Greatest Poem of the World

I wanted to write a title that evoked narcissism. Am I a narcissist? Do you ever wake up and wonder that about yourself? I mean, you are always thinking about yourself, right? Don’t you think about yourself all the time? I read a book once (a few times, it’s a good book), The Untethered Soul, by Michael Alan Singer.

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There was a chapter that spoke on how we are constantly talking to ourselves. Self-talk. Just chatting like crazy all day to ourselves. And it usually goes like this:

“Why did you say that?” “AH, why didn’t I say ‘this?'” “I’m so dumb.” “I was brilliant there.” “I’m not so bad.” “I’m not so good.” “Oy, you fockin’ idiot!”

And we do this replay and correction of what we said. We constantly re-edit our words. We edit our words to others, to ourselves, to each thought. We criticize and we praise, but mostly criticize.

That sound about right?

The world holds amazing beauty.
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I wrote this poem/rap song about the age we live. We live in a virtual world. It’s like we’re the material girl, but now we’re the virtual girl. It’s no wonder the hottest thing right now is virtual girls on our screens. Virtual is removed from life and into a strange, well, virtual place.

It’s removed from the misery we find ourselves in. And for the V-tuber? It’s a second life. It’s not their real persona or look. It’s someone else. And they are merely a visual representation of what we have become. We are all virtual personas that exist on the internet. With our Twitter, FB, Instagram and so on, and so on, of followers and friends.

But that’s okay. You’re okay. You’re in this new age and it’s okay. So, rap-a-tap-tap away and I hope you like this new bit of poetry.

I actually wrote this a while ago, but it is a song/poem with some cool techno music. I just haven’t finished the music part. Here’s the lyrics:

Rap-A-Tap-Tap; Are you Real?

Sometimes my words don’t make sense

My thoughts too intense

When the rhymes just elude

To common phrases, easy words for a fool

I stumble through the rhyme

Keeping rhythm, keeping time

Fall to my knees

Begging baby, baby please

Don’t forget me… please don’t forget me


[I’m just a legend in this time]

[Tomorrow I’ll be a forgotten dot on history’s line]

[Number one-million-two-thousand-three hundred and sixty-nine]

[The last of its kind]

And reminders in pleas

As I fall to my knees

Lift me up till I’m standing

Before the goddess on the landing

“O’ where for art thou,

My Juliet, my moment, my now?”

And she answers in a rote expression

Thank you so much, now pay me for the session

You’ve just learned a great life lesson

She then goes into her room

Looks deeply in the mirror,

Always here, and always have been

The tainted sweater, and the has-been

When I look into myself

A black, gray and white faded screen on the shelf

Change the channel to something else

Getting tired of looking at myself

Growing tired of being someone else


[I’m just a legend in this time]

[Tomorrow I’ll be a forgotten dot on history’s line]

[Number one-million-two-thousand-three hundred and sixty-nine]

[The last of its kind]

What you really want to see

Isn’t really what you seek

What you really want to be

Isn’t really what you’ve been

Take on personas and avatars

Playing games and making words

That seem so silly and so unlike

The person that you watch up on the shelf

They all laugh and throw you coin

You lift it up, handing praises half-annoyed

Because the heart and soul have just been sold

To the coffers and the trolls

Thank you so much Mr. Rent

Thank you so much Mr. Bill

Thank you so much for watching and listening

To my spiel and to my shrill


[I’m just a legend in this time]

[Tomorrow I’ll be a forgotten dot on history’s line]

[Number one-million-two-thousand-three hundred and sixty-nine]

[The last of its kind]

Have a good day now

You’ve had your fill

Don’t you feel special

Don’t you feel real

You’ve just contributed to the vortex

Now make your leave and don’t forget

Just before you go

Did you take the red pill, or the blue?

Before you attended my private school

Playing games in your mind

Reality is skewed by this smudged transient line

Playing life like it will never be real

Perhaps because you never really stopped just to feel

All the moments mesh to one

Globular canvas of mush and puns

Of “love you’s” that mean nothing

Of “thank you’s” that relate to everything

[Background vocal on repeat through chorus:]

Are you real?

Are you real?

Are you… real?

Do you feel?

Do you feel?

Do you… feel?


Goes the next



Please take this

Every day I can make this


Listen closely

I’m the ether for the nightmare

Or, the dream

You will make what you seem

And make up what you believe

In me

The legend of this time

So, keep to

The rap-a-tap-tap

The keyboards common rap

We rap-a-tap-tap

Audience’s emotive clap

Cause we rap-a-tap-tap

On the keyboard alone

Are you upset?

Are you uncomfortable?


And want to cancel me?


This age our rap

Is rap-a-tap-tap

Don’t take to the street

When you can virtually meet

Complain and retweet


You get me?

Heart and RT

Do you like me?

Follow and RT

Then rap-a-tap-tap

Once you find out

What you liked

You now dislike

Unfollowed and now unread

Unheard by the comfortability

Of a bed

A desk

A chair


Don’t go there

Am I real?

Am I real?

Am… I real?

Are you real?

Are you real?

Are you… real?

Do you feel?

Do you feel?

Do you… feel?


Just wait…

For the come back

Who am I?
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And so there you go. A little rappy tappy song. I do want to go read that book again. It was pretty good.

I was studying Hinduism recently, and religion, in and of itself, is very interesting. There is a such a difference between western and eastern ideologies and beliefs. I love the difference. I think that’s my favorite part of studying religion.

Anyhoo, I hope you all have a great rest of your day, weekend, and Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms.

I hope you the best as you seek, search and find what you love. 🙂

Love you Gracie! 🙂 ❤

Oh wait, listen to this cool song that fits well:

Love KMNZ stuff. KMNZ LIZ does the mixing, and this is KMNZ LITA singing. Go check them out.

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