Freedom For All? Anti-Trans Bills are Making the Rounds

I live in a country that has its reputation set by the belief there is freedom for “all” here. Christianity and theocracy has been an odious creature that has continuously been creeping around our freedom and trying to take it away from those who do not follow their tenets that should have remained in their churches.

(And, there will be one of my favorite songs at the end of this post because you’ll need something uplifting by the end. Thanks, and drink responsibly.)

I’m taking this book on the road.

Unfortunately, we still have so many lawmakers who haven’t figured out that the forefathers of our country were trying very hard to make sure we have a country that separates church and state. There was a reason for this because in so many countries of Europe they saw how it ruined lives of the citizenry.

We needed to have a country for “all” and not just the religious few or even the religious majority. However, in this country, we have a very diverse group of beliefs. Those who identify as Christian is under 63%. That leaves us with 37% that are not. Out of that 63% it is doubtful they are all staunch evangelicals, and most are probably just those who are of a Christian base belief which entails a lot of types of churches. Basically, we have a diverse populace.

American-proof with this book written in another country.
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That is because we live in a “FREE” country.

Not a Theocracy. Not Islam. Not Christian. It’s a FREE country of all races, genders, beliefs and people. God exists globally and outside these human societal parameters, not just in Republican, Christian, God-fearing, American flag-waving homes. Believe it or not, folks!

That is what sets the United States of America apart from the others. Or, at least that was the supposed selling point of this country and its constitution.

So… and this is a big SO, why is it that in a free country we still have religious lawmakers pushing their religious belief systems on the citizenry of this country?

Somebody! This cardboard needs help!

We have lawmakers that are more concerned with taking away the freedom and rights of transgender citizens and children, than making sure those same children have their basic needs of clean water, healthy food, and the ability to pay their bills met before ending up homeless and on the streets.

I’ve mentioned I take surveys over the phone. There was a particular survey that I did not agree with. One was to promote an anti-transgender bill and the other an anti-abortion bill to give average Texas citizens ability to sue those who get abortions. As if they have committed a criminal act. Huh? When did abortion become illegal? Was I asleep when this happened?

Anyway, the transgender bill was there to find any parent who helps their child continue to pursue medical treatment to make a transition to the sex they were not born an abuse case. These parents could have their children taken away and be charged with child abuse. Simply because they are kind enough to allow their child to be the person they know deep inside they are.

Now, for those who just hate the idea of trans children making their own decisions about their body with the parent and medical personnel, therapists, and other professionals, guiding and helping, let me tell you something about the scientific fact of transgender children and what takes place.

Your only worry should be about getting all that hair dye off the sheets.
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Yes, it is reversible and it is something that can be stopped if in their early adult years they decide to go back to the gender they were born. It is not an actual medical procedure that cuts up the little bits of their body. Its not a full transition and that is not really able to be done until they have stopped growing.

From The Conversation article:

Cases of regret after transitioning are extremely rare. As for puberty blockers, they are reversible and low-risk. Often, trans people don’t know what’s right for them until they try some things out. Yes, there are risks to medical interventions, but there are also significant risks associated with continued gender dysphoria.

So, take this into consideration. Suicide rates would be lower among these children and teens if they were simply allowed to be who they are without such negative stigmatism attached. They should be allowed to pursue the person they are inside without legal or judgmental interference.

Also, this is not a real scientific term, “rapid onset gender dysphoria.” It’s just something anti-trans blogs use to rile the masses of hysteric moms and dads and snoopy peeps.

Here from The Conversation:

The main one is “rapid onset gender dysphoria.” It sounds like a medical term, but it’s not used in trans health whatsoever and is based in faulty research. This often manifests itself in the idea that, “Oh my God, all of a sudden my child is trans. They must be influenced by peers.”

Okay. This I hear a lot from women in my age group and those older.

My mum, believe it or not, still thinks I’m just trying to be one of the “cool” kids because I am openly gay. Even my kids get that I’m gay and are accepting. My siblings (except my crazy Republichristian bro) get it. But my mum? Nope. You are just confused, Val. One day you’ll stop wanting to be so confused and realize you like men.

No, I haven’t just jumped on the trend train mumsies. I’m actually gay and have been for as long as I can remember. It didn’t just pop up over night because I saw a TV show and wanted to be like all those gays on the TV. I actually just jumped off the Christian trend train of lies. I stopped lying to myself.

I’m beautiful – not scary
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Seriously, people actually think this way. It really needs to stop. We see more gays today not because its a popular trend or kids and adults want to follow their peers. We see more gays because today we are more accepting of those who were hiding in the closet. You’re just seeing all the people who were hidden in closets now out in the open and its scary for those who don’t want things to change. Scary gays and trans people finally feeling more free to be themselves, oh my?

No, its not scary. Its refreshing to see our fellow humans finally being true to their true selves.

A transgender youth is given many reinforcing ways that are not physically harmful with a medical professional. Mayo Clinic explains this well here.

See? It’s not so scary or bad, people who have the inclination to discriminate and want to kill, fine, or lock up parents and professionals who are being helpful. You’ll be okay. Maybe take a chill pill and stop worrying about what your neighbor is doing in their private life.

Of course, its also really not your business lawmakers who want to intrude on this trans child’s life, now is it?

Anti-trans bills are making the rounds in 22 states. Twenty-two states?! Yeesh. And they could only give us two-and-half stimulus checks in over two years?!

Priorities, am I right? Who are you folks voting into office?

All silliness aside, these laws are barbaric and have more to do with harm than good to the constituents of this country. They are not centered on protecting, but rather abusing, the citizenry that doesn’t think like their religious belief system.

Where’s the separation of church and state?

Have our lawmakers nothing better to do in this country than look at new ways to take away basic human rights? LGBTQ are now on the radar for all new unfair treatment?

I’m freeeee… free falling
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Now, I’m not a fan of the silly SJW stuff about inclusiveness and tokenism (making sure a certain percentage of representation is on the TV show you watch – that’s just silly) but why all the hate toward trans youth?

We, as citizens, should have freedom to make our own decisions. We know who we are for the most part. We know how to spend our money even if that means we run up so much debt we need to file bankruptcy. Adult citizens should have the freedom to be financially unstable. That’s our god-given right. (hehe)

But unless we are doing something cruel to our child than why would you think they are being abused?

The only ones who should be involved in medical decisions are the parent, the child, and the medical professional. It should NOT be the religious leader or lawmaker, or the crazy old lady next door. They should be taking care of laws that make it easy for us citizens to make a living and exist in this country with the greatest ease.

Making life harder for their constituents should not be their goal.

If a lawmaker comes into office to make everyone of their constituents follow their religion than you have a Theocrat and they should immediately be removed from office in a free country.

Again, I hate politics but this was irking me to no end. Why are their 22 F*#(#ing laws against trans kids in this country being thrown around? There should be zero.

Mic drop out.

Let’s just spread some love. Here’s a nice song from Enna to her great love, Conner RK800 the android. Don’t judge. Plastic beings need love too.

Yes, that’s because these new laws are just silly and this is what they deserve.

No wait, this is what you all deserve. Good music. Fuck those laws. They deserve a trash bin.

Let’s all just sit back and listen to this fantastic arrangement. Ah, I feel better already.

I hope you all find what you seek and search for in this life. Take care of yourselves.

Hi Gracie! 🙂

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