Weekend of Wonderful Original Music

I have two addictions: 1. I write too much, and 2. I listen to music all the time.

Meditation? I don’t have time. I’m listening to this awesome new song.

Just need a guitar and a computer and away you go!
Photo by kira schwarz on Pexels.com

I love to find gems. Those pieces of music people don’t even realize are out there in the world.

Possibly because, I’m amazingly mediocre and realize I will never obtain this level of talent and awesomeness. But I will keep trying my best to reach this level of mediocrity.

There are ways people want to be heard. They set up accounts on places like Sounddrop or Soundcloud. They share their music. You realize there are millions of talented musicians, songwriters and singers. I mean, SO many. I mean SO, SO, SO, SO, SOOOOOOOOOO many. Right?

Or, they find a V-tubing avatar and sing with that. Or, they have a Vocoloid persona. Or, they join a band of musicians, or even a band of V-tubers as part of a large company to get seen and heard. Or, they play their instrument or sing on YouTube, or TikTok, or some other place I don’t know about because I’m an old person.

Basically, they are out there just waiting to be found and heard.

Some, go the old-fashioned route and are discovered one day and become Taylor Swift or Ed Sheeran. Hey, maybe even get a viral video that becomes a hit and then people realize, “Oh my gosh, this person REALLY is talented!” That be like my “Mooo” gal, Doja Cat. Who knew that after that viral video blew up she’d be making music with Ariana Grande within two years?

Added salt for flavor

Dua Lipa anyone? I’ve been jamming to her new Levitating song over and over again these days. She was in the British music scene for a long time and then rose within a year to overwhelming fame at only 25.

I mean, why does there have to be so many talented people? There are just not enough hours in the day to catch all the great music.

And so, let me just show off a few lesser knowns that have amazing talent and yet should be listened to more often with their original music and covers. First is an Indie V-tuber.

It’s MarieFD: She sings in English, Japanese, Spanish and French. She’s extremely versatile, and it states on her profile that she lives in Columbia. She’s been around the singing avatar scene for quite a while and has a really good voice. She’s definitely worth checking out. I just love this song I’m posting and have had it on repeat because it just gives me the “feels” ya know?

This song is simply beautiful.

Please check out her channel and her music. She’s pretty good. She also is a V-tuber who plays games in English. I just think she’s been around for awhile with this beautiful voice, and the ability to speak in all these languages, and just needs a lot more love for her efforts.

You won’t be disappointed.

Next up: Hoshimachi Suisei a.k.a. The Comet

She’s popular among Hololive V-tubers. One of the many 1M subscriber-plus accounts. She is known for her top tier professional play of Tetris, and being called a Suisiopath because of her bloodlust in games where you kill your teammates. Not that she really is a sociopath by any means. She understands comedy, and especially dark comedy, really well. Lol (Watch her recent miComet collabs with Miko – they are hilarious.)

There were so many accidental deaths during the Hololive Japanese server Summer Festival. This is the miComet Horror House.

Right now, there is a lot of hype about other more subscribed V-tubers – mainly the Hololive English branch – but Suisei has consistently put out quality musical content. Her Ghost virtual concert is still up there with one of the best virtual concerts that I’ve seen. It was non-stop entertainment for even those who don’t speak Japanese. I can’t praise Suisei enough for how much effort she puts into writing her own stuff and putting the MV’s together. She designed her first virtual avatar, and I think even did the rigging for it. She’s one of those rare hard-working talents.

This is her most recent song, Bluerose, and I’ve played it non-stop. It’s really good and I love the instrumental – especially that percussion twirl, brrrrrumparumbarummmmmm:

Suisei is hands-on, and incorporated many of her musical and talented friends to help on this one.

Please go to her site and explore more of her music. This is a quick link to Space for Virtual Ghost concert. If you are a fan of Hololive or even if you aren’t, you might find this enjoyable and it’s only a little over an hour long.

And finally, one of the many members of Nijisanji, and the other half of one of my favorite lesbian v-tubing couples, Crossick: Shirayuki Tomoe.

Crossick cover photo of Sukoya Kana and Shirayuki Tomoe

I was going to place someone else, but I realized I’ve been listening to all her covers and watched her 3-D live recently, and have been a bit hooked on her smooth and sultry lower register voice. Tomoe’s design is “hot” too.

It’s a bit of a banger.

I’ll place another of her songs because for anime lovers this is an iconic song, Eternal Blaze. It truly showcases her powerful lower register and smoothness.

I hope you liked those.

Seriously though, go check out Tomoe’s multitude of new MV’s that she has made for the month of June and July. She wanted to give her fans a gift and the thing about these V-tubers – they have to pay for everything themselves. She put together all the MV’s for her fans.. This one, SMILE, has become the most popular. (Enter that video at your own risk. It’s HOT.) Just click and you will see why it’s so popular. It was pretty sweet.

Enjoy and have a fantastic day of searching and seeking for what you love.

Love you Gracie! 🙂 ❤

2 thoughts on “Weekend of Wonderful Original Music

  1. A lot of vtubers/vsinger come from the utaite “community” if you can call it that. That’s how I originally found them. If you’re into Japanese music, check out the #歌ってみた and #vsinger tag on youtube. It’s a bit polluted by clip channels these days but occasionally I find some gems on there. AZKi and KAF are also great follows for discovery. They host many other smaller vsingers/vtubers for their events.
    My current fav smaller channels are Ratio Yuires, HACHI, and MaiR. Check them out if you haven’t.

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