Good News: I’m Busy

I’ve been so busy lately. But then, who isn’t these days, right?

I haven’t been updating this blog. I haven’t been updating my writing sites. I haven’t been playing my guitar. I’ve just been very busy with… *drumroll* …work.

I just thought this image in Petra Gurin’s MV was lovely. For Obsydia’s one-year anniversary.

Yep, this loser got a job.

So, I’ve been busy in a good way. I’m finally making money, and having fun while doing so.

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk on

And it’s a really good job and the most perfect job for my life situation because it’s based on my finishing tasks – even remotely – and not sitting in an office all day. So, I can help my son and mom with stuff in-between getting my job done on the computer.

I’m a traffic manager at a little radio station in the mountains. It incorporates my fast typing skills, able to think off the cuff, math (basic, thank god), and puzzles. I love puzzles!

There are actually four, and soon-to-be five, stations that this company runs and I get to be traffic manager of all of them. It does occupy my free time.

For real?

I have never done this type of work before. I don’t know why I was hired. I had zero background in management and traffic management. Honestly, it was just a strange set of occurrences.

You’re h-h-hiring?!

I was listening to one of my favorite local adult contemporary music stations in the mountains. Just driving along and running errands. Feeling like a loser. Nobody was hiring me. And frankly, most of these jobs were kind of crappy and low paying jobs. So, no big loss, I guess. There’s not a lot going on in this area with a small population.

Over the radio came a commercial that the station was hiring a traffic manager. I had no idea what that was. But I pulled over, wrote down the number, and texted my interest in the position.

It was just this strange feeling that came over like, “YEAH, I feel like I want this job – THIS JOB.” I just felt really good about it in a strange way deep in my soul.

Weird, right?

You betcha…

After about a week there was no reply and so, I thought they hired someone else. Someone who actually had experience in traffic management.

But then, they sent me a reply text asking me to email my resume. I did just that.

Soon, they texted me again asking for an initial Zoom interview. I didn’t realize I passed this phase of hiring because I look funny and have salt and pepper hair.

But he asked me for an in-person interview. I was feeling pretty positive.

The Interview

I went into a rickety trailer to meet the boss. Their offices had burned down in a fire at the beginning of the year, thus the small place for operations.

I’m ready to work, bruh!

It was at the center of town (it’s like five minutes away from my mum’s home) and so, they were running things in a small trailer on a parking lot near a Mexican restaurant. Which, in all honesty, is pretty cool.

Indie movie location? Check.

So, I sat there and he spoke. He told me the most minor details of what a traffic manager does. And then asked, “Do you think you could do it?”

I was like, “YEAH… uh, YEAH, I sure can. It is like right up my alley of things I do.”

I’m smiling and nodding, knowing I had no idea what the fuck a traffic manager does but it was work in a radio station so, “COOL!” in my book.

I really wanted to work in this trailer.

Yeah – good answer… good answer – you got this you handsome loser!

In the back of my mind I’m thinking, “fuck, I gotta work here!”

And then the final question, “Why do you want to work here?”

I knew saying, “I desperately need a job,” was not a good answer from past experience.

So, I answered, “I’m thinking of starting a podcast.”

Well, that was probably an even dumber answer. But I am known for saying dumb things and thinking over the correct answer a few days later. I was sure I lost the job right then.

He stood up and said, “Let me show you the computer set-up.”

Oh wow, yeah, yeah, it looks so easy……yeah (I’m so lost – send help)

We walked to the second area of the trailer (there are only two rather thin sections) and he told me to have a seat and look over the computer I’d be working on. He explained all the computers and production one and two and three, and then all the different things I would need to do and programs, and inside my brain juices are swirling with information.

And I’m nodding and acting like I knew what he was saying but I really didn’t.

“Computer – yeah. Looks fun!”

I began to think I blew the interview. I blew it again.

I turned in the chair.

He seemed like a nice guy. I realized, I had nothing to lose. I asked, “why do you want to hire me? I mean, if you do… hire me.”

He told me I was one of the only ones who sent a resume. The answer made me chuckle.

So? You waited until now to use my photo again? It’s been years! But yeah, I’ve had it rough.

I then got very honest. I mean.. what did I have to lose?

So, I just shared my last year-and-a-half. Bared my soul in as honest and genuine way that I could.

Homelessness. My disabled son. Losing everything. Losing my job, rent going up, living in one of the nicest areas of north Texas, and desperately trying to find a job until there was no money. Living in my car with a son that has extreme OCD. Going to Missouri and spending the last of my money on a hotel just so he would have a clean room to shower. Still no job.

My mom finally asking me to come out to Arizona. Truly starting over from scratch.

I sold my car, and everything I own to pay down debt.

And, I’m hoping to start over in this beautiful little town in the mountains and this would be like the most exciting and wonderful place to work as I start again.

It was quiet. He was quiet.

I asked, since he was quiet, “How many more people are you interviewing?”

I just realized this is at the edge of a cliff!
Photo by Vlad Cheu021ban on

“Oh, a few more.”

I said, “okay.”

