I’ve Found Another Waifu, and… She is Pomu

Dear Marine,

This is harder for me than I’m sure it is for you.



I’ve found another.

You what???

She is Pomu.

“Hi, I am Pomu.”

It’s just, she has so much Big PP power.  I mean, I love the PP power, and she’s floor gang.  You know I can’t pass up floor gang.  I’m a dedicated floor gang member.

And, she spent soooooo, so much time on the floor in her first collab.  Watching her on the floor stating, “I’m gonna be a worm for you gurl,” was overwhelming.

I’m pretty sure that’s when I knew it hit me like a brick, and rocked me like a hurricane.

And so Marine, despite this deep sadness, I’ve gone to another Waifu. Her name is… Pomu Rainpuff.

Because, she is Pomu.

Okay, OtsuPP!

P.S. I always fall in love with voices and so, it was inevitable.

Hilarious mash-up of all 3 times she sang this song during her first karaoke.

The Truly Amazing LazuLight, NijiEN, and my favorite fairy, Pomu Rainpuff

Okay, enough of that silliness.  I was going to write about something totally different but something happened last week: Nijisanji added an English group, LazuLight, for NijiEN.

I honestly wasn’t going to give them much attention.  I mean, It’s just another English-speaking group of V-tubers.  Isn’t one enough? I have trouble keeping up with all the Japanese V-Tubers. And they are all really talented. There’s just so many.

However, I was impressed the group was given an original MV right off the bat.  It was a good song.  Here listen:

Diamond City Lights

It’s pretty good, no? I had to respect the commitment by Nijisanji for their English branch. The fact they produced an original song, made the MV, and all for them to sing on the week of their debut. That helped a lot.

They haven’t had the same popularity as Hololive English, or hype. But they’ve had a decent showing.

I watched all their debuts. I do have a favorite. I like them all, but one definitely stood out for me. And, I actually knew her before. I’ll admit this here. I’m not sure if you know this, but many V-Tubers for the most part, had an online presence prior to being this iteration of V-Tuber. I know… wild right? It’s like, they just didn’t fall suddenly on the V-tubing scene.

All three during their introduction on Nijisanji English Official.

But despite that, I actually enjoy watching her. I love her as Pomu Rainpuff and feel that might be the persona she was always meant to be. I mean, for now. That is until she does get Isekai’d and then it’s wherever her dreams take her. She’s definitely talented enough to do whatever she wants to do in life. They all are.

Let’s look at the three:

Elira Pendora with PIKL, and an infectious laugh.

Elira Pendora is basically the unspoken (possibly spoken and I missed it) leader. She’s a Sky Dragon who has a pet dragon that sits on her shoulder; his name is PIKL. She has a very extroverted personality. She’s always hyping her Gen-mates. She has a cheery laugh. She’s always positive and so many will love her. I like her too. My son loves her design. She’s fantastic and is always up for a challenge to make good content. As you will witness if you watch their first collab, Lunch Lady. It’s almost a must-see to get an idea of the three’s dynamic. (I actually only watched it in Pomu’s perspective.)

Finana Ryugu listing a few of her favorite things and her tail over the desk (keeping with the trend). A cultured Mermaid.

Then you have Finana Ryugu. Her debut was scuffed and she had to have her debut a day later than the other two. But it was worth the wait. She’s a mermaid, but they state she’s related to Sea Dragons. So, this group might actually have two dragons. Her voice is very sweet and quiet, but you look over her tastes and realize this girl is majorly cultured. She’s also a very good artist (like another very quiet HoloEN member). She’s very unassuming but is the smart one in the group. She’s a little nerd mermaid. In the last two collabs she carried the three. And so, she’s probably the most gamer girl of the members. If you like gamer girls who sound seiso, she’ll be the one for you.

This is Pomu bald. She is Pomu. Big PP power and she’s not an elf, she’s the Chaos Fairy

And finally, you have the forest fairy, Pomu Rainpuff. She is ditzy. She’s the Gremlin of the group. She’s funny. She says she is a brave fairy working on World Domination. She’s quick witted and silly. She draws. She will be the first one to run during a collab. But she wants to be brave. She just isn’t very brave because she usually dies. You will never be bored with any of her streams. Her Free Talk was over three hours of pure entertainment. Some of her wild childhood and life stories will remind you of another HoloEN Gremlin. She is also a very cultured woman.

And she got Walfie clout during her Official Karaoke Stream!

And her voice? She says she’s only sang karaoke. But her diaphragm control is pretty amazing and to me, says otherwise. When she sings it reminds me of Victor Borge. Do you all remember him? He was such an amazing pianist, he could goof off on the piano flawlessly between musical interpretations and danced over the keys to be silly and entertain, and then suddenly play the original classical piece. He was hilarious back in the day.

Dawning a mustachio (always a big plus with Gremlins). This is Da Pomky the artist. She drew the Pomudachi’s destroying the world. Let’s hope we only make the world a little happier. 🙂

Basically, Pomu Rainpuff is the vocal equivalent of Victor Borge. I’m saying it here and now. She just has such command over her vocal instrument she can jump everywhere with it and still land on the exact right note when needed.

She handled the two most difficult songs to sing in karaoke effortlessly: God Knows and Cruel Angel’s Thesis (according to Pomu, THAT EVA SONG).

I rarely hear someone actually sing these well. But Pomu? She sang them beautifully and mixed in crazy Gremlin sounds within, but then suddenly sang it perfectly.

Thanks to Mighty Eggroll for faithfully posting her clipped songs.
Another banger

It was kind of amazing. I’d love to hear her sing these seriously, but Revenge Karoake stream after her Link game got scuffed made me totally fall in love with her voice. She is a vocalist that knows what she’s doing. 😀

You should really go to the source:

Time flew watching the original stream.

Now that I’m talking about Victor Borge, I started watching videos of some of his old performances. This is a short one of when he appeared on the Dean Martin show:

He was pretty funny. You should catch some of his shows.

Anyhoo, I hope you liked my brief intro of the LazuLight crew. Nijisanji is starting out with three powerhouse V-Tuber performers. I look forward to catching more of their streams. Please go over and subscribe to their channels if you like their content.

Oh yes, and I just want to say: when I watch their collabs it’s like a breath of fresh air. They have fun together. They are respectful toward each other. The chat is amazingly positive and kind. It’s just… refreshing. It makes me want to check out more of Nijisanji.

You all take care and have a wonderful rest of your week. I hope you find what you seek and search for, and find someone to share that life with because everything is better with another.

Love you Gracie! 🙂 ❤

2 thoughts on “I’ve Found Another Waifu, and… She is Pomu

  1. Damn, NijiEN completely passed me by. I think I’ve been way too busy between work and recent game releases to notice, but thanks for covering this. I’m already checking out Pomu.

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