It is Live and Finished – Intermission Poetry!

I did it. I self-published the book, Intermission Poetry: Thoughts While Taking a Break. These are the accumulated poems I had been writing for almost two years. It is available on Kindle as an e-book and also as a soft cover. Both are quite inexpensive, about the cost of a cup of coffee.


So, if any of you would like to buy me a cup of coffee by buying my little poetry book I’d appreciate. 🙂

I love the poems in this book. I really do. My favorites are Avocado Toast and American Thankfulness, but also, The Christmas Tree’s Lament and The Solitary Knock on the Door, which are a bit longer. But yeah, please read and enjoy.

I can’t say I love the design of the book. I wanted to place little illustrations throughout the book but I couldn’t figure out how to do that and so, this is what I have. It’s the first edition. I do have a goal of drawing illustrations and placing them with the poetry in a second edition.

Intermission Poetry cover – stock photo of “man by a lake with a cup of coffee.”

Do you like the black background? It looks so dark. Does that seem depressing? Does it look like a school textbook?

I like the stock photo with the dude drinking coffee. It looks like when I used to stand and look out to Lake Lavon back in Texas. Just staring out into the open. Me and my little cup of coffee. We’d go down to the lake, sit and just chat, looking out into the expanse of never-ending Texas sky. (I miss the open sky of Texas.)

Lakes always look so endless

On the back of the book, I placed a photo of myself with dark hair. That photo is the last time I dyed my hair before realizing it was a futile endeavor – the end of 2020. I had a good job. A nice apartment. A car. My son was living with me. Grace…. All looked so good.

But then 2021 came like the set-up for a murder mystery. You’re strolling along and boom! There’s a dead body on the ground.

The sun is setting on this story.

It was supposed to be a good year because it was the year of the ox. My year.

Alas, it wasn’t a very good year.

My mum’s front yard is filled with lovely pines.

But darn, if poetry doesn’t come out of a bad situation.

My life sometimes feels like a bad Indie film. I, unfortunately, really like Indie films. So, here I will go trudging along and hope for the best. Let’s hope 2022 is the “best” year for everyone. At least… better than this last year of 2021.

But hey, I did publish that book despite my continual falling into depression and inability to walk through life without having a panic attack. I did love writing every poem.

Please let me know what you think if you do buy the book. I’m okay with any critique. Thanks especially to Angie for always reading my blog. 🙂 I like that AK comments on my V-tuber stuff, and Guillegolo always “likes.” Go check out their blogs.

Thanks guys! I hope you all the best as you seek and search for meaning and love in this life.

Hi Gracie! 🙂

4 thoughts on “It is Live and Finished – Intermission Poetry!

  1. Thanks very much for the link. I always appreciate the VTuber stuff — your post on Pomu was part of why I started watching her, and now she’s one of my favorites.

    And congratulations on the book! I’ve never been able to do anything with poetry myself aside from a crass set of lines fit only for a bathroom stall. it’s a serious skill separate from other sorts of writing.

    1. You are welcome. Your blog is worth linking. 🙂

      I didn’t realize my Pomu “waifu” post is what steered you toward NijiEN and my fave, Pomu. 😀 haha I am very happy to know I was a good influence.

      Your commentary always makes me think. I especially loved your most recent post.

      Poetry is like writing lyrics for me, and so its pretty relaxing.

  2. Congrats on publishing your book! And also worth a huge congrats is getting it done with all that’s been going on in your life ❤
    Thanks for the mention 🙂 I always love reading your posts. Your writing is always so comical and lively. You make it feel like we're sitting in the same room.
    I also absolutely love the comment that AK made regarding the crass set of lines fit only for a bathroom stall LOL I might have to consider making a change to my "Coffee Break Poetry"!

    1. Hey Ang, thank you so much for the comment. 🙂 Yes, publishing that book was something I really needed to do for my own sanity. Haha I’m looking forward to your “Coffee Break Poetry.” 🙂

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