Trying Out My New “Positivity” – Pomu’roll at the End

Hi all!

It’s your friendly neighborhood blogger.

Another lovely day! Hello mate!
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Have you gone outside lately?

It’s beautiful.

The sun is shining.

I drove past this guy carrying a sign that said, “I need hel…”

But my car was going too fast, and so I couldn’t finish reading what was written. I’m sure it was “I need Hello’s.” Because I love “Hello’s” from random people too.

Hey all!

Eh? Where am I?
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Have you noticed more people living in their cars?

Me too.

I would love to live in a mobile home. It makes it so much easier to travel to new and wonderful spots in the country.

You know how you used to say, “Man, when I get older I want to see the world.”

Well, apparently, now they can see the world… like all the time. Rain, snow, blistering heat. They can see it all from the comfort of their car.

Misleading Job Interview:

I saw an ad on a job site, “We pay to train, and then pay you to get your realtor’s license.”

Wow, that sounded pretty good. I’m a positive person now. So, sign me up. I filled out the form.

I’m puuuurrrrrfect for this job.
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I got a call back, “Oh yeah, we train you for this job and you get a realtor’s license.”

“Cool, I’m very trainable.”

And then they told me it only costs $10 a month, initially, to be trained for this job.

I asked, “How many people do you train on average for this job?”

They train people all the time.

“For ten dollars? A month?”

No, they told me, the price goes up slightly the second month and onward.

“So, let me get this straight, you’re not training you’re selling a course to desperate people who originally wrote you that they wanted a job that you offered on a job site?”

And then I added, “What if that person was on a job site because they don’t have ten dollars because they thought you were hiring and giving training for a job so, that they could get ten dollars?”

The person hung up on me.

Was I being too pessimistic?

False Advertising Job Interview:

I once walked into a job interview because it advertised that you would help young people with acute ailments get back on their feet. It was a physical therapy assistant position to help young people.

Sign me up. I love helping kids.

I walked in and there were only elderly people in the physical therapy room.

I asked where all the young people were. I thought this was to help children with physical therapy.

Yeah, I got nothing to add here; at least I’m not a dog.
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They said we treat those who come for help.

“Yeah, but these are only old people. I mean… elderly.”

They asked if I had a problem with elderly people.

I said, “Yeah, I don’t want to work with elderly people any more. I don’t really like old people.”

In complete synchronization their eyes widened and mouths fell agape, as if I had just admitted to murdering their dog.

I hope I didn’t laugh.

I told them, “It said it was a physical therapy assistant position working with young people after acute injuries.”

I wanted to tell them it was false advertising because they secretly knew we all don’t like working with old people. But I didn’t. I just told them I preferred to not work with elderly for the rest of my life.

They asked if I was serious.

And I told them, “Yes, I don’t want to lie.”

The HR person showed me the door. It was very unceremoniously too, she just held out her hand toward the door, glared at me, turned and walked away.

I’ll be honest, that was kind of a fun interview.

My Absolute Weirdest Job Interview:

Looking sharp dude!

There was this job for a position with a charity organization. It did great work all over the world. I was excited to work with a charity group.

Did you know there is big money in being a charity? Good pay.

I went to the interview dressed in my best pant suit. I was all ready to be hired for this cool and trendy new job doing good work for the people and animals of the world!

The interview room was packed with those wanting to be hired.

There was kicking music blasting in the room. I mean, BLASTING. Like, the music was way too loud. I mean, if they’re going to have dance music this loud at least have a bar in the corner.

When I say “LOUD” I am not making this up. They had a boom box directed to the small waiting room and it was pushed to the highest setting.

I walked to the desk and asked, “Can I turn this down?”

Woo, interview time!
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The gal, without looking at me, said, “sure.”

I turned it down, and walked back to my seat.

Once sitting, she turned it back up… ALL THE WAY UP.

“What….the fudge?” I laughed, looking over the other people in the room. “Is this for real?”

Everyone was super quiet in the room too. I mean, they were all dressed REALLY NICE and were SO QUIET.

Was I joining a cult or something? It was so weird.

It was kind of like the 50 or so people in the interview waiting room were the holed up criminals, and they were trying to get us to back down by blasting dance music.

“Give up now!” Hah, that’s what I was thinking.

I finally got up and asked, “Who else wants to dance?”

