“Drowning in Potential” – A Brief Niche Film Review

Joel Haver – just a normal guy doing what he loves
“Adventure Awaits, Huzzah!”

I am not sure I have ever done a quick review on a YouTube creator movie. I have been subscribed to Joel Haver’s YouTube channel, Joel Haver, for maybe two or more years. He is a filmmaker, content creator, animator, stand-up comic, musician, and overall creative person that has a channel on YouTube. And as an added plus, he has a heart for encouraging other filmmakers in their craft.

I watch Joel Haver’s channel because I love the “humanness” of his creativity.  He’s also made some memorable memes like, “I’ll be a wurm for you gurrrl” and “Huzzah!”

And so, when you get a chance run over and check out his stuff. Now on with the movie bit….

I watched a little movie he and Dax Flame made. Dax plays Dan in the film, and Joel plays John. As the tagline states, “Two actors try to try to make it in LA.”

When you get a chance you can watch it at Joel Haver’s channel.

My Brief Review:

The movie starts out very slowly but throughout the film you get invested and want to know what happens to Dan (the lead). 

After a few cameo’s of other young people who are trying to make it or get by, like your UPS/Amazon delivery guy or the guy who works at Whole Foods Market, you get a sense of a common theme: what the hell are you living for? Are you just another cog in the wheel of life? Do you enjoy your life? Why do you live?

I mean, it starts asking all the BIG questions.

Now I have to climb all the way back down.
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

You realize by the end of the film that Dan is like all of us creatives.  Always struggling.  Always just trying to get by.  Always wanting to show off all this potential inside.  Why can’t anyone else see it?  Why can’t I pay bills with this potential?  Why do I wake up and every day just starts over with the same mundane routine?

The end – well I won’t spoil – but it ends appropriate to the message.

Why do we live?  Why do we do this over and over again?

Perhaps we just want meaning.  Perhaps we want to mean something in this giant world of humanity. 

He made a comment in the film, “Humans and nature are one in the same.”

This scene was played over a couple of times.  I think nature and humanity are a given.  I mean, unless we are alien creatures dumped into this world we are part of the nature of the world.  We are a given commodity of the universe. Because we are a given commodity we will just keep on keeping on like nature. Unless, we become extinct.

Eh, that might not have made sense.

Eh, uh, yeah… where do we go?

We are all drowning in this potential.  We are all mostly something but mostly nothing. The great dichotomy of self. It reminded me of an old Bible verse in Galatians (yes, I’m preaching on a Sunday post) “if anyone thinks himself to be something when he is nothing then he deceives himself.”

All we can be is “me.” Stop comparing or stop trying to be someone else. Be yourself.

If there is a Creator of this world we live, he’s just left. Like, God left the building.  He walked out after dumping the building blocks on the ground and said, “Have at it boys and girls!”  The creator probably had a bit of a laugh and walked away.

Have at it, boys and girls.  This is your potential right here.  What will you do with it today?

I honestly don’t know.

I’m being so introspective.

But this is a good little movie and if you have around a hour and a half, please give it a watch at Joel’s channel.

My Life’s Potential…

Yeah, baby! I got’s poet-tential
Photo by Vlad Cheu021ban on Pexels.com

I’ve just formatted my new poetry book, Intermission Poetry. I’ll let you all know when its available. I don’t have a cover for it yet. That’s been my biggest obstacle. I thought of just a blank white page or popcorn. I’m kind of tossed.

The book has all this poet-tential.

Actually, this is a funny story that dad’s tell: I kept typing out the word “potential” but I kept messing up and typed “poet-tential.” Thus, this dad pun was borne.

Thank you. Thank you very much. I’m here every Sunday.

I hope you all have a great rest of your day and enjoy your week. Please keep seeking and searching and finding that thing or person that you love.

Hi Gracie! 🙂

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