Ethyria – NijiEN 3rd Wave – Entered like a Tsunami!

First off, I am so sorry it took me so long to review the new entry of Nijisanji EN. I wanted to give it a few weeks to really think over my thoughts on the new group, Ethyria. Well…

I love Nijisanji EN!!! I watched the debuts of Lazulight introduced by their banger song, Diamond City Lights, by Mafumafu.

I was amazed by the talent. I fell in love with the snarky Elira Pendora (Happy Belated Birthday!) and her trademark, “Sheeeeesh,” the inappropriate feesh who loves Doritos, Finana Ryugu – of which, you have to watch her GTA streams. They are incredible. And of course the chaotic content fairy, Pomu Rainpuff. She continues to break records after singing God Knows over 100 times (all sounding fantastic), and then her Jump Rope challenge that is a must-see. (I’m hooked on her version of Isekai Borderline.)

And then, Obsydia, the second wave, came along. I had some trepidation. I watched the debuts and saw nervous energy and sweetness and wondered if they could keep up. Their premiere song was a banger by TeddyLoid, Blackout.

And oh boy, yep, they can definitely keep up. I have become such a fan of Selen Tatsuki (the only person that makes Apex bearable to watch) and dragon sister of Elira; the multi-talented but continuously bullied, Petra Gurin (watch her piano and singing streams); and the creative little genius of Rosemi Lovelock, a.k.a. Brosemi, a.k.a. Wosemi, a.k.a. The Great Wosemi-Sama. Her name is constantly re-arranged depending on what character she plays.

I can’t stop watching this. She’s hilariously weird.

But at the beginning of this month came the third wave, Ethyria, and it knocked us all over with the force of talent. Like all the rest of Nijisanji EN they had a banger original song, God Sees All, to start off; and this time it was produced by ChibiNyan.

This is possibly my favorite – had perfect lyrics – but I still love the other two songs so much. I keep going back and forth with my favorite, to be honest.

Now, because I have friends in high places I know all of these actresses/professional vocalists previous iterations. I would never tell, of course, but because I’m an oldie who has been around the internets since the beginning of time, I have probably listened to at least half of the new NijiEN members at one time or another in the past. I’m just saying, they don’t just suddenly fall out of the sky onto the V-tuber scene.

From left to right you have: Fox goddess, Nina Kosaka; Ghost of darkness, Reimu Endou; Witch of Calamity, Millie Parfait and her BFF, Bird of Heaven, Enna Alouette.

It took one word or a note sung and I quickly asked my friends in high places, “Hey, isn’t that so-and-so?” And yep, it probably is, and that was fantastic! Its good to know when they graduated the last iteration they were Isekai’d into this personality. If I listened to their wonderful vocals in the past, it means I probably liked those wonderful vocals.

The opening of Enna Alouette and Millie Parfait are must-sees. V-Tuber entries have a new benchmark that needs to be met after the animated quality and musical presentation of these two. I watched with my son in awe. We were watching a musical.

And then the story lore of Reimu Endou was enchantingly done with a heartfelt animation.

WATCH – its not very long

This needs more views. It’s just such a perfect little short animation as we near Halloween. I promise you will not be disappointed.

I loved how Nina Kosaka spoke Russian and French but I seriously want her to tone down on the “honey.” Many people died when they attempted to do a drinking game with how many times she said “honey.” It was clocked at 97 during her debut. Nina, please, for the love of all that is sane in the world – use moderation. We can only handle so much honey. *wink*

Their designs are also top tier and beautiful. My son wants to draw them all because the art is so beautiful; especially Reimu Endou. All designs are so intricate. It seems with each new wave the art design is upped.

And, they are all multi-lingual. You’ll notice that all Nijisanji EN members – all 10 – know multiple languages. It’s pretty impressive. I barely get by with one language.

If you like great vocals these are must-listen to karaoke streams. When Reimu Endou (tonal quality off the charts), or Enna Alouette (powerhouse diva), or Millie Parfait (all-around perfection), perform you need to watch. This is the best V-Tubing vocals you’ll get from these ladies.

Now, before I end this quick little overview; which is basically my non-stop praise, I think Obsydia has really come into their own. Their banter while watching along with the Ethyria debuts was the most entertaining part of the night.

Selen leads these two as Petra is continually the comic relief, and Rosemi is the seiso straight man. Their dynamic calls for us all to demand them to do their own show. They can do meme reviews or anything but Nijisanji English official needs to get them their own weekly show.


Anywho, do I have a favorite? Yep, I’m still Pomu. Aren’t we all Pomu? I joined the Pomufication and I still love Pomu Rainpuff. She’s just sweet, and crazy, and chaotic and despite my enjoying all of them so much, I can’t help pulling for Pomu. They all love her so much they pulled one of the best pranks on her by surprising her during a group karaoke with the appearance of beatMario, #PomuBreak. It was so sweet.

Despite the stellar and very professionally mind boggling singing talent of Enna, Millie and Reimu (I’m such a big fan of her from the past), I still favor my Pomu’s voice. Pomu will always sing my favorite version of God Knows and Ikenai Borderline.

Honestly though, I think they all bring something to the table. Check them out and see for yourself. See who you fall in love with and fall deeper into that rabbit hole of V-Tuber hell on earth… or, heaven.

Thanks for reading and I hope you didn’t mind this praiseview. Let me know who your favorite is in the comments and please give a like if you didn’t mind my ranting a bit on Nijisanji EN.

Have a great rest of your day or night and I hope you find what you’re seeking and searching for in this life. šŸ™‚

Hi Gracie! šŸ™‚

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