Valentine’s Haikus

Okayu Haiku

The snow falls outside

Like lights, your singing breaks through

This winter’s Valentine.

This picture is so cool. So rugged. Photo by Maria Orlova on

This post was introduced by a Haiku I wrote for Okayu because she sang as a gift to her fans for Valentine’s Day. It made me quite happy to hear her singing as a gift.

Sunday’s I either write poetry or place music. I felt like Haiku’s today. Next, I watched the puppies of my neighbor running around the courtyard fountain playfully. It made me smile. Simple is always the best gifts to a soul.

My little paws are cold.
Photo by Tanika on

Puppy in Snow

Puppy’s paws in snow

Round, and round the courtyard fount’

So cute, puppy play

Wolves of Winter

The wind in winter

Howling through the corridor

Suburban wolves loosed

Beautiful wolf
Photo by Pixabay on

And finally for love, I’ll write a Haiku for Grace.


My heart it melts, slow

Inside, soul enclosed with hope

Until, arms wrapped round

May you all have a fantastic Valentine’s Day of love and hope and finding those things you seek and search for with all your heart.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love you Gracie! πŸ™‚ ❀

5 thoughts on “Valentine’s Haikus

  1. Just checking in πŸ™‚ I’ve been hearing rumors of some pretty awful (almost Canadian) weather in your area. If it actually hit your area, hope you’re well!

    1. Hey Ang, yes we’re all good here. My daughter’s apartment didn’t have power over night, but they got it turned back on and then they’ve had intermittent water loss. I need to call and see how they’re doing today. My good friend in Houston was without power for around 24 hours and they finally got it back on. So, everyone is doing okay on our end.

      We Texans just aren’t used to this frigid weather for such long periods – plus, the state has been cutting corners. But that’s a whole nother blog of disappointment. haha

      Thanks for checking in. πŸ™‚ Take care out in your frozen area of the world.

      1. So glad to hear everyone is doing ok. Just seeing all the snow, ice and troubles from all over the state… It sure wouldn’t be easy when it’s not the norm. Our province has been cutting corners and budgets for too long now 😦 I hope it warms up there soon!

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