SoundCloud and Fanfics (should I admit this?)!

And so, I’m in between jobs, at the moment. I have a bunch of music I’ve written. I noticed people download the songs here, and that’s fantastic. I’m glad some enjoy listening to my stuff but…

Music First

Recently, Soundcloud announced that after April 1st they will be paying us for people listening to our songs. I think I have to join, but I’m not so sure. I’ll keep you all posted (once I figure this out, cause I’m kind’a dum).

“What? You say I only have to listen to your songs?”

Say what?!
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

Why yes, it would help me immensely.

Or, you can download my songs from there for free.


Yep, free.

So, if you like my stuff and feel so inclined to download, then please also visit my Soundcloud site and grab the songs from there. I can’t tell you just how very, very thankful I will be if you visited my Soundcloud site.

Plus, I will be consistently adding new music finally.

“You’re finally using me, Waifriend?” Yes, Fubuki, because I’m FINALLY adding new music.

Yes, finally.

“But like those songs are from YEARS ago!!!”

I know, but I’m actually working on some new stuff on the ukulele, and trying out loops, synthesizer and stuff to post there. I want to try my hand at writing BGM’s and such. It’s all very daunting, but I have some time right now – being out of work and all.

So, please anticipate and visit. If I do update, I’ll probably let you all know here and on Twitter @valsisms. If I figure out my editing program I will start placing lyric videos on my YouTube channel too.

And now, Fanfics

When it comes to writing. I do enjoy writing fanfics. I sent in query letters for my novel, Tesday Will Get You Killed, to actual agents and I’m waiting to hear back from them…

There’s more down this rabbit hole?
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… and waiting.

… but for now I’m writing fanfics.

There is this new site called AO3 (Archive of Our Own). It might not be new – I’m not sure. It’s in beta right now (or so, that’s what I read there), but I had a few peeps tell me to post my Hololive fanfics there and so, I started posting there under my pseudonym, Owen Labbit.

smorkin hot

Owen Labbit is a writer from Wales and speaks Gaelic in his dreams. He’s quite charming and handsome. And he has a cool mustache. He loves Pina coladas and getting caught in the rain. He’s not into yoga and only has half a brain (not a whole brain).

Hey, me too.

Speaking of Labbits…

Do you remember Labbits?


I think Kidrobot used to make them (possibly they still do). I have a small collection of Labbits and fell in love with their design. Cute little bunnies who smoked to ease their troubles of being used in laboratory experiments, or they had happystaches. I loved their happy little staches.

And so, I hope you all have a fantastic week of seeking, searching, and finding what you love. Listen to some chill music. Eat food that’s bad for you – you’ve earned it. Drink a little. Chat with friends. Hug the ones you love.

Enjoy life because… it ends much too shortly.

Love you Gracie and goodnight! πŸ™‚ ❀

And here’s a good song KMNZ LITA dropped today:

Funky funk yo!

Love that funky bass! *bopping my head*

3 thoughts on “SoundCloud and Fanfics (should I admit this?)!

      1. We are doing good. y husband got news that he starts back to work right after Easter. I’m happy to be able to get back into my routine right away!

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