodied and war-torn and takes everyone out, as the Commander says, “Good job, Captain,” and then takes all the glory with a smile and a laugh. In the med-bay is Dr. Petra Gurin who has to keep bandaging up Rosemi-sama who keeps going back out to take out all the bad guys. She and Captain Ember have continual conflict. I’d watch this action/comedy anime.

Here’s the anthem on Selen’s channel. She put this together for the anniversary and the fans. Her Lo-Fi BGM’s are really good. This music is from Tachibana and the illustration is from chiiririn.

Anyways, that was my Niji EN news. And here is some more things I thought I would mention.


VShojo has some great talent. I have been watching a lot of Nyanners and Ironmouse lately. I watched them play a DnD RPG with LordAthelstan and BubiVT. Those four are always hilarious. If you get a moment the dungeon master, Nightmare Nexus, for this game was fantastic and impressive.

They have a new group in VShojo that made some gigantic waves in the V-Tuber world.

VShojo Next

KSonSouchou is the new VShojo darling and she’s brought a friend along as Vshojo Next or VshojoJP has begun, Amamiya Nazuna. The most influential girl boss (I know, I cringed that I wrote that but I wanted to because it seems so funny) KSonONAIR has joined their ranks.

Watching are Silvervale, Froot, Zentraya, Ironmouse, Veibae and Nyanners

We all knew it was coming. It was inevitable, that the most popular “don’t give a fuck” branch of V-tubers would embrace the godmother of V-tubing, Kson.

Amamiya Nazuna and Kson getting to play Minecraft.

She is like the protagonist of every shonen anime.

I’m hyped. I’m truly excited to see where this goes. I’m also super excited because Vshojo often collabs with my favorite V-tubing group, Nijisanji EN.

So, y’all get ready for some fun had by all.

AkoAir Surprises Me

They have some good talent and are from one of my favorite countries, Taiwan, because it houses my bestest of friends/gf, Grace.

I was just passing by and I got a recommendation for a karaoke. You know how YouTube is always sending a viewer recommendations? I listened and the first song was Gloomy Sunday by Billie Holiday. That choice somewhat blew me away because I don’t often hear V-Tubers singing Billie Holiday. But then she followed up with the original version of Dream a Little Dream of Me. That pretty much blew me away.

I ended up staying for the whole karaoke and quite enjoyed her tonal quality that even handled Judy Garland and quite a few others I’ve loved through the years. She’s an amazing little musical gem. So please, go check her out and you can play this easily in the background for some comfy singing:

Here’s a link to her channel, MEW Horizon [AkioAIR]. Feel free to check out the others in this group. They are all very talented singers.

More Nijisanji EN

Of course, I’m going to end with more Nijisanji EN news. My fave V-Tubers are in Nijisanji EN and I’m not ashamed to admit that I love this group mostly because of the girls that started it all: My Oshi Pomu, Elira, Finana, Selen, Petra, Rosemi, Nina, Enna, Millie and Reimu.

They’ve had a lot of news. They got a new group called, ILUNA.

Scarle, Aia, Maria, Kyo, Aster, and Ren

I was very impressed with the debut of Maria Marionette and this banger of a cover that she immediately released.

Top-tier quality

This should be at over 1M views. So, please watch and enjoy her content. In her prior iteration she was a pretty talented vocalist and comedy content provider. I’m looking forward to her future musical endeavors with all this talent in Niji EN.

Pomu Rainpuff celebrated another birthday. There were more at this party this year. That happened a while ago but I thought it was worth a mention because, you know, it’s POMU.

Happy Birthday to yooooooooou!

NijiMelodyTime 24-hour Relay

They had a full day and round of fantastic Nijisanji vocalists from all branches singing in NijiMelodyTime. If you get a chance to listen to some of the 25 minute karaoke relay it started on Seffyna’s channel. I was, of course, partial to the EN section that started with Yugo, then Petra, Pomu, Elira, Millie, Enna, and Reimu.


If you read all this. I hope you all have a great rest of your week. It’s already September.

“Time flies faster when you live, and slower when you die.”

Ooh, a question?

Anyway, next post will be a new poem I wrote, or a question I’ve been thinking of asking the masses. If you feel like part of the “masses” perhaps you could answer it for me.

I’m still working on that third poetry book. Everyone tells me that poetry doesn’t sell. I don’t write so much to sell but because its part of my soul spilling outward. I’ve been writing lyrics a long time and its music to me. Does that make sense?

Oh yeah, and somebody asked me specifically to buy my Intermission Poetry as a gift because they wanted me to sign it for their daughter. That was nice. I wrote a personal poem for her daughter because it made it more special. But if you request a copy of my book I’ll write a personal poem for you too. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, I say “anyway” a lot.

I hope you all find what you seek and search for in this life. Mostly love.

Love you Gracie! πŸ™‚ ❀ Please take care of yourself.

2 thoughts on “Obsydi-YEAH and the V-Tuber World

  1. The new costumes were great. Petra’s original is still extremely cute but I’m also a fan of the evolution she went through. I love the Umineko look of Rosemi’s outfit; I’m sure she was happy with that (and that Umineko VN version of her was a nice touch!) but my favorite is Selen’s, looking great in that uniform. I’d follow her to the ends of the earth.

    I haven’t caught Iluna too much, but they look like great additions from what little I’ve seen. As for VShojo, I can appreciate their different approach, though I’ve barely ever caught any of their streams. The culture around VShojo feels a bit different, much more Twitch. It’s fine, just not my thing. I agree that Kson is a perfect fit for that, though. Happy to see her prospering after everything she’s been through.

    I’ve been looking into the smaller agency Phase Connect and finding some interesting VTubers in there. They’ve been around for a while, but they apparently just had a second wave and it seems like they’ve been growing a lot lately — they seem like they have even less filter than Niji EN in general (not counting any mix of livers including Enna, because that’s always the least filtered possible) and I think that may be part of that appeal. They certainly won’t appeal to everyone, though. It’s nice to see the English-language VTubing world branching out like it is to all sorts of audiences.

    I wish you luck with the poetry. I can’t write poetry at all — I think I just don’t have the ear for it. But I get what you mean about writing not to sell work but to express yourself. To me, that’s the only sort of artistic expression worth making. Churning out work just to sell isn’t a bad way to make a living, but it’s not the kind I’d want.

  2. Hey AK. Yeah, I’d follow Selen to the ends of the earth too – her and Pomu. πŸ˜€

    I checked out a little of Phase Connect. There are just so many choices. So many. I have so many VOD’s backlogged. I’m sure you do too.

    Thanks for the well-wishes on the poetry. I hope you the best in all your writing endeavors also. I still have a few of your “one-month of blogs” to check out.

    Have a great rest of your day or night! πŸ™‚

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