And then he looked at me and said with a big smile, “Ah, what the heck – you’re hired.”

I just about jumped up and hugged him, but refrained.

I just sincerely said, “thank you. Working here sounds like a lot of fun.”

He took a chance on me. He’s a super nice boss. He even told me if I want more hours I can start learning more about production, since I told him I was interested in starting a podcast. That was SUPER cool.

And so, he is teaching me from scratch how to be a traffic manager of a radio station in a small town in the mountains. It’s been a lot of fun. I love learning new things, and I think I’m picking up on it rather quickly.

Anyway, that’s the good news.

But yes, there is more… in V-Tuber world that I hope to blog about later. Like the new members of VShojoNext in Japan, Kson Souchou and Amemiya Nazuna. I’ve been watching a lot of VShojo lately. I am so glad to break away a bit with Ironmouse, Nyanners, Silvervale and Froot, Apricot the Lich.

In Nijisanji EN, Obsydia just celebrated their one year anniversary (some music following). Pomu Rainpuff had a birthday. Otakuthon happened. And probably the biggest news in Nijisanji EN: There’s a new group in town, ILUNA. A group of six that I especially like, Maria Marionette. But I’ll leave with this bop of a song by Iluna:

Scarle Yonaguni, Aia Amare, Maria Marionette, Aster Arcadia, Kyo Kaneko, and Ren Zotto

I leave you with a lovely song to relax.

Petra Gurin, of Obsydia, just released a new song, That’s Why I Gave Up On Music. The art is beautiful. Overall, a really good song. The thing about Petra is she’s kind of a genius and a prodigy when it comes to language, graphics, art, and music. One of those hidden gems you find on YouTube.


(There are so many multi-talented young people in this world, creative and with no way to truly make money in a world that only appreciates work that pays hourly to do menial tasks an automated machine could easily do rather than wasting the hours of a young life away in this repetitive and unfulfilling work. But that rant is for another post.)

Anyway… until my next praise Nijisanji EN post. πŸ˜‰

I hope you all have a great rest of your week and find what you’re seeking and searching for in this life. Mostly, find a love to make good memories.

Love you Gracie! πŸ™‚ ❀

9 thoughts on “Good News: I’m Busy

  1. Congratulations on the new job! I don’t know much about that kind of work, but it sounds like an interesting one. It can be a good thing to be too busy to write online, anyway, I know that.

    I haven’t had a chance to check out Iluna much, but they seem like a good time. Especially Maria, I agree, though her streaming hours just don’t work for me. Petra is a real talent too, absolutely. I’ve been looking into a couple of smaller agencies as well lately — Phase Connect looks like it’s growing and has a lot going for it.

    There are so many talented and entertaining English-language VTubers now compared to what we had just a year and a half ago, and I much prefer the more open and freer attitude we get with Niji EN and these newer groups. Speaking of that, I recommend the Steam profile roast Pomu, Selen, and Enna held (I think on Selen’s channel?) if you haven’t seen it already — it was truly unhinged.

    1. Thanks AK! 😊

      I was watching the VOD of Selen, Pomu and Enna roasting steam profiles yesterday. I laughed so hard. Those three are hilarious. My new favorite bromance is Selen and Pomu. I almost placed a link to that stream, not gonna lie. πŸ˜‰ Anything those two do have been so funny. Also, the Apex of the three that started the steam roasting is super funny.

      But I haven’t really gotten into Iluna. I think their song is catchy. I pretty much stick with the first three gens of Niji EN (the first 10 gals) and gotten really into VShojo Ironmouse and Nyanners. I seriously need to check out Phase Connect. Thanks.

      Oh yeah, I also watched a really good karaoke with MEWHorizon of AkioAir. It amazed me. She sang Billie Holiday so well.

      Anyway. Thanks AK. I need to read your daily blogs. I think it’s impressive to post every day. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  2. OMG! I hate job interviews. Always worried I’ll say the wrong answer when they ask you shit like, where do you see yourself in 10 years, or why do you want to work here?

    “I can’t predict the future, and I need to eat.” usually doesn’t go over very well.

    Finding the time to blog can be hard, but I try to post at least once a day. I’ll just rant about stuff most of the time. LOL!

    Congrats on the job!

  3. Yay!!!! I’m so excited for you on your new job! Congrats!!!! I have never heard of a traffic manager before but I think its really cool that you went for it. I get so scared to apply for new jobs and I worry about saying stupid things during the interview as well.
    The job I have now I applied for only because I could email my resume. When I got a call a couple of weeks later I was surprised lol I still have the job a year later and I still enjoy it. I got so tired of Walmart haha

    1. Hey Angie! Thank you so much for the comment. I’m with you on getting scared applying for new jobs. I guess I was just so desperate for work anxiety jumped out the window.


      1. It’s nice when anxiety forgets to show up sometimes. I love the feeling I get when I do something (that is out of my comfort zone that I didn’t think I’d be able to do) that anxiety would never allow me to do ordinarily. It’s a powerful feeling that allows me to see what it could be like if I could just kick anxiety’s butt!

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