The Biggest Heart of Gold – Millie Parfait of Niji EN (she also has nice robes)

I’ll be honest, there is a reason I joined the membership of Millie Parfait first. She’s just so darn… adorkably sweet.

This will be chock-full of praise and adoration. If you prefer something more negative, I am sure I will get back to my negative and depressed ways later.

For now, I’m just going to rant and be positive.

Second in my series on Niji EN content creators, Ms…. *drumroll please*

Millie Parfait

Yes, the Nijisanji EN Witch of Calamity, little cat girl, inappropriate un-seiso content provider, giggles unlike any other, and one hell of a singer – I mean an amazing vocalist like her beloved BFF, Enna Alouette (you can read about her here).

She wanted 1M views on this one, and so please go listen to this several times. Her voice is amazing!

This here, is the absolute BEST version of Identity. I would dare anyone to try and compare the vocal acuity of these two when they sing together. Its like they were meant to sing together and thus, bless us with this amazing sound.

Amazing, right? They truly understand what it means to mix two vocals and music.

I listen to this with headphones and it is amazing how each note matches and plays with one another perfectly. It’s like… musical sex. Just don’t do this at home, kids.

Musical… WHAT?!?!?!
Photo by Pavel Danilyuk on

She also happens to be Filipina. Not that it matters, but she does have content with “Tagalog only” for her beloved Filipino fans.

I started a journey around a year ago watching Lazulight’s debut. They came out with a very twerkable song, Diamond City Lights, and all joined the scene in such a sweet manner and then that all shot to heck as we realized they were not seiso and they were all degenerate rabble-rousers that would go on to Gazulight just about every new generation of Nijisanji EN.

And that’s why we all fell in love with Pomu, Elira, and Finana. They paved the way and set a bar for us who watch V-tubers. They welcomed into their cwazy ways and we kept watching one generation after another come on the scene, up to the fastest growing thing – male V-Tubers.

The ones who started it all: Pomu Rainpuff, Elira Pendora, and Finana Ryugu

Millie encapsulates all of that content. She sings beautifully – in the top 5 of V-Tubers today. She games horribly (well, better than some). Her zatsudans makes us feel she “gets” us, and are warm, inviting, shocking (when she says something randomly lewd), and funny. She’s lived in the day-to-day boring 9-5 job life. She’s had it tough. She has Asian parents (you know who you are). And she has the most infectious giggle.

She also has really great Handcams. She’ll eat weird stuff, cook weird stuff, just make weird stuff, and these are some of the funniest of her streams. She and Enna both shine during the Handcam streams.

She makes some of the best content for clippers that just keeps giving. My favorite is POG (Parfait Operational Guidebook). They truly understand what it means to follow Millie. Check out their 6 month Robe Ad with many of her clippers taking part as a gift to Millie. They are all really good at editing, and so that helps getting a taste of Millie content.

From Millie’s vacation. She had quite the adventure when she almost died wanting to go solo camping like in Yuru Camp. She just wanted the full experience, guys.

She is that starry-eyed protagonist that will go for it! She always seems dumb but we all know she has this hidden intelligence. She gives off major imouto (little sister) vibes. You just want to give her a big hug, pat on the head, and tell her everything will be okay.

Her design is really cute.

But don’t forget – she’s an adult woman who streams really good content. πŸ˜‰

If you watch her streams they are hilarious and she’s a mix of sooooo freakin’ sweet and surprisingly “with it.” She walks the dichotomy of seiso and un-seiso with the ease of standing on a sharp-edged knife, waiting to fall to your death.

Here’s another great song.

Armpits! Armpits?!

This is the one that started the Millie armpits craze. This is simpto-matic of cwazy fans. Despite the funny way people admire their V-Tubers, this is a very interesting cover because the low register. Phony recordings are usually at a much higher range. I’m still having a back and forth discussion with my son as to whether Petra or Millie’s version is better. I think they are comparable and so why not listen to both?

Her vocal range harmonizes with Enna so well. (My favorite singers usually hang around the alto range, so I’m probably biased, but she hangs closer to the lower soprano and higher alto.)

Here, listen on headphones.

Place this with captions on. Shu Yamino did the translations and there are some cute little comments within.

I just wanted to pump her up. Seriously, catch the comments in (parentheses).

Be sure and go to her site and listen there. I’m not really sure if listening on my blog helps get up their personal views. (If you know can you let me know? Thanks.)

Volunteer Gal

This probably brought me to Millie the most when I first starting watching.

I appreciate someone who wants to give back to their community. Millie has always done volunteer work. Even when she was barely getting by she was volunteering and it caused problems with paying bills. Now that she has enough money, she donates to charities and still does volunteer work. Maybe its that Catholic upbringing but I think its just she’s got this light inside that keeps wanting to do the best for others.

Millie wears many hats

This is between you and me, but I know that Millie has given to charities and had fundraisers during her other iteration. She’s got a big heart. She’s been doing this for as long as I can find records of Millie and past iterations. She’ is the streamer that just keeps on giving. She’s just someone who wants to be… “more.”

(Its something all of us should understand. We’re not alone in this universe and its best not to live in our small online world. We need to get out and exist and live life. There’s so much out there.) PSA over.

