Let’s Write a Book This Weekend

Each book starts with a first page

I was working on a first chapter of a story. It was just an idea. Books are like that: they start with ‘just’ an idea.

If I place a first chapter, would you all want to write a second chapter? Could you keep it to one page of words? Let’s say around 500 words, give or take.

Want to try? I’ll see if anyone wants to try. Please link in the comments to your blog and we can write a book across the blogosphere. 😀 Take the story in any direction you desire.

Chapter One – Our Misery

“I wonder if it’s going to rain today?”

That’s what he asked every time he looked up at the cloudy sky.  It was a wishful statement. Those are statements you make when you hope if said enough it will happen.

It was spring and rain was happening less often in the spring.  Probably global warming, he thought. 

Winter was supposed to have snowstorms and spring was supposed to have rain. 

Soon, summer would come and it would be all heat.  Hot, hot, pavement and the sun so bright it’s like your eyelids are slowly being glued shut.  And then the fall, and he thought over how that was his favorite time of year.  Everything slowly dying until they get frozen over, rained upon and then awoken. 

Seasons were poetry.  Life was a song.

He thought maybe he’d heard that somewhere before.

He walked along the pavement humming an old Green Day song.  Today made him feel like Green Day songs.

Streets have personalities.  Like this one for instance, is one that tells most of the people are poor and living miserable lives.  They have to walk around potholes and their 10-year-old heaps of metal mess up their alignment on a regular basis.

Sometimes, Garrett wished he had an old heap of metal.

Today might be different.  He started texting a girl who said she lived in Taiwan and she liked his songs he’d recorded on Soundcloud and was asking basic questions, but soon they started chatting and at times, texting for hours.  He was a poor schlep on the streets who played music to the wind, and somehow his songs were carried across the ocean.

Lily lives in Taiwan and walks on the street, and then takes a bus, and then possibly a train.  Most have motorbikes, but they scare her and so she walks and rides along in public transportation.

Garrett wanted to be a girl.  When he was little, he didn’t understand why he wasn’t a girl.  His body was so strange and not like what he thought it should be.

But he liked Lily.  He liked it when she texted back, and from the moment he saw her photo, he knew he had always been in love with this soul.  The soul that went past the irises and into the deepest parts of the self.

This is a tale of how Lily met Garrett, and vice versa 

The slow realization they’d met long before either had been born.  This is a story of love despite many obstacles, but fate handing cruelly decisions with no ability to disagree.

Life only tends to hand out misery to those of an unfortunate class.

~End of 1st Chapter~

Okay, so that’s the first chapter. What did you all think? Anybody want to write a short second chapter? Where do you think this story should lead? Tragic? Bittersweet? Happy Ending?

Here’s a pretty good song that I kind of fell in love with written by Moona Hoshinova:

This song reminds me of a K-drama.

Take care and enjoy your weekend. I hope you all find what you’re seeking and searching for, and find that true love that makes you smile. 🙂

Love you Gracie! 🙂 ❤ Sleep well.

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