Gawr Gura Finally Gets a MV… kind ‘a?

There is a common momage (adages mom say) that goes like this: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

But if I listened to this then I wouldn’t be able to rant. [EDIT: I realized this was too negative and tried to edit to a more well-rounded review more than a rantview – not sure I succeeded.]

A much anticipated cover song landed this morning, Sorairo Days from Gurren Lagann sung by Natsuiru Matsuri (known as god) and Gawr Gura (truly a god).

The angelic loli duo of Gura and Matsuri

It was hyped, yes, because the shark girl, Gawr Gura, was finally getting a MV. A “real” recording of her voice with a production and everything. When I say “much anticipated” I’m not just tooting a fangirl horn, or singing the simp praises. This was something that many have been looking forward since the debut song, Ride on Time caused all of the internet to implode with millions of views, a multitude of remixes, and plays.

The song heard round the internets!

The things is, Gawr Gura is one of the most popular V-tuber’s for Hololive (Usada Pekora is consistently one of the most watched next to her). She is the only member with over 2M subscribers; and is about to hit 2.5 million (twice as many as any other Hololive member) in just six months.

No other Hololive V-tuber is close, at the moment. She’s on record as having the most watched karaoke stream at nearly 120,000 viewers just wanting to listen to her un-archived stream on around Nov 12, 2020. It’s when she announced, “It’s Christmas if I say it’s Christmas,” and everyone agreed in November, “yeah sure, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” and then they proceeded to fill the chat with Christmas trees.

Look! I have bottom teeth! That is what most got out of this MV

During that stream she was about to reach 1M subscribers and be the first Hololive member to reach that goal, beating all the Hololive JP (Japan branch) V-tubers to that first milestone.

This is not a statement against the other members of Hololive. They are all extremely talented and hard-working people. This not meant to blast them in any way. This is because I think Gawr Gura should be rewarded for her amazing talent and worth to Hololive. She’s made some very significant milestones.

She has the most memberships of any other V-tuber with Hololive. Basically, she’s brought a lot of life into Hololive with new viewers.

I’m writing all this to say that I thought she would get more help on producing a top quality product as her “1st” MV. But here listen for yourself:

Cute, cute art, but… why is it only known for proving Gura has lower teeth?

It’s a great song. It’s from one of my favorite anime’s Gurren Lagann.

Has two great singers. Go check out both channels and subscribe. Matsuri collabs and has a lot of fun. Gura is always enjoyable.

Nothing was wrong except… it was a bit sub par with what seemed to be little effort.

The song starts with Matsuri singing. The music comes in much too loudly. And then way in the background you have a smashed Gura voice inserted under the layer of music. Her voice recording just wasn’t… right? It was so bad and pitch correction was off, and then it was not good. The whole song just falls apart unevenly. (And I realize this is just my opinion but then, this is my blog.) It was like Gordon Ramsey walked in, listened, and threw it against the wall saying, “it’s fuckin’ raw!” It felt pretty uncooked.

This song was actually difficult for me to listen to and that is rare for me because I love so many of the Hololive songs. (I have a playlist of over 50 of Gawr Gura’s unarchived karaoke songs that all sounded better than this recording.)

During one of her many un-archived karaoke

He/She mixer is a somewhat unknown in music production. I haven’t seen this person’s name in any other of the well done MV’s for Hololive. I look over at the Flos cover by Okayu, which was top-notch, and see the mixer on that production was someone who works with a lot of V-tubers in Hololive. I see Mori Calliope continues to have top-notch people in music work with her (she has 16M views of her RIP song), but this was… not so good.

Flos is nearing 6M views and well done

Was this just a small project among friends? That’s cool and all. If so, I understand that Matsuri and her mixer friend decided to invite Gura to make a recording with them. That is kind of how this felt: backroom project thrown together last minute.

Maybe I just expected more because Gawr Gura is a talent that you’d think her company, Cover Corp, or Hololive, or Yagoo (the CEO) would have wanted to put forth more effort for the small shark that has brought them onto a more international stage of popularity. Even the animation was very vanilla.

With Gawr Gura leading the way, the HololiveEN introduction six months ago brought in a new wave of Hololive viewers. Hololive EN (3 out of the 5 have over 1M subscribers) had brought with them a more international English-speaking audience within 6 months of their debut.

Hololive EN have been making V-tuber waves since the debut 6 months ago

Gura’s rise and popularity was no surprise. She’s a creative force and unmatched personality. She actually has talent and that is why she has so many subscribers. People subscribed just for the chance of more karaoke by the shark. Her natural singing talent is the real deal. And so, she just deserved a little bit more effort from those who are there to promote her hard work.

Woo, this takes effort!

It’s like they just said, “Meh… how bout this song?” It seemed too much like an afterthought, and I guess that’s my biggest complaint. The little amount of effort placed.

And that’s what we got. A poorly produced song with her vocals set as BGM while the music blasts over everything else. It is really difficult to listen to the recording. After a while, it just gets more and more difficult. I’m so sorry to write this, because I originally wanted to post a crazy praise blog post of how great her first MV was, but I was so saddened and disappointed.

I am expecting her to have an original song worthy of her voice, her hard-working effort, and continued growth as a V-tuber, online personality for Hololive, and natural musicality. It’s almost a matter of respect. So, I’m still looking for her first MV – her first original MV that is well-written that caters to her more jazzy vocal and tonal quality. Here’s a few songs that showcase her vocal range, and ability to perform with humor and wit:

This was so cute, and her effort apparent.

During an encore performance

Her jazzy vocals are great!

Her voice is so smooth on this one

I didn’t expect her to sing this song, but she has my favorite version of this one.

She’s a City Pop shark, after all.

I just loved this remix.

Yes, she does sing in English. I actually prefer her version to Maroon 5. Oh yes, and she really does play ukulele – she just can’t spell it.

Sometimes a starved person will eat anything placed in front of them. I realized, I was so starved for a MV from Gura I took this and listened to it several times. But then I began to realize it was missing something.

I hope you all don’t mind this small rant. I’d give this MV a 6.5 out of 10. Please still support and listen, but realize there is better out there: Natsuiri Matsuri channel and Gawr Gura channel.

Take care and have a great rest of your week of less ranting. I will.

I hope you all find what you seek and search for and love.

Love you Gracie! 🙂 ❤ Thank you for always thinking of me in our busy and overwhelming lives.

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