Also, and this is something really unique to Millie, at the end of her streams she lets her viewers know every other Nijisanji EN stream that is coming up. She encourages her chat to check out the others. She promotes her fellow Nijisanji EN like none other. I found that somewhat impressive.

Her BFF, Enna Alouette

Enna and Millie during an offline collab

Her friendship with Enna is just sweet teetee.

She’s stated that she has two problems: Not being able to say no and being non-confrontational. She has said Enna has helped her learn to say no and take care of herself. She is always ready to heap praises on her best friend.

And I know Enna has a friend that loves her at the depths of her soul. Its like my favorite quote by Fyodor Dostoevsky, “To love someone is to see them as God intended them.” I’m not sure if that’s the exact quote because it gets changed a lot but you get the gist.

They also seem to have been cut from the same musical mold. I’ve never heard them NOT sing perfect together. They harmonize like intertwining ribbons. It’s a beautiful decoration (and this is a sucky metaphor but I’m keeping it here because I have been working on this post for weeks, literal weeks and weeks).

Imouto (little sister) Millie

Millie and Big Bro Fuchan

She’s the little sister. Yes, she is madly in love with Elira Pendora. But she sure seems like her little sister, or the neighbor kid who just wants a small peek at the hot teen girl across the way.

Her big bro is Fu-chan, a.k.a. Fulgar Ovid. They are adorable together. Watch their Final Fantasy XIV stream.

It’s why most wrote “pass,” during her smash or pass query during a recent stream.

Millie the Robe Salesperson!

Laudant Stolam!

I’m not sure when it started but its a fun gimmick. Millie once randomly said, “um, um… wanna buy a robe?” And now we have a full-blown initiation ceremony at the end of every stream, where new members are welcomed with a robe (1,000 count Egyptian) and the greeting Laudant Stolam! And everyone gets a kiss from chat.

Her initiation to the Robe Wearing Membership (not a cult) at the end of every stream, is so funny and her whole chat gets involved. Her community is just so friendly. It’s probably one of the most welcoming I’ve seen. Plus, that BGM during the ceremony is pretty terrifying.

(P.S. I hope I don’t get killed after this reveal of the secret ceremony. If you don’t hear from me in a week call the authorities.)

I’m going to leave with an original song by Millie and Friends, that was recorded as a shitpost, but its actually really good. It is proclaiming her unrequited love for Elira Pendora.

It’s in Tagalog. It has a ukulele (which is one of my faves for comfy singing). And I put it in my playlist cause its a good little song, Sana ako na lang. Its not very long and definitely worth a listen.

Elira telling her, “I’m just too cool for you – go to school.” No, I’m kidding. Just listen to the song and don’t mind me.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all the best in finding what you’re searching, seeking, and trying to find in life. Mostly, find that love that sustains you through everything.

Hi Gracie! πŸ™‚ ❀

8 thoughts on “The Biggest Heart of Gold – Millie Parfait of Niji EN (she also has nice robes)

  1. Great post. I like Millie a lot — she’s one of the many examples of what makes Niji EN different, in a good way. I’ll admit I haven’t gotten my robe though (not yet anyway.)

    I also appreciate the streamers like Millie who tell viewers to get outside sometimes and discourage the more dangerous parasocial aspect of the performer-viewer relationship (in fact, I think she explicitly told them something like “don’t fall in love with me”, unless that was Enna.) The few VTubers I actively watch are these types, probably because I’m just repelled by the other sort, those who really farm donations without regard for the health and welfare of their audience. That seems to be more an issue for some 3D/”flesh”tubers than for VTubers from what I can tell, though — the culture built around VTubing is mainly a good one, I think. Even if it is admittedly hard to get outside and touch grass.

  2. The robe prices have gone down, and touching grass meant something else back in the day. πŸ˜‰

    But yeah, I appreciate that about Millie and Enna, how they are very upfront with their chat. It’s refreshing that Niji EN, in general, are that honest and relatable about life.

    AK, thanks for the comment. Who do you think I should feature next time I write on this subject? Any thoughts? πŸ™‚

  3. Ahh, I think I get it!

    As for who to write about next, since O think you’ve slready covered Pomu, I’m not sure. Haven’t watched the boys much at all. I’m partial to Elira I think — she plays a lot of those old RPG Maker games I like, and I appreciate her chilled out style. Nina is interesting yoo. They’re all great in their own ways of course, though.

    1. I was considering Elira. She is like the big sister, chad-dork. I have never just watched an Elira stream. I watched her with Pomu last night playing “Until Dawn.” (That’s a must watch.) This might encourage me to watch more than just her clips. I was also thinking of Rosemi, Selen or Finana. Of course, Nina just reached 400k. She’s surpassed all the girls. Enna also just passed Millie and has been growing around 2-5,000 new subs a day, and I’m sure is at 300k as I write this (yep, she did).

      Thanks for the input and answering my question. πŸ™‚

      1. No problem! Rosemi, Selen, and Finana would all be fine choices too of course — I think Selen really won me over especially, even though I’m not into shooters. And if you want an Elira stream to watch, her very recent OneShot playthrough was great (though it does spoil the game of course, and the game is great too, so I recommend playing it if you’re interested and haven’t.)

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