I spent the night…

Listening to Harano Oni, Mafumafu, and Rikka.

Harano Oni chillin’ at the end of her MV

I’ve been wanting to listen to some new music and since I was listening to more Rikka from HoloStars and loving his stuff, there was one song that I loved the most. He had a piano arrangement recording of Anata ga iru koto de (I think?) It is translated to Without You:

For you Gracie πŸ™‚

It’s so beautiful and I loved how his voice went so well with the female singer, Harano Oni. It was probably my favorite pairing of his with a female vocalist. Although, I do also love Spiral Tones (you’ll have that on replay because it’s such a banger and so catchy) with Mori Calliope of HoloEN.

I began to look into Harano Oni and realized, I’ve been listening to her stuff on and off for awhile but not paying attention to the name. She has this cool animation with I’m thinking, her back story as an Oni.

You can check out the playlist and the first song that caught my attention to her voice:

I think the doggie drew me into her music, and now I think I’ve listened to every MV on her YT channel

I ended up on her site and listened to one playlist after another of her original songs, and then her covers. I love her voice. I’m an irrepressible fan now. She has such a smooth and beautiful quality to her voice.

The animation and story is sweet. Follow the rabbit trail and fall into the hole.

And then, I saw Mafumafu as a writer of some music I was listening to and wanted to find out more about this songwriter. That’s when I found this and was like…. oh my gosh, that’s Mafumafu? His Hated by Life Itself has over 100M views!? Wow. That took me back, since Okayu from Hololive has my favorite cover on this song. Okayu sings the song with the heart I feel the song needs, but his version is very interesting. It is a rip-roaring rendition.

His voice screams the lyrics out in a totally different way.
Mafumafu wolf boy

Here you go. The lyrics of Hated by Life Itself have touched so many. They were written by Kanzaki Iori and are pretty much some of the most timely lyrics ever written for the youth of the world right now.

You hear Mafumafu and never realize you’ve noticed his stuff for quite a while. So many peeps cover his original stuff. He sang with Soraru and they have a group known as After the Rain, which were the ones who sang the theme song for Pokemon Journeys, “One, Two, Three.”

Mafumafu Live!

And so, listen to these three amazing vocalists and writers, Rikka, Harano Oni, and Mafumafu, and become a major fan. I got to watch his online concert, Hikikomori Demo Live Ga Shitai! ~ Super Mafumafu World 2021, at his site. It’s a fantastic concert for free. Check it out while it’s available to watch.

Thank you if you read this far. Enjoy the music.

And as always, have a great weekend of seeking and searching, and finding what you love.

Oh, and I wanted to add something so cool about Grace. I shared the Without You song with her last night and told her how much I loved the song. I woke this morning and she had sent me the kanji, and then the English translation of the song. I almost cried it was so sweet. And, she translates SO FAST!!! She’s pretty amazing. πŸ™‚

Love you Gracie! πŸ™‚ ❀

2 thoughts on “I spent the night…

  1. Isn’t it amazing to wake up to something so thoughtful? That was so sweet of her to do for you! Have a great weekend Val πŸ™‚

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