Some New Lyrics, or a Poem?

When I write lyrics or poetry it does depend a lot on the music I’ve written. Sometimes the lyrics come, and I make them fit into the music and figure out hooks and such as I write. But sometimes the music writes the lyrics.

Since I haven’t been able to get to my guitar, I tried my hand at the ukulele I’ve had a few years. It’s probably the easiest instrument I’ve ever played. I love keyboards and was thinking of picking up a used synthesizer, but right now I’m making do with what I have available.

Keyboards are cool
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Typing is easy and so here’s a poem that is possibly the lyrics to a future song.

Maybe… Just Maybe

Maybe… we tried too hard

Maybe… we didn’t try enough

Maybe… it all ended bad

Or, maybe… it all came too sad

Your face comes across my screen

Time hasn’t changed a thing

You’re still… lovely

You’re still… bubbly

You’re still… everything

Of love and more than I imagined

We chat and laugh like nothing’s gone

Yet, underlying thoughts

Know it’s all gone wrong

Where did we… go wrong?

And… I cry

I tried to sing

But… I cry

I tried to play

My guitar

But… I cry

I tried to be

What you told me to be

But… I cry

Maybe… we didn’t try hard enough

Maybe… we made it all too hard

Maybe… it wouldn’t have ended bad

Or, maybe… we made ourselves simply sad

My depression creeps

Across the screen

I’m saying words

They all come out mean

We tap on the keyboard

Tap out our anger

Tap out our rage

And realize

Suddenly seeing the eyes

We’ve reached the end of the page

The end of the story

It ended in sorry

Did we wrap up in glory?


We tapped out the ring

Beaten and bloodied

Finally stopping

Did we change anything?

Did we change

Any… thing?

Stop the music

Stop the song

Stop the ideal

We all get along

We all belong

Because the strong will survive

And the weak will all die

And… we will cry

Will anyone hear us cry?

Maybe… we tried too hard

Maybe… we didn’t try enough

Maybe… it all ended bad

Or, maybe… it all came too sad

And maybe… it all was too sad?

And, as always, let’s promote a couple of talented peeps on YouTube, Ru’s Piano Ru and Kathie Violin during a live performance:

Ah, I said I was going to write happier stuff. I guess I’m not following through. The next might be happier. I’ve been chatting with Grace a bit more, and she always makes me smile. There are just those people in your life that make you smile. 🙂 Those are the ones you need to keep in your life.

I hope you all find what you’re seeking and searching for, and love.

Love you Gracie! 🙂 ❤

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