Sunday is Funday for Aliens

Okay, so I love J-pop and K-pop. Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of small Indie music channels on YouTube. I fancy myself a bit of an Indie singer/songwriter myself. I am, however, not of many of these peeps caliber in talent or quality. That’s cool. I have my own niche.

Happy B-Day to my lovely daughter! ❤

I love promoting talented young people. Also, it’s my beautiful daughter’s birthday and I wanted some happy and peppy tunes for today in celebration!

For Sunday, here’s some nice songs.

First up is KMNZ LITA. She and her partner, KMNZ LIZ, have caught my attention as of late.

I love Kirinji. One of my fave groups of the J-pop and city pop scene. Lita did this cover.

It’s so smooth. The song that my son first introduced me to these two talents was this song below.

Love the art

And then from Lita and Liz I found Oresama.

Found this little gem. A live concert.

KMNZ Lita and KMNZ Liz with Oresama.

A collab with KMNZ and Oresama. I love Japanese rap. Just a few songs to enjoy on this Sunday. Please enjoy and visit their sites and fall down further in the J-pop rabbit hole. So much talent and it just never ends.

I hope you all find what you’re seeking and searching for and have a great week.

Love you Gracie! 🙂 ❤

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