Ikanaide – and My Poem, Often

I am a romantic at heart. I’ve been a romantic for a long time. Most songwriters, poets and writers are romantic. We pull from deep within our soul.

I was coordinating and writing my third poetry book, Poetry to the Third. I hope to have it finished by Christmas. It will be very heartfelt about family, love and life.

I wrote this poem recently. I hope you all like.

Please enjoy this song as you read.

Thank you Gracie! 🙂 ❤


I think often

Our little illustration at the beginning of 2021. It wasn’t a better year.

Your beauty never left my sight

Of that moment with you

Departing from your flight

Your gaze… so, so bright

Instantly, my breath was stolen

And time stopped

Sleeping half-way through my day

In this long and varied life

My eyes itch from looking at the screen

I work

I write

Rarely, do I play

I wonder if this memory will leave my life

Glancing to the screen

Wishing your eyes and smile are what I’d see


I think of you so often

I tried to forget those days

Erase the sad past, of losing myself

Walking in mornings

Dancing in evenings

Under a moon nicked slight

Not shining as bright

Clouds sitting on air

Wind moving our uncombed hair

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

A morning by the ocean

Coffee in white cups so pristine

And waking in bed to a smiling gleam

Stepping in the sand

Splashing up waves along the edge

If only I’d have you stay

Why are you so far away?

In mind, and soul, and heart

Why haven’t I considered this life

Of you and me and me and you

And Ikanaide plays in the background

This theme of how I feel now

Losing you and me and me and you

How often this plays in my brain



A tear falls to this paper

Soon it will disappear too

I miss you



So, very, very often

And a more upbeat version of a song with the same title but a different composer, sung by Pomu Rainpuff:

She’s so cute. Ikanaiyo

Two songs with the same name by two different composers with two very different ideas of “don’t leave me.” Either way the message is the same. The ending is always sad when someone you love leaves you whether they want to leave or not. Memories are both good and bad. But they will always be “kept” memories.

I hope you have a beautiful day of seeking and searching and finding what you love.

Hi Gracie! 🙂 Happy Birthday! ❤

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