They were all so quiet. I just wanted to break the mood a little.

Only one person laughed and said, “Yeah, man.”

I’m like, “…am I right? Haha.”

I sat back down.

After almost one hour and forty minutes they called me in for the interview. But this is how they did interviews.

They wanted to bring in two at a time, and you battle the other person in front of the interviewer. Make them believe you are hungry for that job. Make them see you want the job more than the other person.

Okay, so it’s like this…
Photo by Ekrulila on

I was like, “whaaaaaaaaat?”

We both sat in the chair. I’ll admit, the gent beside me smelled really good. He was dressed way better than me.

We both competed with our background, our experience, our attention to detail, our perfect answers to the same questions all HR ask interviewee’s. It was neck-in-neck.

But then, ,the guy next to me said something I’ll never forget, “I NEED THIS JOB. I WANT THIS JOB. I have kids to feed. I have a wife. I walked to this appointment. I will do anything. You can have my first born child. I will give you my organs. You want blood? I got lots. I will do anything for this job.”

The room went quiet.

Wow, I was impressed at his dedication. It made me want to give him that job.

I stood, choked up, nearly a tear in my eye, clapping and said, “You win man. That’s dedication.” I turned to the interviewer, “Please, give him the job.”

And then, I left the room.

It was honestly the weirdest hiring experience and interview experience I ever had.

I really hope that guy got the job.

And so, that’s a little of job interview bliss. I hope you all are doing well.

Removing A Few Blog Posts:

By the way, I was pulling a lot of my blog posts. There is a reason I pulled them, but it wasn’t a bad reason. It’s only my preference right now. Nobody strong-armed me or told me to remove them. I simply didn’t want anything to do with the one I had written positively on in the past.

Oh yeah!
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I want to be positive. I love animals. I love kindness toward others. If someone promotes cruelty or hate toward others or animals, I will probably just want to leave… and I certainly will no longer blog about a person like this.

I like when things make me smile. I want to be able to watch something and smile. I don’t want to feel, “URGH…” afterward, or like I want to throw up in disgust.

I will still have rantviews on shows and such. Rantviews are expected from a TV show or movie. That’s a given. It will say it’s a rantview so you know what’s expected. That to me is different.

But a rantview is completely different than a positive review. And if I give a positive review it’s because I believe it deserves a positive review. I will not give a negative review. If I don’t like it I won’t be writing about it. I might place a critique within a review, but not a criticism.

All part of my new positivity.

And now time to be Pomu’rolled by the most positive fairy, Pomu Rainpuff:

Check out PomuPower Distribution Center and Pomu Rainpuff channel

Visit her channel and subscribe. Let’s get the positive Pomu up to 100k! In fact, visit all the Nijisanji EN group, known as LazuLight. The three are delightfully positive and fun to watch.

And that’s all folks! Thank you for reading all of this. I know I wrote too much again. So much for my low-word diet. 😀

I hope you all have a beautiful day of seeking, and searching, and finding what you love.

Love you Gracie! 🙂 ❤

4 thoughts on “Trying Out My New “Positivity” – Pomu’roll at the End

  1. I’ve had some weird interviews in my life — stupid questions, interviewers who never once look me in the eye, interviewers who seem determined to convince me that I don’t want to work for their company. None like the last one, though. As for that physical therapy place, it’s pretty rich of them to act indignant when they’re the ones being dishonest. But real honesty isn’t all that valued in our society, I guess. People can justify all kinds of lousy behaviors to themselves anyway.

    I missed out on Nijisanji EN gen 1 when it debuted, but I got hooked on the second one (especially Rosemi for some reason I can’t pin down quite) and then went back to watch some of Pomu and co. Wish I had more time to actually watch streams, which I really don’t, but putting her Akihabara tour on in the background while I did some very standard boring work was a good time. I’m impressed by all of them so far.

  2. Hey AK, thanks for the mention at your blog.

    My son loves Rosemi too. She has an awesome design. It reminds me of a Touhou character.

    I love watching Selen lately. She’s hilarious. And then I’m totally into Pomu and ready for the Pomufication of the world. Even Discord became Pomu. 😀 haha

    But yeah, I haven’t had time to watch any streams in the last week. I’ll catch some shorts here and there, but lately just busy. I’m loving NijiEN though.

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