The Beauty & the Bully – Toxic HoloEN Chats

I’ve been watching V-tubers, specifically Hololive, for maybe around a year now. I love all of Hololive JP (Japan). Korone has been my favorite, but recently I’m watching more Luna, Subaru, Nene, Marine and Pekora. I love Pekora and Luna because they’re hilarious.

Always my favorite duo, Okayu and Korone – OkaKoro

There are around 31 Hololive JP (for now), and they’re all so fun. They joke with the chats. It’s all pretty chill. The anti’s (I won’t be talking on these) can be a problem, but overall it’s a pretty nice chat with followers of their favorite streamers.

If there are problems the instigators get called out, and usually by the streamer that’s pretty on top of things. I love being part of the Koronesuki and Onigiryaa.

I used to watch Hololive EN more often, but lately I’ve dwindled watching them slowly because their chats are a bit toxic. It’s oddly like watching the popular kids beating down the unpopular kids? It’s strangely competitive for bragging rights on how many months you’ve supported the V-Tuber, or how much you give them, or trying to give more than the other guy, or getting jealous of someone recognized by the V-tuber, or trying to be funny while not really being funny.

Ooh, look how much of an SC Gaston super Chad gave! Ooooooh, he’s my hero! This comes to mind.

Honestly, Japanese chats are like being in college and then EN or oversea bro chats are like going back to elementary school. That might only be my opinion.

It’s become so that I only really enjoy watching the MV’s or Karaoke by the Hololive EN.

Why I decided to write on the subject of chat Toxicity is because I saw this during the Monster Hunter: Rise stream by Gawr Gura. I just wanted to enjoy watching the stream, but then this happened and soured the whole thing.

You know what pants cover? Apparently a**holes

I kind of did a double take when this SC (super chat) came across. Someone actually spent $100 to bully, mock and berate another member. That’s some expensive bullying. They wanted to vie for Gura’s attention by demeaning another.

The other member named, Dodo, sent a chat explaining he/she would send 30 $10 SC’s for Gura with his/her poem. It was a long verse poem (I read it and it was actually really good – read it twice) and the intro was very respectful and nice toward Gura.

There are no rules against giving multiple SC’s

Those SC’s are basically, 31×10= $310. He/she gave Gura a $300 SC.

I wondered, “did anyone else notice this?”

I was sitting there a bit dumbfounded. A few joined in mocking Dodo. One applauded. Overall, the chat and SC was just growing worse and worse as the night wore on. I just wanted to watch Gura play Mon Hun and see her character design.

Did y’all just see that? No? Yes?

Then the chat grew toxic toward Gura and how she played the game. Fighting over what weapon she should use. Saying she was going over the tutorial too long. It got irritating, so I just left for awhile – took a break.

No one said anything when the harassing SC came across, and it could be that there are rules for the chat that you shouldn’t confront and merely report. Rules # 1, 2, and 3 all cover this on their chats. I’m old and so I read rules. Haha

So, I didn’t say anything, but I did report him for bullying.

Toxic Chats

But this bullying made me consider writing this post on the toxicity of HoloEN chats. I’d been thinking about writing on this subject for a bit now.

Obviously, this isn’t just about Gawr Gura, but it extends to all of HololiveEN. I think they all just need to be a bit more vigilant, and maybe have more mods traverse the chats. I’m not sure.

I read a comment on an acquaintance’s YouTube channel that, “Why are Gura’s chats so mean and rude?” I’ve read other comments that say they don’t even take part in HoloEN chats anymore and stick to Hololive JP. It’s kind of sad. Is it a cultural thing that EN attracts immaturity?

Bullying is not okay. Photo by cottonbro on

This time it just really irked me. I already greatly dislike bullies.

Maybe it’s that part of me that really can’t stand bullies since my special needs son was bullied by both teachers and students all through school.

Maybe this just bugged me because I’m a mom. (What if that poem and that money was all that member had to give?)

Maybe it bugged me because I listened to the SC reading at the end and she didn’t thank the one who gave her the $300, but instead thanked the troll who gave $100 to mock the other guy. She thanked the troll! Was it because she was tired?

I’m guessing she was just tired and didn’t notice what was written on the SC. I’m hopeful that’s all it was. Maybe I’m making a big stink over something that’s a given with online troll culture. But I just thought the Hololive world was a little better. This was honestly my first time that I noticed the “meanness.” I’m rather clueless.

I am sure I will get some flak for this post, but its my blog and it’s cool because I hope I bring to light some toxicity that makes the whole watching V-tuber experience less fun.

It should be a time where you don’t feel if you give a SC you’re going to quickly be laughed at or bullied for giving a SC. That’s your privilege.

You shouldn’t give SC’s to pick on other members but to say something positive to the V-tuber.

Next post I’m going to ask permission from Dodo to post his/her poem. It’s a long-verse poem and actually a very well-written tale from this young person. I’d love to see it animated. It’s really that good, but it’s over 800 words long. (I already copied and pasted to read it before sticking up for it.)

Anyway, here’s a happy Luna song to listen to:

I love her Monster Hunter: Rise playthrough. It’s really cute. She is actually really good at the game too, and I love her character’s design.

Go check out Luna’s channel – become a LuKnight. She needs more subscribers. She’s pretty smart for being a baby Princess. haha The actress who plays the character has been streaming for a long time and is actually a seasoned veteran, despite the baby persona.

Take care and I hope you find what you’re searching and seeking for, and take care of yourselves and be nice to others. Don’t be a bully.

Hi Grace! 🙂

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