Luxiem, Noctyx, and English-speaking Male V-Tubers – Oh My!

I’ve always been more into the gals than the guys but guys are making some big waves on the V-tubing scene. I’m repeating myself here but they’re a…

(Yeah, Finana’s original cover is also making waves. You can’t listen to this song just once, am I right? Let’s push this over 1M views.)

Nijisanji male V-tubers have been going strong for a while with Kuzuha being the first male V-tuber to hit 1M subscribers around September of last year. He and Kanae (almost at 1M) are quite the duo with their popular ChroNoir channel.

The Dynamic Duo of Niji JP (from left to right, Kanae and Kuzuha)

Nijisanji JP has done great promoting male talent.

But they just brought out their English-speaking male talent around a month ago (nearing two months) with Luxiem and they have grown with the speed of a deez nuts joke (look up deez nuts jokes at your own risk).

Ike Eveland, Mysta Rias, Vox Akuma, Luca Kaneshiro, and Shu Yamino

I have to admit, I kind of have a thing for Luca in Luxiem. He is always hilarious and he is truly POG when it comes to game acumen and luck. He also has that cute little lion, Augustus. Guys with adorable stuffed animals are always more attractive to me. Awwww.

Vox and Pomu (mustachio lover and thespian – she’s does it all)

And then there is Vox Akuma, the fastest growing EN male V-tuber. He is always in the Super chat top 10 garnering the most money. He and his Luxiem bros all consistently in the top. That’s impressive.

Vox, by the way, has a dreamy British accent that is as smooth as this bourbon I’m drinking. Cheers! He can read anything and you will swoon. Over there he and Pomu acted out Shakespeare’s, Much Ado About Nothing. It was really funny if you have time to watch the VOD. Plus, he’s smart and funny.

But the little brother vibe and possible rival of Pomu (could be one of the reasons I like him) and always outgoing Pog-man is Luca Kaneshiro.

His Mafia cover grew to 1M views within a week. That is amazing for us number crunchers like me. Mostly it’s amazing because Nijisanji EN male V-tubers have barely been on the scene for over a month. That’s some quick growth!

It’s a really good rendition of this song.

I love seeing talent be rewarded.

Please check out the guys and let me know who your favorites are in the comments. I’m going to place their songs on the Niji EN official channel with each group.

Luxiem are: Vox Akuma (Demon Lord passing 400k subs), Mysta Rias (sweet and silly cockney doggo boy), Ike Eveland (novelist with a fantastic singing voice), Luca Kaneshiro (POG gamer, VA, and little brother vibe), and Shu Yamino (Eyyyyyyyyyyy, tech support here).

Ike, Mysta, Vox, Luca, Shu

Noctyx are: Alban Knox (cat-boy and possible group leader), Yugo Asuma (love his voice), Sonny Brisko (he has a hilarious debut animation that he voiced), Uki Violeta (soft-spoken and sweet), and Fulgur Ovid (cyborg and nerd – Vox rival).

Alban, Yugo, Fulgur, Sonny, Uki
(This will hit 1M by the time I place it here.)

And I love music so, here is another from Noctyx. The original piece, Deja Vu, by Uki Violeta:

Such a sweet voice.

I hope you all check them out and see what the fuss is all about. Nijisanji is having more auditions for the English branch that are up until March 31st. This is for both male and female V-tubers.

I know… already? Oy, I don’t have enough hours in the day for all this talent.

Twenty is a such a nice and even number but let’s face it, we’re all excited to find out what new talents they hire.

I hope you all the best if you see your future as a V-tuber. I’ll just be sitting here and enjoying the content.

Please enjoy the rest of your day and I hope you all find what you are seeking and searching for in this life.

Hi Gracie! πŸ™‚

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