Who’s There? Haato or Haachama?

Knock, knock

Who’s There?

“Me – Haachama, chama!”

Haato or Haachama – frankly, I am confused with Doki Doki Horror Club

Horror isn’t a genre I’m very familiar with. I’m one of those squeamish types. I just don’t like graphic horror. I’m okay with spooky, “Ooh, its around the corner,” scary ghost stories and such. I enjoy old scary movies and The Sixth Sense, and eerie movies. But if they are chop- chop, dismemberments, and torture – I’m out of here.

Oy, hearts or people hanging on chains – just too gruesome for me
Photo by Arianna Jadu00e9 on Pexels.com

I did not like Saw, and only watched because I was at my daughter’s place and they wanted to show me that it was a good movie. I’m guessing the plot was good, but my eyes were closed for most of the movie, or, I stood to get a much needed beverage from the fridge.

My daughter and friends can watch American Horror Story and I can not. It’s just too much. I especially hate the sounds of people being tortured. That mixed with the blood and gore…. ahhhhhh I’m gone. I’m such a wuss.

I just do not like graphic mutilations and dismembering. It gives me the heebie jeebies. But I am amazed with the detail and dedication the filmmakers put into these type of movies. I’m always admiring the sheer skill in any creative endeavor that moves a person viewing to actually, physically, feel the horror and pain. To move a person’s emotions is at the very foundation of good storytelling and writing.

Psychological drama, ghosts, chills? Now that, is something I could get into. I don’t even mind a chopped off limb if its meant to move the story forward. Like on the bridge scene in The Empire Strikes Back. That was a necessary maiming for the story and the line, “Luke, I am your father.” I’m okay with that.

Idol horror star, Haato

What has been happening recently on the Haachama Ch. is pretty eerie, creepy, and frankly, extremely creative content. She has carved out her own Hololive horror genre and found her own niche with this storytelling.

She has stayed in character and given snippets of this psychological break on her channel for a while. It’s been alluded to and now we’re getting these little horror snippets since 1/21/21 to really sell the tale and lore of the split of Akai Haato from Haachama, or vice versa – not really sure. Were they born twins? Did one of the twins die? When did Haachama – looming deep inside the psyche of Haato – first start to come out? Is it a complete personality break? Are there two, or just one very psychologically broken idol?

It’s a tale of DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) or it’s a tale of two twins. But what is real? Do any of us know? Does Haato/Haachama know?

Grace translated this for me, and it still doesn’t make sense. And she sent me a note, “Did you finish editing that novel yet?” Um… uncomfortable swallowing and groans. “You said you were going to work on the novel.”

“I’m busy watching these crazy videos. That’s work, right?”


“Grace? Grace? Um… thanks for the translation hon!”

Anyway, I have been getting caught up in the insanity and creativity of this tale by a master storyteller and content creator. Her videos have always stood out. Her design and the movie-like presentation of her intro and outro has always been on the top par of Hololive content. The BGM is stellar, and the recorder version of Auld Lang Syne within the “broken” scenes is eerily beautiful.

In front of her gigantic colosseum. I think this is her Haatochaama personality. (They joined together.)

Plus, she really does sing beautifully in her karaoke, and is an architectural genius in Minecraft. She crafted the most elaborate roller coaster, created some of the most stunning buildings, and multi-storied colosseum; the grandeur could have easily placed her most recent endeavor in Architectural Digest. She is a truly gifted and intelligent young woman.

Just don’t eat anything she cooks.

Just a nice little rap song

Her cooking videos are amazingly gross, scary, icky, and reach levels of godhood that many cooking YouTubers could only hope to attain. Hear that Binging with Babish? You need more spiders, insects, and reptiles mixed with everything but the kitchen sink. Oh wait, he changed his channel name recently to Babish Culinary Universe (he’s really fun to watch – check him out).

During a happier time

Please consider going to her channel and watching all the shorts in order and see if you can decipher the Haato/Haachama story on your own. (I still haven’t had time to finish all the shorts, but I’m about to head over and catch those now.)

Deciphering the mystery is truly the fun part.

And if you enjoy her content, please like and subscribe. Don’t be a lurker forever. Haachama chaama is watching….

I am?!?!?!

If you enjoyed this little bloggy thing, please follow or like, or comment. Thank you.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend of heat, water, basic necessities, and not freezing. I also hope you find what you seek and search for what is true. 🙂

Love you Gracie! 🙂 ❤ Mwah!

3 thoughts on “Who’s There? Haato or Haachama?

  1. Psychological thrillers are my favorite and I agree with you about the gore and blood, too much for me too. I just love anything to do with ghosts and hauntings of all kinds. Very impressive build indeed, my son was in complete awe with that picture 🙂

    1. So much of the Hololive Japan crew are fantastic Minecraft builders. There’s an entire story arc of love, revenge, villains and heroes with Pekora on Hololive. Her love story with Moona. The frenemies. The childhood rivals with Miko. It’s pretty amazing stuff. haha I watch that instead of anime now.

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